Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: financial

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Deep Learning Based Natural Language Conversation System: Studies on Financial Datasets  TA Lin
2017   Smart collection of data for financial instruments  II Kholod, MS Efimova
2017   Deep Learning Bank Distress from News and Numerical Financial Data  P Cerchiello, G Nicola, S Rönnqvist, P Sarlin
2017   A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory.  W Bao, J Yue, Y Rao
2017   Financial Series Prediction: Comparison Between Precision of Time Series Models and Machine Learning Methods  XY Qian, S Gao
2017   Financial time series forecasting using conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machine  KC Lai
2017   Financial Time Series Prediction using Hybrids of Chaos Theory, Multi-Layer Perceptron and Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms  V Ravi, D Pradeepkumar, K Deb
2017   … the Black Box of Financial AI with CLEAR-Trade: A CLass-Enhanced Attentive Response Approach for Explaining and Visualizing Deep Learning-Driven Stock Market …  D Kumar, GW Taylor, A Wong
2017   A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory  W Bao, J Yue, Y Rao
2017   Deep learning with long short-term memory networks for financial market predictions  T Fischer, C Krauß
2016   Genetic deep neural networks using different activation functions for financial data mining  LM Zhang
2016   Computational Intelligence and Financial Markets: A Survey and Future Directions  RC Cavalcante, RC Brasileiro, VLF Souza, JP Nobrega
2016   Classiffication-based Financial Markets Prediction using Deep Neural Networks  M Dixon, D Klabjan, JH Bang
2016   Exploiting Twitter Moods to Boost Financial Trend Prediction Based on Deep Network Models  Y Huang, K Huang, Y Wang, H Zhang, J Guan, S Zhou
2016   Optimal Capital Structure in Depository Financial Institutions  C Braathen, AD Sandbu, F Solbakk
2016   Deep Direct Reinforcement Learning for Financial Signal Representation and Trading.  Y Deng, F Bao, Y Kong, Z Ren, Q Dai
2016   Automated algorithmic trading: machine learning and agent-based modelling in complex adaptive financial markets  A Booth
2015   Improving Decision Analytics with Deep Learning: The Case of Financial Disclosures  R Fehrer, S Feuerriegel
2015   An application of deep learning for trade signal prediction in financial markets  AC Turkmen, AT Cemgil
2015   Deep Learning for Multivariate Financial Time Series  G BATRES
2015   Deep Modeling Complex Couplings within Financial Markets  W Cao, L Hu, L Cao
2015   Leverage Financial News to Predict Stock Price Movements Using Word Embeddings and Deep Neural Networks  Y Peng, H Jiang
2014   GPU Implementation of a Deep Learning Network for Financial Prediction  R Kumar, AK Cheema
2014   What is the Experience of Perceived Financial Hardship on Mature Students' Social and Academic Integration?  D Creedon