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2017   Learning Local Responses of Facial Landmarks with Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Face Alignment  S Liu, Y Huang, J Hu, W Deng
2017   Multimodal 2D+ 3D Facial Expression Recognition with Deep Fusion Convolutional Neural Network  H LI, J Sun, XU Zongben, L Chen
2017   Joint Learning of Speech-Driven Facial Motion with Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory  N Sadoughi, C Busso
2017   ExprGAN: Facial Expression Editing with Controllable Expression Intensity  H Ding, K Sricharan, R Chellappa
2017   Facial decomposition for expression recognition using texture/shape descriptors and SVM classifier  K Lekdioui, R Messoussi, Y Ruichek, Y Chaabi
2017   Faceness-Net: Face Detection through Deep Facial Part Responses  S Yang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2017   A Multi-Layer Fusion-Based Facial Expression Recognition Approach with Optimal Weighted AUs  X Jia, S Liu, D Powers, B Cardiff
2017   Facial Expression Recognition with Fusion Features Extracted from Salient Facial Areas  Y Liu, Y Li, X Ma, R Song
2017   DyadGAN: Generating Facial Expressions in Dyadic Interactions  YM Saad Khan
2017   Temporal Non-Volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face Recognition  C Nhan Duong, K Gia Quach, K Luu, N Le, M Savvides
2017   Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation With Implicit Emotional Awareness: A Deep Learning Approach  S Cheung, HX Vladimir Pavlovic
2017   Facial expression recognition based on improved local ternary pattern and stacked auto-encoder  Y Wu, W Qiu
2017   Facial expression recognition based on improved deep belief networks  Y Wu, W Qiu
2017   Fusion of face recognition and facial expression detection for authentication: a proposed model  DBM Yin, S Omar, BA Talip, A Muklas, NAM Norain
2017   Multi-View Dynamic Facial Action Unit Detection  A Romero, J León, P Arbeláez
2017   A facial expression recognition system using robust face features from depth videos and deep learning  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, M Zuair, G Fortino
2017   Using Synthetic Data to Improve Facial Expression Analysis With 3D Convolutional Networks  I Abbasnejad, S Sridharan, D Nguyen, S Denman 
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Using Salient Features and Convolutional Neural Network  MZ Uddin, W Khaksar, J Torresen 
2017   Convolutional Experts Network for Facial Landmark Detection  A Zadeh, T Baltrušaitis, LP Morency
2017   Deep Learning Approaches for Facial Emotion Recognition: A Case Study on FER-2013  P Giannopoulos, I Perikos, I Hatzilygeroudis 
2017   GoDP: Globally Optimized Dual Pathway deep network architecture for facial landmark localization in-the-wild  Y Wu, SK Shah, IA Kakadiaris 
2017   A Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network For Facial Keypoint Detection with Missing Labels  S Wu, J Xu, S Zhu, H Guo 
2017   Facial affect recognition: from feature engineering to deep learning  J Chen
2017   Face2Emoji: Using Facial Emotional Expressions to Filter Emojis  A El Ali, T Wallbaum, M Wasmann, W Heuten, SCJ Boll
2017   Superiority of PCA algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition  M Santosh, A Kumar
2017   Facial Key Points Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Network-NaimishNet  N Agarwal, A Krohn
2017   Facial Expression Recognition for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients  CMA Ilyas, K Nasrollahi, TB Moeslund, M Rehm 
2017   Production-level facial performance capture using deep convolutional neural networks  S Laine, T Karras, T Aila, A Herva, S Saito, R Yu, H Li
2017   A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Framework for Automatic Fetal Facial Standard Plane Recognition  Z Yu, EL Tan, D Ni, J Qin, S Chen, S Li, B Lei, T Wang
2017   Convolutional neural networks with balanced batches for facial expressions recognition  EB Sönmez, A Cangelosi
2017   Facial Expression Recognition using Visual Saliency and Deep Learning  V Mavani, S Raman, KP Miyapuram
2017   Eyemotion: Classifying facial expressions in VR using eye-tracking cameras  S Hickson, N Dufour, A Sud, V Kwatra, I Essa
2017   Arbitrary Facial Attribute Editing: Only Change What You Want  Z He, W Zuo, M Kan, S Shan, X Chen 
2017   Pipeline Generative Adversarial Networks for Facial Images Generation with Multiple Attributes  Z Zheng, Z Yu, H Zheng, C Wang, N Wang 
2017   Facial Landmark Localization by Enhanced Convolutional Neural Network  W Deng, Y Fang, Z Xu, J Hu
2017   Wing Loss for Robust Facial Landmark Localisation with Convolutional Neural Networks  ZH Feng, J Kittler, M Awais, P Huber, XJ Wu 
2017   Modeling and Design Analysis of Facial Expressions of Humanoid Social Robots Using Deep Learning Techniques  S Murthy
2017   Affect recognition from facial movements and body gestures by hierarchical deep spatio-temporal features and fusion strategy  B Sun, S Cao, J He, L Yu 
2017   Geometry Guided Adversarial Facial Expression Synthesis  L Song, Z Lu, R He, Z Sun, T Tan 
2017   Deep Pain: Exploiting Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Facial Expression Classification  P Rodriguez, G Cucurull, J Gonzàlez, JM Gonfaus
2017   Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection  H Lai, S Xiao, Y Pan, Z Cui, J Feng, C Xu, J Yin, S Yan
2017   Deep Discovery Of Facial Motions Using A Shallow Embedding Layer  A Ghasemi, M Baktashmotlagh, S Denman
2017   Deep spatial-temporal feature fusion for facial expression recognition in static images  N Sun, Q Li, R Huang, J Liu, G Han 
2017   Multi angle optimal pattern-based deep learning for automatic facial expression recognition  DK Jain, Z Zhang, K Huang
2017   Improved gradient local ternary patterns for facial expression recognition  RP Holder, JR Tapamo
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Using Interpolation  J García
2017   Label-Sensitive Deep Metric Learning for Facial Age Estimation  H Liu, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   Initial Shape Pool Construction for Facial Landmark Localization under Occlusion  X Wu, J Zhou, Y Pan
2017   Facial Emotion Classification from EEG signal using Deep Neural Network  MK Choudhary
2017   Facial Expression Recognition with Faster R-CNN  J Li, D Zhang, J Zhang, J Zhang, T Li, Y Xia, Q Yan
2017   Facial detection using deep learning  M Sharma, J Anuradha, HK Manne, GSC Kashyap 
2017   Facial Expression Classification Using Machine Learning Approach: A Review  A Baskar, TG Kumar
2017   Differential Generative Adversarial Networks: Synthesizing Non-linear Facial Variations with Limited Number of Training Data  G Gu, ST Kim, K Kim, WJ Baddar, YM Ro 
2017   How far are we from solving the 2D & 3D Face Alignment problem?(and a dataset of 230,000 3D facial landmarks)  A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
2017   Two Birds with One Stone: Iteratively Learn Facial Attributes with GANs  D Ma, B Liu, Z Kang, J Zhu, Z Xu 
2017   Supervised Committee of Convolutional Neural Networks in Automated Facial Expression Analysis  G Pons, D Masip
2017   Emotion Recognition from Scrambled Facial Images via Many Graph Embedding  R Jiang, ATS Ho, I Cheheb, N Al
2017   Facial Expression Analysis using Deep Learning  H Singh, R Patel
2017   An Emotional Expression Monitoring Tool for Facial Videos  I Mandal, T Ferguson, G De Pace, K Mankodiya
2017   Automatic Analysis of Facial Actions: Learning from Transductive, Supervised and Unsupervised Frameworks  WS Chu
2017   Multi-velocity neural networks for facial expression recognition in videos  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar
2017   Multi-modal motion dictionary learning for facial expression recognition  JC Kim, SY Chun, CS Lee
2017   Automatic Recognition of Deceptive Facial Expressions of Emotion  I Ofodile, K Kulkarni, CA Corneanu, S Escalera, X Baro
2017   EAC-Net: A Region-based Deep Enhancing and Cropping Approach for Facial Action Unit Detection  W Li, F Abtahi, Z Zhu, L Yin
2017   Hiding in Plain Sight: Adversarial Neural Net Facial Recognition  C Qian, D Dobkin
2017   Deep Structured Learning for Facial Expression Intensity Estimation  R Walecki, O Rudovic, B Schuller, V Pavlovic, M Pantic
2017   A Deep Learning Perspective on the Origin of Facial Expressions  R Breuer, R Kimmel
2017   Facial Landmark Detection in Low-Resolution Images  Q Wang, X Zhang, J Zhao
2017   Deep Structured Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation  R Walecki, V Pavlovic, B Schuller, M Pantic
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Utilizing Local Direction-based Robust Features and Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, A Alamri
2017   A Quick Review of Deep Learning in Facial Expression  M Ghayoumi
2017   Compressing and Accelerating Neural Network for Facial Point Localization  D Zeng, F Zhao, W Shen, S Ge
2017   Novel directional patterns and a Generalized Supervised Dimension Reduction System (GSDRS) for facial emotion recognition  AS Alphonse, D Dharma
2017   Softmax regression based deep sparse autoencoder network for facial emotion recognition in human-robot interaction  L Chen, M Zhou, W Su, M Wu, J She, K Hirota 
2017   FATAUVA-Net: An Integrated Deep Learning Framework for Facial Attribute Recognition, Action Unit Detection, and Valence-Arousal Estimation  WY Chang, SH Hsu, JH Chien
2017   Convolutional experts constrained local model for facial landmark detection  A Zadeh, T Baltrušaitis, LP Morency
2017   Island Loss for Learning Discriminative Features in Facial Expression Recognition  J Cai, Z Meng, AS Khan, Z Li, Y Tong 
2017   Brute-Force Facial Landmark Analysis With A 140,000-Way Classifier  M Li, L Jeni, D Ramanan
2017   Active AU Based Patch Weighting for Facial Expression Recognition  W Xie, L Shen, M Yang, Z Lai
2017   Feature Learning for Facial Kinship Verification  H Yan, J Lu
2017   Linear Disentangled Representation Learning for Facial Actions  X Xiang, TD Tran
2017   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Probability-Based Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, Z Hou, H Li, D Li, L Jiang, E Xun
2017   High-Quality Facial Photo-Sketch Synthesis Using Multi-Adversarial Networks  L Wang, VA Sindagi, VM Patel 
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for facial expression recognition  A Uçar
2017   ST-GAN: Unsupervised Facial Image Semantic Transformation Using Generative Adversarial Networks  J Zhang, F Zhong, G Cao, X Qin 
2017   Non-Frontal Facial Expression Recognition Using a Depth-Patch Based Deep Neural Network  NM Yao, H Chen, QP Guo 
2017   Photorealistic Facial Expression Synthesis by the Conditional Difference Adversarial Autoencoder  Y Zhou, BE Shi
2017   Disguised Face Identification (DFI) with Facial KeyPoints using Spatial Fusion Convolutional Network  A Singh, D Patil, GM Reddy, SN Omkar
2017   Facial attractiveness computation by label distribution learning with deep CNN and geometric features  S Liu, B Li, YY Fan, Z Quo, A Samal
2016   Label distribution based facial attractiveness computation by deep residual learning  S Liu, B Li, Y Fan, Z Guo, A Samal
2016   Improving EEG feature learning via synchronized facial video  X Li, X Jia, G Xun, A Zhang
2016   Group-Aware Deep Feature Learning For Facial Age Estimation  H Liu, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2016   Comparison of Recent Machine Learning Techniques for Gender Recognition from Facial Images  J Lemley, S Abdul
2016   A Deep Neural Network Driven Feature Learning Method for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition  T Zhang, W Zheng, Z Cui, Y Zong, J Yan, K Yan
2016   Facial Affect “in-the-wild”: A survey and a new database  S Zafeiriou, A Papaioannou, I Kotsia, MA Nicolaou
2016   Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition  X Zhao, X Liang, L Liu, T Li, N Vasconcelos, S Yan
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble of Mulitple CNNs  R Cui, M Liu, M Liu
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-scale CNNs  S Zhou, Y Liang, J Wan, SZ Li
2016   Deep Neural Networks with Relativity Learning for facial expression recognition  Y Guo, D Tao, J Yu, H Xiong, Y Li, D Tao
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Landmark Detection in Facial Images  R Groenendijk
2016   A Review on Deep Learning Algorithms for Speech and Facial Emotion Recognition  CP Latha, M Priya
2016   Facial emotion detection using deep learning  DL Spiers
2016   Improving Facial Analysis and Performance Driven Animation through Disentangling Identity and Expression  D Rim, S Honari, MK Hasan, C Pal
2016   MOON: A Mixed Objective Optimization Network for the Recognition of Facial Attributes  E Rudd, M Günther, T Boult
2016   Facial expression recognition in the wild based on multimodal texture features  B Sun, L Li, G Zhou, J He
2016   Deep Identity-aware Transfer of Facial Attributes  M Li, W Zuo, D Zhang
2016   Pain detection from facial images using unsupervised feature learning approach  R Kharghanian, A Peiravi, F Moradi
2016   Baseline CNN structure analysis for facial expression recognition  M Shin, M Kim, DS Kwon
2016   Deep Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection Under Large Head Poses  Z Tősér, LA Jeni, A Lőrincz, JF Cohn
2016   Multiagent Social Influence Detection Based on Facial Emotion Recognition  P Mishra, R Hadfi, T Ito
2016   Walk and Learn: Facial Attribute Representation Learning from Egocentric Video and Contextual Data  J Wang, Y Cheng, RS Feris
2016   Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression Images for a Robotic Companion  V Palade
2016   Real-Time Facial Segmentation and Performance Capture from RGB Input  S Saito, T Li, H Li
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Belief Network  Y Yang, D Fang, D Zhu
2016   Facial Affect``In-The-Wild  S Zafeiriou, A Papaioannou, I Kotsia, M Nicolaou
2016   Facial Attributes Classification Using Multi-Task Representation Learning  M Ehrlich, TJ Shields, T Almaev, MR Amer
2016   Towards Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild: A New Database and Deep Recognition System  X Peng, Z Xia, L Li, X Feng
2016   Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild Using Improved Dense Trajectories and Fisher Vector Encoding  S Afshar, A Ali Salah
2016   CS231N Project: Facial Expression Recognition  HC Chang, E Dupont, W Zhang
2016   Facial expression recognition based on local region specific features and support vector machines  D Ghimire, S Jeong, J Lee, SH Park
2016   Social Influence Analysis based on Facial Emotions  P Mishra, R Hadfi, T Ito
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks: Coping with Few Data and the Training Sample Order  AT Lopes, E de Aguiar, AF De Souza, T Oliveira
2016   Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System Using Deep Network-Based Data Fusion  A Majumder, L Behera, VK Subramanian
2016   Incremental Boosting Convolutional Neural Network for Facial Action Unit Recognition  S Han, Z Meng, AS KHAN, Y Tong
2016   Combining Data-driven and Model-driven Methods for Robust Facial Landmark Detection  H Zhang, Q Li, Z Sun
2016   A Deep Siamese Neural Network Learns the Human-Perceived Similarity Structure of Facial Expressions Without Explicit Categories  SJ Rao, Y Wang, GW Cottrell
2016   Hierarchical committee of deep convolutional neural networks for robust facial expression recognition  BK Kim, J Roh, SY Dong, SY Lee
2016   Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning on Non-overlapping Datasets for Facial Landmark Detection  T Semitsu, X Zhao, W Matsumoto
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with Deep two-view Support Vector Machine  C Wu, S Wang, B Pan, H Chen
2016   Adaptive Visual Feedback Generation for Facial Expression Improvement with Multi-task Deep Neural Networks  T Kaneko, K Hiramatsu, K Kashino
2016   Multi-pose Facial Expression Recognition Using Transformed Dirichlet Process  F Zhang, Q Mao, M Dong, Y Zhan
2016   Robust Discriminative Regression for Facial Landmark Localization under Occlusion  Y Wang, J Yue, Y Dong, Z Hu
2016   Facial Landmark Detection using Ensemble of Cascaded Regressions  M Penev, O Boumbarov
2016   Deep learning the dynamic appearance and shape of facial action units  S Jaiswal, MF Valstar
2016   SenTion: A framework for Sensing Facial Expressions  R Islam, K Ahuja, S Karmakar, F Barbhuiya
2016   Transferred Deep Convolutional Neural Network Features for Extensive Facial Landmark Localization  S Zhang, H Yang, ZP YIN
2016   A Real-time Facial Expression Recognizer using Deep Neural Network  J Jeon, JC Park, YJ Jo, CM Nam, KH Bae, Y Hwang
2016   Bi-Level Multi-column Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Landmark Point Detection  Y Xu, S Gao
2016   Pose-robust feature learning for facial expression recognition  F Zhang, Y Yu, Q Mao, J Gou, Y Zhan
2016   A deep facial landmarks detection with facial contour and facial components constraint  WJ Baddar, J Son, DH Kim, ST Kim, YM Ro
2016   Discriminating Between Computer-Generated Facial Images and Natural Ones Using Smoothness Property and Local Entropy  I Echizen
2016   The Effects of Regularization on Learning Facial Expressions with Convolutional Neural Networks  T Hinz, P Barros, S Wermter
2016   Learning and Fusing Multimodal Features from and for Multi-task Facial Computing  W Li, Z Zhu
2016   Deep Expectation of Real and Apparent Age from a Single Image Without Facial Landmarks  R Rothe, R Timofte, L Van Gool
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Using a Hybrid CNN-SIFT Aggregator  MA Al
2016   Training Deep Networks for Facial Expression Recognition with Crowd-Sourced Label Distribution  E Barsoum, C Zhang, CC Ferrer, Z Zhang
2016   Prediction of Facial Key points in Images Using Neural Networks  M Bhelande, A Krishnan, A Bharadwaj, N Palecha
2016   A novel comparative deep learning framework for facial age estimation  FS Abousaleh, T Lim, WH Cheng, NH Yu, MA Hossain
2016   Automated Human Facial Expression Recognition Using Extreme Learning Machines  A Ravichander, S Vijay, V Ramaseshan, S Natarajan
2016   Modeling Spatial and Temporal Cues for Multi-label Facial Action Unit Detection  WS Chu, F De la Torre, JF Cohn
2016   Facial Performance Capture with Deep Neural Networks  S Laine, T Karras, T Aila, A Herva, J Lehtinen
2016   Detecting facial landmarks in the video based on a hybrid framework  N Cai, Z Lin, F Zhang, G Cen, H Wang
2016   From Facial Expression Recognition to Interpersonal Relation Prediction  Z Zhang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with PCA and LBP Features Extracting from Active Facial Patches  Y Liua, Y Caoa, Y Lia, M Liu, R Songa, Y Wang, Z Xu
2016   Fingerprints, Facial Recognition and Cancer  RJ Vaz
2016   System, method and apparatus for facial recognition  Y Li, T Liu, H Chen
2016   Recognize the facial emotion in video sequences using eye and mouth temporal Gabor features  PI Rani, K Muneeswaran
2016   Detection of Locations of Key Points on Facial Images  M Gyanani
2016   Compressing Deep Neural Network for Facial Landmarks Detection  D Zeng, F Zhao, Y Bao
2016   Computational Face Reader based on Facial Attribute Estimation  X Shu, Y Cai, L Yang, L Zhang, J Tang
2016   Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using DCNN  V Mayya, RM Pai, MMM Pai
2016   Geometrical Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition using Support Vector Machines  JAF Junior, LN Matos, MG dos Santos Aragao
2015   Unsupervised feature selection based on spectral regression from manifold learning for facial expression recognition  L Wang, K Wang, R Li
2015   Improving Feature Learning, Feature Selection, and Classification in Facial Expression Analysis  P Liu
2015   Quantification of Cinematography Semiotics for Video-based Facial Emotion Recognition in the EmotiW 2015 Grand Challenge  AC Cruz
2015   Facial Point Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network Transferred From A Heterogeneous Task  T Yamashita, T Watasue, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Automatic Facial Expression Recognition  B Martinez, MF Valstar
2015   Facial Expression Recognition Using Kinect Depth Sensor and Convolutional Neural Networks  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2015   A Facial Expression Recognition System Using Convolutional Networks  AT Lopes, E de Aguiar, T Oliveira
2015   Modeling Self-Efficacy Across Age Groups with Automatically Tracked Facial Expression  JF Grafsgaard, SY Lee, BW Mott, KE Boyer, JC Lester
2015   Facial Expression Recognition using Dual Stage MLP with Subset Pre-Training  KW Lee, TH Kim, SH Kim, SH Lee, HS Lee
2015   Multi Feature Tri-Shot Edge Model For Improved Face Recognition Using Facial Features And Sectional Cavity Measure  P Ramaraj, M Prabakaran
2015   Do Deep Neural Networks Learn Facial Action Units When Doing Expression Recognition?  P Khorrami, TL Paine, TS Huang
2015   Where is my puppy? Retrieving lost dogs by facial features  TP Moreira, ML Perez, RO Werneck, E Valle
2015   Unconstrained Facial Landmark Localization with Backbone-Branches Fully-Convolutional Networks  Z Liang, S Ding, L Lin
2015   A deep-learning approach to facial expression recognition with candid images  W Li, M Li, Z Su, Z Zhu
2015   A Facial Pose Estimation Algorithm Using Deep Learning  L Wu, K Wang, Y Ma, W Qi
2015   Automatic Facial Expression Analysis of Students in Teaching Environments  C Tang, P Xu, Z Luo, G Zhao, T Zou
2015   DFDnet: Discriminant Face Descriptor Network for Facial Age Estimation  T Liu, Z Lei, J Wan, SZ Li
2015   Approaching human level facial landmark localization by deep learning  H Fan, E Zhou
2015   Image based Static Facial Expression Recognition with Multiple Deep Network Learning  Z Yu, C Zhang
2015   Facial Expression Recognition via Deep Learning  X Zhao, X Shi, S Zhang
2015   Hierarchical Committee of Deep CNNs with Exponentially-Weighted Decision Fusion for Static Facial Expression Recognition  BK Kim, H Lee, J Roh, SY Lee
2015   Posed and Spontaneous Facial Expression Differentiation Using Deep Boltzmann Machines  Q Gan, C Wu, S Wang, Q Ji
2015   Recognition of Facial Expressions Based on Deep Conspicuous Net  JP Canário, L Oliveira
2015   An Ensemble Convolutional Echo State Networks for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, H Li, D Li
2015   Effective Facial Expression Recognition via the Boosted Convolutional Neural Network  Z Liu, H Wang, Y Yan, G Guo
2015   Face2Gps: Estimating Geographic Location From Facial Features  MT Islam, S Workman, N Jacobs
2015   Automatic facial attribute analysis via adaptive sparse representation of random patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2015   Cascaded Collaborative Regression for Robust Facial Landmark Detection Trained using a Mixture of Synthetic and Real Images with Dynamic Weighting  ZH Feng, G Hu, J Kittler, B Christmas, X Wu
2015   Facial Descriptors for Human Interaction Recognition In Still Images  G Tanisik, C Zalluhoglu, N Ikizler
2015   Locating Facial Landmarks Using Probabilistic Random Forest  C Luo, Z Wang, S Wang, J Zhang, J Yu
2015   Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels for Image Annotation and Facial Action Unit Recognition  B Wu, S Lyu, BG Hu, Q Ji
2015   From Facial Parts Responses to Face Detection: A Deep Learning Approach  S Yang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2015   3D Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition using Low-Resolution Videos  J Shao, I Gori, S Wan, JK Aggarwal
2015   System, Method And Apparatus For Performing Facial Recognition  Y Li, T Liu, H Chen, M Wang
2015   Multimodal learning for facial expression recognition  W Zhang, Y Zhang, L Ma, J Guan, S Gong
2015   Deep Temporal Appearance-Geometry Network for Facial Expression Recognition  H Jung, S Lee, S Park, I Lee, C Ahn, J Kim
2015   Learning facial expressions from an image  B Chudasama, C Duvedi, JP Thomas
2015   Super-resolution of facial images in forensics scenarios  J Satiro, K Nasrollahi, PL Correia, TB Moeslund
2015   Automatic Recognition of Fetal Facial Standard Plane in Ultrasound Image via Fisher Vector  B Lei, EL Tan, S Chen, L Zhuo, S Li, D Ni, T Wang
2015   Unconstrained Facial Recognition Systems: A Review  MY Hassan, OO Khalifa, AA Talib, AH Abdulla
2015   A Survey on Facial Expression Recognition Techniques  S Mishra, A Dhole
2015   Facial Action Units Intensity Estimation by the Fusion of Features with Multi-kernel Support Vector Machine  Z Ming, A Bugeau, JL Rouas, T Shochi
2015   Going Deeper in Facial Expression Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  A Mollahosseini, D Chan, MH Mahoor
2015   Facial Expression Recognition Using Feature Vectors  P Rajeswari, S Valarmathy, MG Sumithra
2015   A new humanlike facial attractiveness predictor with cascaded fine-tuning deep learning model  J Xu, L Jin, L Liang, Z Feng, D Xie
2015   Emotion identification by facial landmarks dynamics analysis  A Bandrabur, L Florea, C Florea, M Mancas
2015   Deep Representation of Facial Geometric and Photometric Attributes for Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition  H Li, J Sun, D Wang, Z Xu, L Chen
2015   Learning the Face Shape Models for Facial Landmark Detection in the Wild  Y Wu, Q Ji
2015   Pose-Invariant Face Recognition using Facial Landmarks and Weber Local Descriptor  Z Zhang, L Wang, Q Zhu, SK Chen, Y Chen
2015   Facial age estimation by using stacked feature composition and selection  Y Li, Z Peng, D Liang, H Chang, Z Cai
2015   A Modified Sparse Representation Method for Facial Expression Recognition  WWLH Xu
2015   Privileged Information-based Conditional Structured Output Regression Forest for Facial Point Detection  H Yang, I Patras
2015   A Spatio-temporal RBM-based Model for Facial Expression Recognition  S Elaiwat, M Bennamoun, F Boussaid
2014   Recognition of Facial Attributes using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2014   Hough Networks for Head Pose Estimation and Facial Feature Localization  G Riegler, D Ferstl, M Rüther, H Bischof
2014   Recognition of Facial Expression via Kernel PCA Network  DK Hu, AS Ye, L Li, L Zhang
2014   Discriminative Deep Face Shape Model for Facial Point Detection  Y Wu, Q Ji
2014   Learning Multiscale Active Facial Patches for Expression Analysis  L Zhong, Q Liu, P Yang, J Huang, DN Metaxas
2014   Facial Feature Point Detection: A Comprehensive Survey  N Wang, X Gao, D Tao, X Li
2014   Facial Landmark Localization using Hierarchical Pose Regression  Z Zhang, W Zhang, J Liu, X Tang
2014   Random Cascaded-Regression Copse for Robust Facial Landmark Detection  XJ Wu
2014   Fast Localization of Facial Landmark Points  N Markuš, M Frljak, IS Pandzic, J Ahlberg
2014   Facial Expression Analysis Based on High Dimensional Binary Features  SE Kahou, P Froumenty, C Pal
2014   Low rank driven robust facial landmark regression  Y Sun, Q Liu, H Lu