Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: feature learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Performance evaluation of deep feature learning for RGB-D image/video classification  L Shao, Z Cai, L Liu, K Lu
2017   A Study of Convolutional Sparse Feature Learning for Human Age Estimate  X Wang, R Li, Y Zhou, C Kambhamettu
2017   Multi channel brain EEG signals based emotional arousal classification with unsupervised feature learning using autoencoders  D Ayata, Y Yaslan, M Kamasak
2017   PCA indexing based feature learning and feature selection  MFI Ibrahim, AA Al
2017   Deep Learning in Customer Churn Prediction: Unsupervised Feature Learning on Abstract Company Independent Feature Vectors  P Spanoudes, T Nguyen
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning and Region Consistency Activation for Robust Scene Labelling  Y Li, F Sohel, M Bennamoun, H Lei
2017   Multimodal Neuroimaging Feature Learning with Multimodal Stacked Deep Polynomial Networks for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.  J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017   Advanced Music Audio Feature Learning with Deep Networks  M Daigneau
2017   Conditional Random Field and Deep Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation  FI Alam, J Zhou, AWC Liew, X Jia, J Chanussot, Y Gao 
2017   Developmental Network: An Internal Emergent Object Feature Learning  D Wang, J Wang, L Liu 
2017   Automatic Magnetic Resonance Image Prostate Segmentation Based on Adaptive Feature Learning Probability Boosting Tree Initialization and CNN-ASM Refinement  B He, D Xiao, Q Hu, F Jia 
2017   Deep Feature Learning for Dummies: A Simple Auto-Encoder Training Method Using Particle Swarm Optimisation  C Sui, M Bennamoun, R Togneri
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Change Detection in Heterogeneous Images Based on a Coupled Neural Network  W Zhao, Z Wang, M Gong, J Liu
2017   Multi-modal Deep Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Detection  X Xu, Y Li, G Wu, J Luo
2017   Latent feature learning for activity recognition using simple sensors in smart homes  G Chen, A Wang, S Zhao, L Liu, CY Chang
2017   Functional connectivity patterns of autism spectrum disorder identified by deep feature learning  H Choi
2017   Deep Correlation Feature Learning for Face Verification in the Wild  W Deng, B Chen, Y Fang, J Hu
2017   A novel deep autoencoder feature learning method for rotating machinery fault diagnosis  H Shao, H Jiang, H Zhao, F Wang
2017   Adaptive Deconvolutional Networks for Mid and High Level Feature Learning (阅读)  MD Zeiler, GW Taylor, R Fergus
2017   Spectral–spatial feature learning for hyperspectral imagery classification using deep stacked sparse autoencoder  G Abdi, F Samadzadegan, P Reinartz
2017   Towards Stable Adversarial Feature Learning for LiDAR based Loop Closure Detection  L Xu, P Yin, H Luo, Y Liu, J Han 
2017   ECG-based Biometrics using a Deep Autoencoder for Feature Learning  A Eduardo, H Aidos, A Fred
2017   Feature learning and change feature classification based on deep learning for ternary change detection in SAR images  M Gong, H Yang, P Zhang
2017   PointNet++: Deep Hierarchical Feature Learning on Point Sets in a Metric Space  CR Qi, L Yi, H Su, LJ Guibas
2017   Multi-modal Sentiment Feature Learning Based on Sentiment Signal  D Lin, L Li, D Cao, S Li
2017   Adversarial Invariant Feature Learning  Q Xie, Z Dai, Y Du, E Hovy, G Neubig 
2017   Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition  Y Duan, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   Controllable Invariance through Adversarial Feature Learning  Q Xie, Z Dai, Y Du, E Hovy, G Neubig
2017   Deep Asymmetric Multi-task Feature Learning  H Lee, E Yang, SJ Hwang
2017   A convolutional neural network based feature learning and fault diagnosis method for the condition monitoring of gearbox  L Jing, M Zhao, P Li, X Xu
2017   Face Alignment Using a Deep Neural Network with Local Feature Learning and Recurrent Regression  BH Park, SY Oh, IJ Kim
2017   A learned sparseness and IGMRF-based regularization framework for dense disparity estimation using unsupervised feature learning  S Nahar, MV Joshi
2017   A separated feature learning based DBN structure for classification of SSMVEP signals  Y Jia, J Xie, G Xu, M Li, S Zhang, A Luo, X Han
2017   Automatic Feature Learning Using Multichannel ROI Based on Deep Structured Algorithms for Computerized Lung Cancer Diagnosis  W Sun, B Zheng, W Qian
2017   Unsupervised 3-D Feature Learning for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury  BS Manjunath
2017   Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning for Urban Village Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  Y Li, X Huang, H Liu
2017   A Tucker Deep Computation Model for Mobile Multimedia Feature Learning  Q Zhang, LT Yang, X Liu, Z Chen, P Li
2017   Rolling bearing fault feature learning using improved convolutional deep belief network with compressed sensing  H Shao, H Jiang, H Zhang, W Duan, T Liang, S Wu
2017   Multimodal Neuroimaging Feature Learning with Multimodal Stacked Deep Polynomial Networks for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease  J Shi, X Zheng, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2017   A novel interest point detector based on convolutional features with unsupervised feature learning  Q Jia, X Wang, L Zhou
2017   Feature Learning for Facial Kinship Verification  H Yan, J Lu
2017   Autoencoder-based feature learning for cyber security applications  M Yousefi
2017   LiftingNet: A Novel Deep Learning Network with Layerwise Feature Learning from Noisy Mechanical Data for Fault Classification  J Pan, Y Zi, J Chen, Z Zhou, B Wang 
2017   Automatic feature learning for vulnerability prediction  HK Dam, T Tran, T Pham, SW Ng, J Grundy, A Ghose
2016   Scale-Invariant Feature Learning using Deconvolutional Neural Networks for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation  HE Kim, S Hwang
2016   Improving EEG feature learning via synchronized facial video  X Li, X Jia, G Xun, A Zhang
2016   Autoconvolution for Unsupervised Feature Learning  B Knyazev, E Barth, T Martinetz
2016   Group-Aware Deep Feature Learning For Facial Age Estimation  H Liu, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2016   Fully Deep Neural Networks Incorporating Unsupervised Feature Learning for Audio Tagging  Y Xu, Q Huang, W Wang, P Foster, S Sigtia
2016   A Deep Neural Network Driven Feature Learning Method for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition  T Zhang, W Zheng, Z Cui, Y Zong, J Yan, K Yan
2016   Visual domain adaptation via transfer feature learning  J Tahmoresnezhad, S Hashemi
2016   Local Feature Learning using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  Y Choi, HI Kim, YM Ro
2016   Unsupervised 3D Local Feature Learning by Circle Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine.  Z Han, Z Liu, J Han, CM Vong, S Bu, X Li
2016   Unsupervised feature learning for Music Structural Analysis  M Buccoli, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro, D Andreoletti
2016   Selective Unsupervised Feature Learning with Convolutional Neural Network (S-CNN)  A Ghaderi, V Athitsos
2016   Unsupervised Feature Learning Assisted Visual Sentiment Analysis  Z Li, Y Fan, F Wang, W Liu
2016   Pain detection from facial images using unsupervised feature learning approach  R Kharghanian, A Peiravi, F Moradi
2016   Feature Learning via Deep Belief Network for Chinese Speech Emotion Recognition  S Zhang, X Zhao, Y Chuang, W Guo, Y Chen
2016   Semisupervised classification for hyperspectral image based on multi-decision labeling and deep feature learning  X Ma, H Wang, J Wang
2016   Deep feature learning for cover song identification  JT Fang, CT Day, PC Chang
2016   Writer-independent Feature Learning for Offline Signature Verification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  LG Hafemann, R Sabourin, LS Oliveira
2016   TI-POOLING: transformation-invariant pooling for feature learning in Convolutional Neural Networks  D Laptev, N Savinov, JM Buhmann, M Pollefeys
2016   Deep belief network based statistical feature learning for fingerprint liveness detection  S Kim, B Park, BS Song, S Yang
2016   Clustering Based Feature Learning on Variable Stars  C Mackenzie, K Pichara, P Protopapas
2016   Sparse feature learning for image analysis in segmentation, classification, and disease diagnosis.  E Hosseini
2016   Hierarchical compositional feature learning  M Lázaro
2016   Automated image classification via unsupervised feature learning by K-means  H Karimy Dehkordy
2016   Probabilistic Feature Learning Using Gaussian Process Auto-Encoders  S Olofsson
2016   Constrained Deep Transfer Feature Learning and its Applications  Y Wu, Q Ji
2016   Adversarial Feature Learning  J Donahue, P Krähenbühl, T Darrell
2016   Unsupervised Feature Learning With Symmetrically Connected Convolutional Denoising Auto-encoders  J Dong, XJ Mao, C Shen, YB Yang
2016   An Overview on Data Representation Learning: From Traditional Feature Learning to Recent Deep Learning  G Zhong, LN Wang, J Dong
2016   Feature Learning and Deep Learning Architecture Survey  S Krig
2016   Feature Learning Architecture Taxonomy and Neuroscience Background  S Krig
2016   Multi-Channel Multi-Model Feature Learning for Face Recognition  MS Aslan, Z Hailat, T Elafif, XW Chen
2016   BASS Net: Band-Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification  A Santara, K Mani, P Hatwar, A Singh, A Garg, K Padia
2016   Content-Based High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval via Unsupervised Feature Learning and Collaborative Affinity Metric Fusion  Y Li, Y Zhang, C Tao, H Zhu
2016   Unsupervised 3D Local Feature Learning by Circle Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine  Z Han, Z Liu, J Han, CM Vong, S Bu, X Li
2016   Multi-modality stacked deep polynomial network based feature learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis  X Zheng, J Shi, Y Li, X Liu, Q Zhang
2016   Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery Using Vibration Measurement Deep Statistical Feature Learning  C Li, RV Sánchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2016   High-level Feature Learning by Ensemble Projection for Image Classification with Limited Annotations  D Dai, L Van Gool
2016   Detecting fingering of overblown flute sound using sparse feature learning  Y Han, K Lee
2016   Unsupervised feature learning from finite data by message passing: discontinuous versus continuous phase transition  H Huang, T Toyoizumi
2016   Pose-robust feature learning for facial expression recognition  F Zhang, Y Yu, Q Mao, J Gou, Y Zhan
2016   Action Recognition based on Efficient Deep Feature Learning in the Spatio-Temporal Domain  F Husain, B Dellen, C Torras
2016   Statistical mechanics of unsupervised feature learning in a restricted Boltzmann machine with binary synapses  H Huang
2016   Context Encoders: Feature Learning by Inpainting  D Pathak, P Krahenbuhl, J Donahue, T Darrell
2016   Cross-Domain Visual Matching via Generalized Similarity Measure and Feature Learning  L Lin, G Wang, W Zuo, X Feng, L Zhang
2016   Deep feature learning for pulmonary nodule classification in a lung CT  BC Kim, YS Sung, HI Suk
2016   Deep Feature Learning Architectures for Daily Reservoir Inflow Forecasting  C Li, Y Bai, B Zeng
2016   Structured Feature Learning for Pose Estimation  X Chu, W Ouyang, H Li, X Wang
2016   Class-specific mid-level feature learning with the Discriminative Group-wise Beta-Bernoulli process restricted Boltzmann machines  HJ Lee, KS Hong
2016   Modality-specific and hierarchical feature learning for RGB-D hand-held object recognition  X Lv, X Liu, X Li, X Li, S Jiang, Z He
2015   Unsupervised Joint Feature Learning and Encoding for RGB-D Scene Labeling  A Wang, J Lu, J Cai, G Wang, TJ Cham
2015   Robust feature learning by improved auto-encoder from non-Gaussian noised images  D Zhao, B Guo, J Wu, W Ning, Y Yan
2015   Algorithm and Theoretical Analysis for Domain Adaptation Feature Learning with Linear Classifiers  W Jiang, F Nie, FK Chung, H Huang
2015   DLANet: A Manifold-Learning-based Discriminative Feature Learning Network for Scene Classification  Z Feng, L Jin, D Tao, S Huang
2015   Discriminative Feature Learning with Constraints of Category and Temporal for Action Recognition  Z Wu, S Wan, P Jin, L Yue
2015   Exemplar Based Deep Discriminative and Shareable Feature Learning for Scene Image Classification  Z Zuo, G Wang, B Shuai, L Zhao, Q Yang
2015   EEG Based Emotion Identification Using Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning  X Li, P Zhang, D Song, G Yu, Y Hou, B Hu
2015   Simultaneous Feature Learning and Hash Coding with Deep Neural Networks  H Lai, Y Pan, Y Liu, S Yan
2015   A Theory of Feature Learning  B van Rooyen, RC Williamson
2015   Image-Text Cross-Modal Retrieval via Modality-Specific Feature Learning  J Wang, Y He, C Kang, S Xiang, C Pan
2015   Feature Learning Using Stacked Autoencoders to Predict the Activity of Antimicrobial Peptides  F Camacho, R Torres, R Ramos
2015   Deep feature learning with relative distance comparison for person re-identification  S Ding, L Lin, G Wang, H Chao
2015   Large Margin Coupled Feature Learning for cross-modal face recognition  Y Jin, J Lu, Q Ruan
2015   Stage-wise Training: An Improved Feature Learning Strategy for Deep Models  E Barshan, P Fieguth
2015   Image Feature Learning for Cold Start Problem in Display Advertising  K Mo, B Liu, L Xiao, Y Li, J Jiang
2015   Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Exemplar Convolutional Neural Networks  A Dosovitskiy, P Fischer, J Springenberg, M Riedmiller
2015   Active Learning with Clustering and Unsupervised Feature Learning  S Berardo, E Favero, N Neto
2015   A Novel Visual Attention Framework using Unsupervised Feature Learning for Road Scene Understanding  Y Mao, Q Meng, M Chen
2015   Collaborative Feature Learning from Social Media  C Fang, H Jin, J Yang, Z Lin
2015   Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Unsupervised Hierarchical Feature Learning  M Sahasrabudhe
2015   An Efficient and Effective Convolutional Auto-Encoder Extreme Learning Machine Network for 3D Feature Learning  Y Wang, Z Xie, K Xu, Y Dou, Y Lei
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning for Optical Character Recognition  DK Sahu, CV Jawahar
2015   MMSS: Multi-modal Sharable and Specific Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition  A Wang, J Cai, J Lu, TJ Cham
2015   Clustering Data of Mixed Categorical and Numerical Type with Unsupervised Feature Learning  D Lam, M Wei, D Wunsch
2015   Daily reservoir inflow forecasting using multiscale deep feature learning with hybrid models  Y Bai, Z Chen, J Xie, C Li
2015   Projective Feature Learning for 3D Shapes with Multi‐View Depth Images  Z Xie, K Xu, W Shan, L Liu, Y Xiong, H Huang
2015   Detectionn guided deconvolutional network for hierarchical feature learning  B Liu, J Liu, H Lu
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning in Computer Vision  R Goroshin
2015   Convolutional Feature Learning and Hybrid CNN-HMM Model for Scene Number Recognition  Q Guo, F Wang, J Lei, D Tu, G Li
2015   Quad-Tree based Image Encoding Methods for Data-Adaptive Visual Feature Learning  C Zhang, X Liang, T Matsuyama
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning for Dense Correspondences across Scenes  C Zhang, C Shen
2015   A Multiobjective Sparse Feature Learning Model for Deep Neural Networks  M Gong, J Liu, H Li, Q Cai, L Su
2015   Unsupervised feature learning for scene classification of high resolution remote sensing image  M Fu, Y Yuan, X Lu
2015   Improved Deep Speaker Feature Learning for Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition  L Li, Y Lin, Z Zhang, D Wang
2015   Multiclass feature learning for hyperspectral image classification: sparse and hierarchical solutions  D Tuia, R Flamary, N Courty
2015   Experimental Study of Unsupervised Feature Learning for HEp-2 Cell Images Clustering  Y Zhao, Z Gao, L Wang, L Zhou
2015   Feature Learning based Deep Supervised Hashing with Pairwise Labels  WJ Li, S Wang, WC Kang
2015   Speech emotion recognition with unsupervised feature learning  Z HUANG, W XUE, Q MAO
2015   Deep Feature Learning for Tibetan Speech Recognition using Sparse Auto-encoder  H Wang, Y Zhao, XF Liu, XN Xu, L Wang, N Zhou
2015   Deep Feature Learning for EEG Recordings  S Stober, A Sternin, AM Owen, JA Grahn
2015   Deep Computation Model for Unsupervised Feature Learning on Big Data  Q Zhang, LT Yang, Z Chen
2015   Efficient Deep Feature Learning and Extraction via StochasticNets  MJ Shafiee, P Siva, P Fieguth, A Wong
2015   Hierarchical Feature Learning With Dropout K-Means for Hyperspectral Image Classification  F Zhang, B Du, L Zhang, L Zhang
2015   Hierarchical Invariant Feature Learning with Marginalization for Person Re-Identification  RR Varior, G Wang
2015   DASH-N: Joint Hierarchical Domain Adaptation and Feature Learning  H Nguyen, HT Ho, V Patel, R Chellappa
2015   Feature Learning for Classifying Drum Components from Nonnegative Matrix Factorization  M Leimeister
2015   Generic Feature Learning in Computer Vision  DK Nithin, PB Sivakumar
2015   Improving deep convultional neural networks with unsupervised feature learning  K Nguyen Thanh, CB Fookes, S Sridharan
2015   State of health estimation combining robust deep feature learning with support vector regression  LQ Qiao, LJ Xun
2015   Automatic Feature Learning for Glaucoma Detection Based on Deep Learning  X Chen, Y Xu, S Yan, DWK Wong, TY Wong, J Liu
2015   Feature Learning HyperNEAT: Evolving Neural Networks to Extract Features for Classification of Maritime Satellite Imagery  P Verbancsics, J Harguess
2015   Discriminative Quadratic Feature Learning for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  MK Zhou, XY Zhang, F Yin, CL Liu
2014   C-SVDDNet: An Effective Single-Layer Network for Unsupervised Feature Learning  D Wang, X Tan
2014   Audio-only bird classification using unsupervised feature learning  D Stowell, MD Plumbley
2014   Unsupervised feature learning on monaural DOA estimation using convolutional deep belief networks  Y Chen, M Zhu, N Epain, C Jin
2014   Feature Learning Based Approach for Weed Classification Using High Resolution Aerial Images from a Digital Camera Mounted on a UAV  C Hung, Z Xu, S Sukkarieh
2014   Unsupervised Feature Learning For Bootleg Detection Using Deep Learning Architectures  M Buccoli, P Bestagini, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro
2014   Feature Learning from Incomplete EEG with Denoising Autoencoder  J Li, Z Struzik, L Zhang, A Cichocki
2014   Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Image Classification  IH Jhuo, S Gao, L Zhuang, DT Lee, Y Ma
2014   Local deep feature learning framework for 3D shape  S Bu, P Han, Z Liu, J Han
2014   Periocular Recognition using Unsupervised Convolutional RBM Feature Learning  L Nie, SZ Kumar
2014   Supervised feature learning via ℓ2-norm regularized logistic regression for 3D object recognition  F Zou, Y Wang, Y Yang, K Zhou, Y Chen, J Song
2014   Regularized Hierarchical Feature Learning with Non-Negative Sparsity and Selectivity for Image Classification  B Liu, J Liu, X Bai, H Lu
2014   Feature learning based on SAE-PCA network for Human gesture recognition in RGBD images  SZ Li, B Yu, W Wu, SZ Su, RR Ji
2014   Meta-parameter free unsupervised sparse feature learning  A Romero, P Radeva, C Gatta
2014   Prototype-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Kinship Verification  H Yan, J Lu, X Zhou
2014   Visual Causal Feature Learning  K Chalupka, P Perona, F Eberhardt
2014   Fingerprint Enhancement Using Unsupervised Hierarchical Feature Learning  M Sahasrabudhe, AM Namboodiri