Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: feature extraction

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Robust Feature Extraction on Vibration Data under Deep-Learning Framework: An Application for Fault Identification in Rotary Machines  A Shaheryar, Y Xu
2017   Automated Feature Extraction for Website Fingerprinting through Deep Learning  V Rimmer, D Preuveneers, M Juarez, T Van Goethem
2017   GaitGAN: Invariant Gait Feature Extraction Using Generative Adversarial Networks  S Yu, H Chen, EBG Reyes, A Center, N Poh
2017   An Incremental Deep Learning Network for On-line Unsupervised Feature Extraction  Y Liang, Y Yang, F Shen, J Zhao, T Zhu 
2017   Feature extraction and classification of VHR images with attribute profiles and convolutional neural networks  T Tian, L Gao, W Song, KKR Choo, J He 
2017   Feature extraction for deep neural networks based on decision boundaries  S Woo, C Lee
2017   High-Level Feature Extraction for Classification and Person Re-Identification  A Feizi
2017   Deep and fast learning for feature extraction of merged or fused satellite remote sensing images to observe lake eutrophication (Conference Presentation)  NB Chang
2017   Survey Paper on Feature Extraction Methods in Text Categorization  D Saxena, SK Saritha, V Prasad
2017   Stacked Auto-Encoders for Feature Extraction with Neural Networks  S Liu, C Zhang, J Ma
2017   Deep SOMs for automated feature extraction and classification from big data streaming  M Sakkari, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Fast Feedforward Non-parametric Deep Learning Network with Automatic Feature Extraction  PP Angelov, X Gu, J Principe
2017   Supervised non-negative tensor factorization for automatic hyperspectral feature extraction and target discrimination  D Anderson, A Bapst, J Coon, A Pung, M Kudenov
2017   Fault Feature Extraction and Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on EEMD and Deep Briefs Network  K Chen, XC Zhou, JQ Fang, P Zheng, J Wang
2017   Text Feature Extraction and Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)  T Zhang, C Li, N Cao, R Ma, SH Zhang, N Ma
2017   Segmentation and feature extraction of retinal vascular morphology  HA Leopold, J Orchard, J Zelek, V Lakshminarayanan
2017   Classification Based on Feature Extraction For Hepatocellular Carcinoma Diagnosis Using High-throughput Dna Methylation Sequencing Data  Z Yang, M Jin, Z Zhang, J Lu, K Hao
2017   Feature Extraction Using Deep Learning for Food Type Recognition  M Farooq, E Sazonov
2017   Feature Extraction of Video Using Artificial Neural Network  Y Hayakawa, T Oonuma, H Kobayashi, A Takahashi
2017   Hyperspectral Data Feature Extraction Using Deep Belief Network.  J Xinhua, X Heru, Z Lina, Z Yanqing
2017   Feature Extraction via Recurrent Random Deep Ensembles and its Application in Gruop-level Happiness Estimation  S Tang, Y Pan
2017   Visualization of Driving Behavior Based on Hidden Feature Extraction by Using Deep Learning  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2017   Deep-FExt: Deep Feature Extraction for Vessel Segmentation and Centerline Prediction  G Tetteh, M Rempfler, BH Menze, C Zimmer
2017   Deep Representation based feature extraction and recovering for Finger-vein verification  H Qin, MA El
2017   A deep stacked wavelet auto-encoders to supervised feature extraction to pattern classification  S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Text feature extraction based on deep learning: a review  H Liang, X Sun, Y Sun, Y Gao 
2017   Deep feature extraction and combination for remote sensing image classification based on pre-trained CNN models  S Chaib, H Yao, Y Gu, M Amrani
2017   Hyperspectral image feature extraction method based on sparse constraint convolutional neural network  P Jia, M Zhang, W Yu, Y Shen
2017   Deep Unsupervised Feature Extraction of Sensory Signals  Y Berradi, A Bouroumi
2017   Feature extraction using MPEG-CDVS and Deep Learning with application to robotic navigation and image classification  P Porto Buarque De Gusmao
2017   Nonredundant sparse feature extraction using autoencoders with receptive fields clustering  BO Ayinde, JM Zurada
2017   Large scale digital prostate pathology image analysis combining feature extraction and deep neural network  N Zhou, A Fedorov, F Fennessy, R Kikinis, Y Gao
2017   Supervised Deep Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification  B Liu, X Yu, P Zhang, A Yu, Q Fu, X Wei 
2017   Transfer Learning and Deep Feature Extraction for Planktonic Image Data Sets  EC Orenstein, O Beijbom
2016   Unsupervised Feature Extraction by Time-Contrastive Learning and Nonlinear ICA  A Hyvarinen, H Morioka
2016   Feature extraction and image recognition of typical grassland forage based on color moment  D Han, P Wu, Q Zhang, G Han, F Tong
2016   Deep Feature Extraction and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Chen, H Jiang, C Li, X Jia, P Ghamisi
2016   … . We propose a watermark embedding in a video to represent a human identity as a 2-D wavelet transform. The feature extraction consists of a Deep Belief Network... …  KH Ali, T Wang
2016   An investigation of automatic feature extraction for clustered microcalcifications on digital mammograms  A Baseri Huddin
2016   Feature extraction using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Neural Networks: A case study on movie synopses  D Christou
2016   A new variance-based approach for discriminative feature extraction in machine hearing classification using spectrogram features  Z Xie, I McLoughlin, H Zhang, Y Song, W Xiao
2016   Deep Feature Extraction from Trajectories for Transportation Mode Estimation  Y Endo, H Toda, K Nishida, A Kawanobe
2016   Task-specific feature extraction and classification of fMRI volumes using a deep neural network initialized with a deep belief network: Evaluation using sensorimotor …  H Jang, SM Plis, VD Calhoun, JH Lee
2016   The fault feature extraction of rolling bearing based on EMD and difference spectrum of singular value  T Han, D Jiang, N Wang
2016   Automatic layout feature extraction for lithography hotspot detection based on deep neural network  T Matsunawa, S Nojima, T Kotani
2016   Design of deep convolutional neural network architectures for automated feature extraction in industrial inspection  D Weimer, B Scholz
2016   Mental Disease Feature Extraction with MRI by 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Multi-channel Input  L Cao, Z Liu, X He, Y Cao, K Li
2016   Smart diagnosis of journal bearing rotor systems: Unsupervised feature extraction scheme by deep learning  H Oh, BC Jeon, JH Jung, BD Youn
2016   Deep Neural Network Based Phonological Feature Extraction for Bengali Continuous Speech  T Bhowmik, SKD Mandal
2016   Zero-shot Image Classification Based on Deep Feature Extraction  X Wang, C Chen, Y Cheng, ZJ Wang
2016   Feature extraction and image retrieval based on AlexNet  ZW Yuan, J Zhang
2016   Multilayer Feature Extraction for Image and Text Using Backpropagation-ELM  SR Durga, A Hemlathadhevi
2016   DCTNet and PCANet for acoustic signal feature extraction  Y Xian, A Thompson, X Sun, D Nowacek, L Nolte
2016   Automatic feature extraction in large fusion databases by using deep learning approach  G Farias, S Dormido
2016   A convolutional deep belief network for polarimetric SAR data feature extraction  R Tanase, M Datcu, D Raducanu
2016   Low level visual feature extraction by learning of multiple tasks for Convolutional Neural Networks  H Ide, T Kurita
2016   Siamese Regression Networks with Efficient mid-level Feature Extraction for 3D Object Pose Estimation  A Doumanoglou, V Balntas, R Kouskouridas, TK Kim
2016   Deep Network-Based Feature Extraction And Reconstruction Of Complex Material Microstructures  R Cang, MY Ren
2016   Contractive ML-ELM for Invariance Robust Feature Extraction  X Jia, H Du
2016   Survey on Feature Extraction and Applications of Biosignals  A Supratak, C Wu, H Dong, K Sun, Y Guo
2016   Polarimetric SAR Feature Extraction With Neighborhood Preservation-Based Deep Learning  H Liu, S Yang, S Gou, D Zhu, R Wang, L Jiao
2015   Latent subclass learning-based unsupervised ensemble feature extraction method for hyperspectral image classification  W Wei, Y Zhang, C Tian
2015   A novel feature extraction method using deep neural network for rolling bearing fault diagnosis  W Lu, X Wang, C Yang, T Zhang
2015   Stacked denoise autoencoder based feature extraction and classification for hyperspectral images  C Xing, L Ma, X Yang
2015   Essential feature extraction of driving behavior using a deep learning method  HL Liu, T Taniguchi, Y Tanaka, K Takenaka, T Bando
2015   Novel Segmented Stacked AutoEncoder for Effective Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Extraction in Hyperspectral Imaging  J Zabalza, J Ren, J Zheng, H Zhao, C Qing, Z Yang
2015   Feature Extraction Using Pre-Trained Convolutive Bottleneck Nets For Dysarthric Speech Recognition  Y Takashima, T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2015   Hierarchical Feature Extraction for Efficient Design of Microfluidic Flow Patterns  KG Lore, D Stoecklein, M Davies
2015   Unsupervised Deep Feature Extraction for Remote Sensing Image Classification  A Romero, C Gatta, G Camps
2015   Topologically Ordered Feature Extraction Based on Sparse Group Restricted Boltzmann Machines  Z Chena, S Xionga, Z Fangb, R Zhanga, X Konga
2015   Deep Learning for Feature Extraction of Arabic Handwritten Script  M Elleuch, N Tagougui, M Kherallah
2015   Knowledge Representation for Image Feature Extraction  N Karna, I Suwardi, N Maulidevi
2015   Multiple Convolutional Neural Network for Feature Extraction  GW Yang, HF Jing
2015   Locality Sensitive Batch Feature Extraction For High-dimensional Data  J Ding, C Wen, G Li, CS Chua
2015   Feature extraction with deep belief networks for driver's cognitive states prediction from EEG data  M Hajinoroozi, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2015   Design of Fuzzy k-Nearest Neighbors Classifiers based on Feature Extraction by using Stacked Autoencoder  석범노, 성권오
2015   A Novel Feature Extraction Method for Scene Recognition Based on Centered Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  J Gao, J Yang, G Wang, M Li
2015   Feature Extraction Based on Generating Bayesian Network  K Nishino, M Inaba
2015   Hierachical Feature Extraction by Multi-layer Non-negative Matrix Factorization Network for Classification Task  HA Song, BK Kim, TL Xuan, SY Lee
2014   Discriminative Kernel Feature Extraction and Learning for Object Recognition and Detection  H Pan, SI Olsen, Y Zhu
2014   Pre-release sales forecasting: A model-driven context feature extraction approach  CH Tian, Y Wang, WT Mo, FC Huang, WS Dong
2014   Integrating Stroke-Distribution Information Into Spatial Feature Extraction For Automatic Handwriting Recognition  RS Dixon, JG Dolfing, U Meier, JR Bellegarda
2014   Feature extraction with stacked autoencoders for epileptic seizure detection  A Supratak, L Li, Y Guo