Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: forecast

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Application of Deep Learning to the Forecast of Flare Classification and Occurrence using SOHO MDI data  E Park, YJ Moon, T Kim 
2017   A comparison of deep-learning models to the forecast of the daily solar flare occurrence using various solar images  S Shin, YJ Moon, H Chu 
2017   Application of a deep-learning method to the forecast of daily solar flare occurrence using Convolution Neural Network  S Shin, YJ Moon, H Chu
2017   Apply Deep Learning Neural Network to Forecast Number of Tourists  YW Chang, CY Tsai
2017   Learning to Forecast Videos of Human Activity with Multi-granularity Models and Adaptive Rendering  M Zhai, J Chen, R Deng, L Chen, L Zhu, G Mori 
2017   Deep Neural Network Regression as a Component of a Forecast Ensemble  RJ Povinelli, G Merkel, RH Brown
2017   Online Action Detection And Forecast Via Multitask Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  C Liu, Y Li, Y Hu, J Liu
2017   Electricity Load Forecasting by an Improved Forecast Engine for Building Level Consumers  Y Liu, W Wang, N Ghadimi
2017   The optimization of wind power interval forecast  X Yu, H Zang
2017   The Application of Deep Learning in Airport Visibility Forecast  L Zhu, G Zhu, L Han, N Wang
2016   A Deep-Learning Approach for Operation of an Automated Realtime Flare Forecast  Y Hada
2016   Artificial neural networks approach to the forecast of stock market price movements  L Di Persio, O Honchar
2016   Dynamic Selection of Forecast Combiners  AT Sergio, TPF de Lima, TB Ludermir
2016   Machine Learning Approach to Forecast Global Solar Radiation Time Series  G Terren
2015   Big Data Analytic: Cases for Communications Systems Modeling and Renewable Energy Forecast  YS Manjili, M Niknamfar
2014   Deep neural network based load forecast  W He