Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: finance

Year TitleAuthor
2017   On Feature Reduction using Deep Learning for Trend Prediction in Finance  L Troiano, E Mejuto, P Kriplani
2016   Applying threshold concepts to finance education  SM Hoadley, LN Wood, L Tickle, T Kyng, M McCracken
2016   Deep Learning in Finance  JB Heaton, NG Polson, JH Witte
2016   Exploring the Student Learning Experience in a 'Live'International Corporate Finance Course Project  A Flynn, J McCarthy
2016   Sentiment Analysis in Finance Market Forcast  D Wang
2015   Urbanization and industrialization strongly affect the land finance of local government and the effect varies in different stages of economic development in China. …  Y He, C Cheng, Q Xu, L Yang
2015   Accounting and Finance Research and Knowledge Exchange Institute University of the West of Scotland University Avenue Ayr Campus Ayr  A Duff, R Mladenovic