Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: fine-grained

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Structured Deep Learning for Fine-grained Visual Classification  Y Qian
2017   A Model for Fine-Grained Vehicle Classification Based on Deep Learning  S Yu, Y Wu, W Li, Z Song, W Zeng
2017   ZipNet-GAN: Inferring Fine-grained Mobile Traffic Patterns via a Generative Adversarial Neural Network  C Zhang, X Ouyang, P Patras 
2017   AttnGAN: Fine-Grained Text to Image Generation with Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks  T Xu, P Zhang, Q Huang, H Zhang, Z Gan, X Huang 
2017   Deep CNNs With Spatially Weighted Pooling for Fine-Grained Car Recognition  Q Hu, H Wang, T Li, C Shen
2017   Deep learning for fine-grained visual recognition  T Li
2017   Fine-Grained Image Recognition from Click-Through Logs Using Deep Siamese Network  W Feng, D Liu
2017   Fine-grained Discriminative Localization via Saliency-guided Faster R-CNN  X He, Y Peng, J Zhao
2017   Deep learning-based fine-grained car make/model classification for visual surveillance  E Gundogdu, ES Parıldı, B Solmaz, V Yücesoy, A Koç
2017   Development of Fine-grained Pill Identification Algorithm using Deep Convolutional Network  YF Wong, HT Ng, KY Leung, KY Chan, SY Chan
2017   LG-CNN: From Local Parts to Global Discrimination for Fine-Grained Recognition  GS Xie, XY Zhang, W Yang, ML Xu, S Yan, CL Liu
2016   Mask-CNN: Localizing Parts and Selecting Descriptors for Fine-Grained Image Recognition  XS Wei, CW Xie, J Wu
2016   Hyper-class Augmented and Regularized Deep Learning for Fine-grained Image Classification  T Yang, X Wang, Y Lin, S Xie
2016   Do They All Look the Same? Deciphering Chinese, Japanese and Koreans by Fine-Grained Deep Learning  Y Wang, H Liao, Y Feng, X Xu, J Luo
2016   Deep multi-context Network for FINE-GRAINED VISUAL RECOGNITION  X Ou, Z Wei, H Ling, S Liu, X Cao
2016   Visual Representations for Fine-grained Categorization  N Zhang
2016   Learning Deep Representations of Fine-Grained Visual Descriptions  S Reed, Z Akata, H Lee, B Schiele
2016   Part-Stacked CNN for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization  S Huang, Z Xu, D Tao, Y Zhang
2016   A Fine-Grained Approach to Scene Text Script Identification  D Karatzas
2016   Two-stream contextualized CNN for fine-grained image classification  J Liu, C Gao, D Meng, W Zuo
2016   Selective Convolutional Descriptor Aggregation for Fine-Grained Image Retrieval  XS Wei, JH Luo, J Wu
2016   Fine-grained Recurrent Neural Networks for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Ultrasound Images  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, Y Wang, D Ni, J Qin, PA Heng
2016   Exploiting Temporal Information for DCNN-based Fine-Grained Object Classification  ZY Ge, C McCool, C Sanderson, P Wang, L Liu, I Reid
2016   Interacting with Soli: Exploring Fine-Grained Dynamic Gesture Recognition in the Radio-Frequency Spectrum  S Wang, J Song, J Lien, I Poupyrev, O Hilliges
2015   A Two-Layer Local Constrained Sparse Coding Method for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization  G Lihua, G Chenggan
2015   Part Localization using Multi-Proposal Consensus for Fine-Grained Categorization  KJ Shih, A Mallya, S Singh, D Hoiem
2015   A Study of General Fine-Grained Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  TH Lee
2015   Lr-Cnn For Fine-Grained Classification With Varying Resolution  M Chevalier, N Thome, M Cord, J Fournier, G Henaff
2015   Non-lexical neural architecture for fine-grained POS Tagging  M Labeau, K Löser, A Allauzen, RJ von Neumann
2015   Off-the-Shelf CNN Features for Fine-Grained Classification of Vessels in a Maritime Environment  F Bousetouane, B Morris
2015   Fine-grained Categorization and Dataset Bootstrapping using Deep Metric Learning with Humans in the Loop  Y Cui, F Zhou, Y Lin, S Belongie
2015   Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Image Categorization  Y Zhang, X Wei, J Wu, J Cai, J Lu, VA Nguyen, MN Do
2015   Fine-grained pose prediction, normalization, and recognition  N Zhang, E Shelhamer, Y Gao, T Darrell
2014   The Application of Two-level Attention Models in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-grained Image Classification  T Xiao, Y Xu, K Yang, J Zhang, Y Peng, Z Zhang
2014   Fused one-vs-all mid-level features for fine-grained visual categorization  X Zhang, H Xiong, W Zhou, Q Tian
2014   Hypercolumns for Object Segmentation and Fine-grained Localization  B Hariharan, P Arbeláez, R Girshick, J Malik