Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: fine-tuning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Quaternion-based Deep Belief Networks Fine-Tuning  JP Papa, GH Rosa, DR Pereira, XS Yang
2017   Interactive Medical Image Segmentation using Deep Learning with Image-specific Fine-tuning  G Wang, W Li, MA Zuluaga, R Pratt, PA Patel 
2017   Tailoring the AI for Robotics: Fine-tuning Predefined Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for a Narrower Class of Objects  E Bayraktar, CB Yigit, P Boyraz
2017   Fine-tuning CNN Image Retrieval with No Human Annotation  F Radenović, G Tolias, O Chum 
2017   Event Recognition on Images by Fine-Tuning of Deep Neural Networks  D Yudin, B Zeno
2017   Thyroid Nodule Classification in Ultrasound Images by Fine-Tuning Deep Convolutional Neural Network  J Chi, E Walia, P Babyn, J Wang, G Groot, M Eramian
2017   Borrowing Treasures from the Wealthy: Deep Transfer Learning through Selective Joint Fine-tuning  W Ge, Y Yu
2017   DeepHash for Image Instance Retrieval: Getting Regularization, Depth and Fine-Tuning Right  J Lin, O Morere, A Veillard, LY Duan, H Goh
2017   Fine-Tuning Parameters of Deep Belief Networks Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm  MH Horng 
2017   Fine-Pruning: Joint Fine-Tuning and Compression of a Convolutional Network with Bayesian Optimization  F Tung, S Muralidharan, G Mori
2017   Improving optimization of convolutional neural networks through parameter fine-tuning  N Becherer, J Pecarina, S Nykl, K Hopkinson 
2016   From Pixels to Sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, B Jou, X Giro
2016   Deep Image Aesthetics Classification using Inception Modules and Fine-tuning Connected Layer  X Jin, J Chi, S Peng, Y Tian, C Ye, X Li
2016   Fine-tuning deep convolutional neural networks for distinguishing illustrations from photographs  G Gando, T Yamada, H Sato, S Oyama, M Kurihara
2015   Fine-Tuning Convolutional Neural Networks Using Harmony Search  G Rosa, J Papa, A Marana, W Scheirer, D Cox
2015   DeepHash: Getting Regularization, Depth and Fine-Tuning Right  J Lin, O Morere, V Chandrasekhar, A Veillard, H Goh
2015   Fine-tuning a Convolutional Network for Cultural Even Recognition  A Calafell Orós
2015   Food image recognition using deep convolutional network with pre-training and fine-tuning  K Yanai, Y Kawano
2015   Fine-Tuning Deep Belief Networks Using Harmony Search  JP Papa, W Scheirer, DD Cox
2015   Fine-tuning deep convolutional networks for plant recognition  AK Reyes, JC Caicedo, JE Camargo
2015   A new humanlike facial attractiveness predictor with cascaded fine-tuning deep learning model  J Xu, L Jin, L Liang, Z Feng, D Xie