Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: facial expression

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Multimodal 2D+ 3D Facial Expression Recognition with Deep Fusion Convolutional Neural Network  H LI, J Sun, XU Zongben, L Chen
2017   Facial Expression Recognition with Fusion Features Extracted from Salient Facial Areas  Y Liu, Y Li, X Ma, R Song
2017   A Multi-Layer Fusion-Based Facial Expression Recognition Approach with Optimal Weighted AUs  X Jia, S Liu, D Powers, B Cardiff
2017   Fusion of face recognition and facial expression detection for authentication: a proposed model  DBM Yin, S Omar, BA Talip, A Muklas, NAM Norain
2017   A facial expression recognition system using robust face features from depth videos and deep learning  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, M Zuair, G Fortino
2017   Superiority of PCA algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition  M Santosh, A Kumar
2017   Deep Pain: Exploiting Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Facial Expression Classification  P Rodriguez, G Cucurull, J Gonz├ález, JM Gonfaus
2017   Multi angle optimal pattern-based deep learning for automatic facial expression recognition  DK Jain, Z Zhang, K Huang
2017   Improved gradient local ternary patterns for facial expression recognition  RP Holder, JR Tapamo
2017   Facial Expression Recognition with Faster R-CNN  J Li, D Zhang, J Zhang, J Zhang, T Li, Y Xia, Q Yan
2017   Facial Expression Classification Using Machine Learning Approach: A Review  A Baskar, TG Kumar
2017   Multi-velocity neural networks for facial expression recognition in videos  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar
2017   Deep Structured Learning for Facial Expression Intensity Estimation  R Walecki, O Rudovic, B Schuller, V Pavlovic, M Pantic
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Utilizing Local Direction-based Robust Features and Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, A Alamri
2017   A Quick Review of Deep Learning in Facial Expression  M Ghayoumi
2017   Active AU Based Patch Weighting for Facial Expression Recognition  W Xie, L Shen, M Yang, Z Lai
2017   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Probability-Based Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, Z Hou, H Li, D Li, L Jiang, E Xun
2016   A Deep Neural Network Driven Feature Learning Method for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition  T Zhang, W Zheng, Z Cui, Y Zong, J Yan, K Yan
2016   Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition  X Zhao, X Liang, L Liu, T Li, N Vasconcelos, S Yan
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble of Mulitple CNNs  R Cui, M Liu, M Liu
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-scale CNNs  S Zhou, Y Liang, J Wan, SZ Li
2016   Deep Neural Networks with Relativity Learning for facial expression recognition  Y Guo, D Tao, J Yu, H Xiong, Y Li, D Tao
2016   Facial expression recognition in the wild based on multimodal texture features  B Sun, L Li, G Zhou, J He
2016   Baseline CNN structure analysis for facial expression recognition  M Shin, M Kim, DS Kwon
2016   Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression Images for a Robotic Companion  V Palade
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Belief Network  Y Yang, D Fang, D Zhu
2016   Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild Using Improved Dense Trajectories and Fisher Vector Encoding  S Afshar, A Ali Salah
2016   Towards Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild: A New Database and Deep Recognition System  X Peng, Z Xia, L Li, X Feng
2016   CS231N Project: Facial Expression Recognition  HC Chang, E Dupont, W Zhang
2016   Facial expression recognition based on local region specific features and support vector machines  D Ghimire, S Jeong, J Lee, SH Park
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks: Coping with Few Data and the Training Sample Order  AT Lopes, E de Aguiar, AF De Souza, T Oliveira
2016   Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System Using Deep Network-Based Data Fusion  A Majumder, L Behera, VK Subramanian
2016   Hierarchical committee of deep convolutional neural networks for robust facial expression recognition  BK Kim, J Roh, SY Dong, SY Lee
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with Deep two-view Support Vector Machine  C Wu, S Wang, B Pan, H Chen
2016   Adaptive Visual Feedback Generation for Facial Expression Improvement with Multi-task Deep Neural Networks  T Kaneko, K Hiramatsu, K Kashino
2016   Multi-pose Facial Expression Recognition Using Transformed Dirichlet Process  F Zhang, Q Mao, M Dong, Y Zhan
2016   A Real-time Facial Expression Recognizer using Deep Neural Network  J Jeon, JC Park, YJ Jo, CM Nam, KH Bae, Y Hwang
2016   Pose-robust feature learning for facial expression recognition  F Zhang, Y Yu, Q Mao, J Gou, Y Zhan
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Using a Hybrid CNN-SIFT Aggregator  MA Al
2016   Training Deep Networks for Facial Expression Recognition with Crowd-Sourced Label Distribution  E Barsoum, C Zhang, CC Ferrer, Z Zhang
2016   Automated Human Facial Expression Recognition Using Extreme Learning Machines  A Ravichander, S Vijay, V Ramaseshan, S Natarajan
2016   From Facial Expression Recognition to Interpersonal Relation Prediction  Z Zhang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Facial Expression Recognition with PCA and LBP Features Extracting from Active Facial Patches  Y Liua, Y Caoa, Y Lia, M Liu, R Songa, Y Wang, Z Xu
2016   Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using DCNN  V Mayya, RM Pai, MMM Pai
2016   Geometrical Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition using Support Vector Machines  JAF Junior, LN Matos, MG dos Santos Aragao
2015   Unsupervised feature selection based on spectral regression from manifold learning for facial expression recognition  L Wang, K Wang, R Li
2015   Improving Feature Learning, Feature Selection, and Classification in Facial Expression Analysis  P Liu
2015   Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Automatic Facial Expression Recognition  B Martinez, MF Valstar
2015   Facial Expression Recognition Using Kinect Depth Sensor and Convolutional Neural Networks  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2015   A Facial Expression Recognition System Using Convolutional Networks  AT Lopes, E de Aguiar, T Oliveira
2015   Modeling Self-Efficacy Across Age Groups with Automatically Tracked Facial Expression  JF Grafsgaard, SY Lee, BW Mott, KE Boyer, JC Lester
2015   Facial Expression Recognition using Dual Stage MLP with Subset Pre-Training  KW Lee, TH Kim, SH Kim, SH Lee, HS Lee
2015   A deep-learning approach to facial expression recognition with candid images  W Li, M Li, Z Su, Z Zhu
2015   Automatic Facial Expression Analysis of Students in Teaching Environments  C Tang, P Xu, Z Luo, G Zhao, T Zou
2015   Image based Static Facial Expression Recognition with Multiple Deep Network Learning  Z Yu, C Zhang
2015   Facial Expression Recognition via Deep Learning  X Zhao, X Shi, S Zhang
2015   Hierarchical Committee of Deep CNNs with Exponentially-Weighted Decision Fusion for Static Facial Expression Recognition  BK Kim, H Lee, J Roh, SY Lee
2015   An Ensemble Convolutional Echo State Networks for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, H Li, D Li
2015   Posed and Spontaneous Facial Expression Differentiation Using Deep Boltzmann Machines  Q Gan, C Wu, S Wang, Q Ji
2015   Effective Facial Expression Recognition via the Boosted Convolutional Neural Network  Z Liu, H Wang, Y Yan, G Guo
2015   3D Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition using Low-Resolution Videos  J Shao, I Gori, S Wan, JK Aggarwal
2015   Multimodal learning for facial expression recognition  W Zhang, Y Zhang, L Ma, J Guan, S Gong
2015   Deep Temporal Appearance-Geometry Network for Facial Expression Recognition  H Jung, S Lee, S Park, I Lee, C Ahn, J Kim
2015   A Survey on Facial Expression Recognition Techniques  S Mishra, A Dhole
2015   Going Deeper in Facial Expression Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  A Mollahosseini, D Chan, MH Mahoor
2015   Facial Expression Recognition Using Feature Vectors  P Rajeswari, S Valarmathy, MG Sumithra
2015   Deep Representation of Facial Geometric and Photometric Attributes for Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition  H Li, J Sun, D Wang, Z Xu, L Chen
2015   A Modified Sparse Representation Method for Facial Expression Recognition  WWLH Xu
2015   A Spatio-temporal RBM-based Model for Facial Expression Recognition  S Elaiwat, M Bennamoun, F Boussaid
2014   Recognition of Facial Expression via Kernel PCA Network  DK Hu, AS Ye, L Li, L Zhang
2014   Facial Expression Analysis Based on High Dimensional Binary Features  SE Kahou, P Froumenty, C Pal