Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: forecasting

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Visual Forecasting by Imitating Dynamics in Natural Sequences  KH Zeng, WB Shen, DA Huang, M Sun, JC Niebles
2017   δ-agree Adaboost Stacked Autoencoder for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting  T Zhou, G Han, X Xu, Z Lin, C Han, Y Huang, J Qin
2017   Short-Term Power Load Forecasting with Deep Belief Network and Copula Models  Y He, J Deng, H Li
2017   Research and application of a hybrid wavelet neural network model with the improved cuckoo search algorithm for electrical power system forecasting  L Xiao, W Shao, M Yu, J Ma, C Jin
2017   Electric load forecasting by using dynamic neural network  M Mordjaoui, S Haddad, A Medoued, A Laouafi
2017   Conditional Time Series Forecasting with Convolutional Neural Networks  A Borovykh, S Bohte, CW Oosterlee
2017   Effect of Transfer Functions in Deep Belief Network for Short-Term Load Forecasting  X Zhang, R Wang, T Zhang, Y Liu, Y Zha 
2017   Long-Term Mobile Traffic Forecasting Using Deep Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks  C Zhang, P Patras 
2017   The Decomposition Issue of a Time Series in the Forecasting Process  D Grzesica
2017   Deterministic and probabilistic forecasting of photovoltaic power based on deep convolutional neural network  H Wang, H Yi, J Peng, G Wang, Y Liu, H Jiang, W Liu 
2017   The Pose Knows: Video Forecasting by Generating Pose Futures  J Walker, K Marino, A Gupta, M Hebert
2017   Deep Learning applied to Road Traffic Speed forecasting  T Epelbaum, F Gamboa, JM Loubes, J Martin
2017   Forecasting spot electricity prices: deep learning approaches and empirical comparison of traditional algorithms  J Lago, F De Ridder, P Vrancx, B De Schutter
2017   Convolutional neural networks applied to high-frequency market microstructure forecasting  J Doering, M Fairbank, S Markose 
2017   Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Deep Learning for Load Demand Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, Y Ren, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   Time Series Forecasting Based on Augmented Long Short-Term Memory  D Hsu
2017   Red tide time series forecasting by combining ARIMA and deep belief network  M Qin, Z Li, Z Du
2017   A Deep Learning Framework for Short-term Power Load Forecasting  T Ouyang, Y He, H Li, Z Sun, S Baek 
2017   Deep Forecast: Deep Learning-based Spatio-Temporal Forecasting  A Ghaderi, BM Sanandaji, F Ghaderi
2017   A GPU deep learning metaheuristic based model for time series forecasting  IM Coelho, VN Coelho, EJS Luz, LS Ochi
2017   Deep Learning for Real Time Crime Forecasting  B Wang, D Zhang, D Zhang, PJ Brantingham
2017   Hydraulic Modeling and Deep Learning Based Flow Forecasting for Optimizing Inter Catchment Wastewater Transfer  D Zhang, ES Hølland, G Lindholm, H Ratnaweera 
2017   Financial time series forecasting using conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machine  KC Lai
2017   A multi-pattern deep fusion model for short-term bus passenger flow forecasting  Y Bai, Z Sun, B Zeng, J Deng, C Li
2017   Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis and Moving Average Technique in Time Series Model for RGUKT, RK Valley Campus HT Feeder  MD Reddy, N Vishali
2017   Forecasting Crude Oil Prices: a Deep Learning based Model  Y Chen, K He, GKF Tso 
2017   A Hybrid Deep Learning Forecasting Model Using GPU Disaggregated Function Evaluations Applied for Household Electricity Demand Forecasting  VN Coelho, IM Coelho, E Rios, ST Alexandre Filho
2017   Deep Neural Network Regression for Short-Term Load Forecasting of Natural Gas  G Merkel, RJ Povinelli, RH Brown
2017   Characterizing Time Series Data Diversity for Wind Forecasting  C Feng, EK Chartan, BM Hodge, J Zhang 
2017   Forecasting Air Quality Index Using an Ensemble of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Models  SS Ganesh, P Arulmozhivarman, R Tatavarti 
2017   Anesthesiologist-level forecasting of hypoxemia with only SpO2 data using deep learning  G Erion, H Chen, SM Lundberg, SI Lee 
2017   Reservoir thickness forecasting based on Deep Belief Networks  L Liu, Z Guangzhi, Z Chen
2017   Deep Learning for Real-Time Crime Forecasting and its Ternarization  B Wang, P Yin, AL Bertozzi, PJ Brantingham, SJ Osher 
2017   Big multi-step wind speed forecasting model based on secondary decomposition, ensemble method and error correction algorithm  H Liu, Z Duan, F Han, Y Li 
2017   Wind speed forecasting method based on deep learning strategy using empirical wavelet transform, long short term memory neural network and Elman neural network  H Liu, X Mi, Y Li 
2017   Forecasting Real Time Series Data using Deep Belief Net and Reinforcement Learning  T Hirata, T Kuremoto, M Obayashi, S Mabu
2017   Electricity Load Forecasting by an Improved Forecast Engine for Building Level Consumers  Y Liu, W Wang, N Ghadimi
2017   Load forecasting using Moving Average model for RGUKT, RK Valley Campus HT Feeder  D Reddy, N Vishali
2017   A Deep-Learning-Based Forecasting Ensemble to Predict Missing Data for Remote Sensing Analysis  M Das, SK Ghosh 
2017   Short-Term Forecasting of Passenger Demand under On-Demand Ride Services: A Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning Approach  J Ke, H Zheng, H Yang
2017   A Three-Step Deep Neural Network Methodology for Exchange Rate Forecasting  JC Figueroa
2017   Short-term output power forecasting of photovoltaic systems based on the deep belief net  LL Li, P Cheng, HC Lin, H Dong
2017   Long Short Term Memory Networks for Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting  A Narayan, KW Hipel
2017   Foreign Exchange Rates Forecasting with Convolutional Neural Network  C Liu, W Hou, D Liu
2017   A hybrid system for forecasting 24-hour power load profile for Polish electric grid  S Brodowski, A Bielecki, M Filocha
2017   A multiple time series-based recurrent neural network for short-term load forecasting  B Zhang, JL Wu, PC Chang
2017   Short-Term Residential Load Forecasting based on Resident Behaviour Learning  W Kong, ZY Dong, DJ Hill, F Luo, Y Xu
2017   Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting with Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Kernel Machines  X Qiu, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   A deep learning ensemble approach for crude oil price forecasting  Y Zhao, J Li, L Yu
2017   Modified Genetic Algorithm-based Feature Selection Combined with Pre-trained Deep Neural Network for Demand Forecasting in Outpatient Department  S Jiang, C Kwai
2017   Neural Network training model for weather forecasting using Fireworks Algorithm  S Suksri, W Kimpan
2017   A Novel DBN Model for Time Series Forecasting  Y Ren, J Mao, Y Liu, Y Li
2017   Research on exchange rate forecasting based on deep belief network  J Zheng, X Fu, G Zhang
2017   Probabilistic forecasting of symbol sequences with deep neural networks  M Hauser, Y Fu, Y Li, S Phoha, A Ray
2017   Improving load forecasting based on deep learning and K-shape clustering  F Fahiman, SM Erfani, S Rajasegarar, M Palaniswami
2017   Traffic flow forecasting with deep learning  PØ Kanestrøm
2017   Deep neural networks for energy load forecasting  K Amarasinghe, DL Marino, M Manic
2017   Multi-Objective Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Load Forecasting  M Ming, R Wang, Y Zha, T Zhang
2017   Oblique Random Forest Ensemble via Least Square Estimation for Time Series Forecasting  X Qiu, L Zhang, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2016   Short-Term Traffic States Forecasting Considering Spatial–Temporal Impact on an Urban Expressway  P Chen, C Ding, G Lu, Y Wang
2016   Deep Learning for Wind Speed Forecasting in Northeastern Region of Brazil  AT Sergio, TB Ludermir
2016   Optimized Structure of the Traffic Flow Forecasting Model With a Deep Learning Approach  HF Yang, TS Dillon, YPP Chen
2016   Modeling Precursors for Event Forecasting via Nested Multi-Instance Learning  Y Ning, S Muthiah, H Rangwala, N Ramakrishnan
2016   Forecasting Trade Direction and Size of Future Contracts Using Deep Belief Network  A Lai, MK Li, FW Pong
2016   A Hybrid Approach for Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning and Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Networks  S Narejo, EGA Pasero
2016   Deep neural network based demand side short term load forecasting  S Ryu, J Noh, H Kim
2016   Deep belief network based deterministic and probabilistic wind speed forecasting approach  HZ Wang, GB Wang, GQ Li, JC Peng, YT Liu
2016   Short-term traffic flow forecasting with spatial-temporal correlation in a hybrid deep learning framework  Y Wu, H Tan
2016   Deep learning based ensemble approach for probabilistic wind power forecasting  H Wang, G Li, G Wang, J Peng, H Jiang, Y Liu
2016   Optimization of decentralized renewable energy system by weather forecasting and deep machine learning techniques  T Sogabe, H Ichikawa, K Sakamoto, K Yamaguchi
2016   Deep Belief Network Using Reinforcement Learning and Its Applications to Time Series Forecasting  T Hirata, T Kuremoto, M Obayashi, S Mabu
2016   An Uncertain Future: Forecasting from Static Images using Variational Autoencoders  J Walker, C Doersch, A Gupta, M Hebert
2016   Air quality forecasting using neural networks  C Zhao
2016   A Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Deep Learning Integrated Algorithm with Stacked Autoencoders and SVR for FX Prediction  H Shen, X Liang
2016   A hybrid wind power forecasting model based on data mining and wavelets analysis  R Azimi, M Ghofrani, M Ghayekhloo
2016   Deep Feature Learning Architectures for Daily Reservoir Inflow Forecasting  C Li, Y Bai, B Zeng
2016   Forecasting the Precipitation of the Next Day Using Deep Learning  JH Ha, YH Lee, YH Kim
2016   A hybrid forecasting approach applied in the electrical power system based on data preprocessing, optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms  P Jiang, X Ma
2015   A Deep Hybrid Model for Weather Forecasting  A Grover, A Kapoor, E Horvitz
2015   Predictive Deep Boltzmann Machine for Multiperiod Wind Speed Forecasting  CY Zhang, CLP Chen, M Gan, L Chen
2015   A Review of Datasets and Load Forecasting Techniques for Smart Natural Gas and Water Grids: Analysis and Experiments.  M Fagiani, S Squartini, L Gabrielli, S Spinsante
2015   Short-term load forecasting for smart water and gas grids: A comparative evaluation  M Fagiani, S Squartini, R Bonfigli, F Piazza
2015   The Impact of Structured Event Embeddings on Scalable Stock Forecasting Models  JB Nascimento, M Cristo
2015   Daily reservoir inflow forecasting using multiscale deep feature learning with hybrid models  Y Bai, Z Chen, J Xie, C Li
2015   Forecasting And Inventory Performance In Direct-Store Delivery Supply Chain: Case Of Retailer In Serbia  M Dobrota, M Vujošević
2015   Forecasting Exchange Rate using Deep Belief Networks and Conjugate Gradient Method  F Shen, J Chao, J Zhao
2015   Forecasting Olea Airborne Pollen Concentration By Means Of Artificial Intelligence  MA Iglesias