Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: food

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A New Deep Learning-based Food Recognition System for Dietary Assessment on An Edge Computing Service Infrastructure  C Liu, Y Cao, Y Luo, G Chen, V Vokkarane, Y Ma
2017   Discriminative Region Guided Deep Neural Network Towards Food Image Classification  Y Chen, Y Yang, Q Fang, X Yao 
2017   Comparison of Two Approaches for Direct Food Calorie Estimation  T Ege, K Yanai
2017   Image-Based Food Calorie Estimation Using Knowledge on Food Categories, Ingredients and Cooking Directions  T Ege, K Yanai
2017   NutriNet: A Deep Learning Food and Drink Image Recognition System for Dietary Assessment  S Mezgec, B Koroušić Seljak
2017   Feature Extraction Using Deep Learning for Food Type Recognition  M Farooq, E Sazonov
2017   You Are What You Eat: Exploring Rich Recipe Information for Cross-Region Food Analysis  W Min, BK Bao, S Mei, Y Zhu, Y Rui, S Jiang 
2017   Deep Learning-Based Food Calorie Estimation Method in Dietary Assessment  Y Liang, J Li
2016   Food calorie measurement using deep learning neural network  P Pouladzadeh, P Kuhad, SVB Peddi, A Yassine
2016   Mobile Food Recognition with an Extreme Deep Tree  N Martinel, C Piciarelli, GL Foresti, C Micheloni
2016   Being a Super Cook: Joint Food Attributes and Multi-Modal Content Modeling for Recipe Retrieval and Exploration  W Min, S Jiang, J Sang, H Wang, X Liu, L Herranz
2016   Calorie Estimation From Fast Food Images  K Ruan, L Shao
2016   Food Recognition and Detection with Minimum Supervision  R Liu
2016   Food Image Recognition by Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)  Y Lu
2016   An evolutionary deep neural network for predicting morbidity of gastrointestinal infections by food contamination  Q Song, YJ Zheng, Y Xue, WG Sheng, MR Zhao
2016   Predictive Food Logging  M Simon, B Evancha, G Shafranovich, YW Kim
2016   Food/Non-food Image Classification and Food Categorization using Pre-Trained GoogLeNet Model  A Singla, L Yuan, T Ebrahimi
2016   Simultaneous Food Localization and Recognition  M Bolaños, P Radeva
2016   Modeling Restaurant Context for Food Recognition  L Herranz, S Jiang, R Xu
2016   Snap, Eat, RepEat: A Food Recognition Engine for Dietary Logging  M Merler, H Wu, R Uceda
2016   Foodness Proposal for Multiple Food Detection by Training of Single Food Images  W Shimoda, K Yanai
2016   Food Search Based on User Feedback to Assist Image-based Food Recording Systems  S Amano, S Horiguchi, K Aizawa, K Maeda, M Kubota
2016   Food Image Recognition Using Very Deep Convolutional Networks  H Hassannejad, G Matrella, P Ciampolini, I De Munari
2016   Cogknife: Food Recognition From Their Cutting Sounds  T Kojima, T Ijiri, J White, H Kataoka, A Hirabayashi
2016   Wide-Slice Residual Networks for Food Recognition  N Martinel, GL Foresti, C Micheloni
2016   Food Traceability System Based on 3D City Models and Deep Learning  B Mao, J He, J Cao, W Gao, D Pan
2016   Device And Method For Monitoring Food Intake  R Carmi
2016   DeepFood: Deep Learning-Based Food Image Recognition for Computer-Aided Dietary Assessment  C Liu, Y Cao, Y Luo, G Chen, V Vokkarane, Y Ma
2016   I Hear You Eat and Speak: Automatic Recognition of Eating Condition and Food Type, Use-Cases, and Impact on ASR Performance  S Hantke, F Weninger, R Kurle, F Ringeval, A Batliner
2015   Restaurant-Specific Food Logging From Images  NS Joshi, S Khullar, ST Saponas, D Morris, O Beijbom
2015   FussyFood: An Application to Navigate Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions  S Bagadia, R Mundra
2015   A virtualization mechanism for real-time multimedia-assisted mobile food recognition application in cloud computing  P Pouladzadeh, SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine
2015   Food image recognition using deep convolutional network with pre-training and fine-tuning  K Yanai, Y Kawano
2015   Using Distance Estimation and Deep Learning to Simplify Calibration in Food Calorie Measurement  P Kuhad, A Yassine, S Shirmohammadi
2015   Deep Learning: The Great Challenge to Innovate: Highlighting Colombia's Food Industry  BEM Patiño
2015   FooDD: Food Detection Dataset for Calorie Measurement Using Food Images  P Pouladzadeh, A Yassine, S Shirmohammadi
2015   Food Recognition and Leftover Estimation for Daily Diet Monitoring  G Ciocca, P Napoletano, R Schettini
2015   CNN-Based Food Image Segmentation Without Pixel-Wise Annotation  W Shimoda, K Yanai
2015   Food Recognition for Dietary Assessment Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  S Christodoulidis, M Anthimopoulos, S Mougiakakou
2015   Applying skip-gram word estimation and SVM-based classification for opinion mining Vietnamese food places text reviews  DH Phan, TD Cao
2014   Peer-teaching in the food chemistry laboratory: student-produced experiments, peer and audio feedback, and integration of employability skills  JL Dunne
2014   Food Detection and Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network  H Kagaya, K Aizawa, M Ogawa
2014   Data collection and language understanding of food descriptions  M Korpusik, N Schmidt, J Drexler, S Cyphers, J Glass