Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: fpga

Year TitleAuthor
2017   High-performance video content recognition with long-term recurrent convolutional network for FPGA  X Zhang, X Liu, A Ramachandran, C Zhuge, S Tang
2017   Deep Learning Binary Neural Network on an FPGA  S Redkar
2017   Acceleration of Deep Learning on FPGA  H Li
2017   Layer multiplexing FPGA implementation for deep back-propagation learning  F Ortega
2017   A 7.663-TOPS 8.2-W Energy-efficient FPGA Accelerator for Binary Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Li, Z Liu, K Xu, H Yu, F Ren
2017   Survey of FPGA applications in the period 2000–2015  J Romoth, M Porrmann, U Rückert
2017   The implementation of a Deep Recurrent Neural Network Language Model on a Xilinx FPGA  Y Hao, S Quigley 
2016   Throughput-Optimized OpenCL-based FPGA Accelerator for Large-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks  N Suda, V Chandra, G Dasika, A Mohanty, Y Ma
2016   Curbing the roofline: a scalable and flexible architecture for CNNs on FPGA  P Meloni, G Deriu, F Conti, I Loi, L Raffo, L Benini
2016   FPGA Based Multi-core Architectures for Deep Learning Networks  H Chen
2016   FPGA Implementation of a Scalable and Highly Parallel Architecture for Restricted Boltzmann Machines  K Ueyoshi, T Marukame, T Asai, M Motomura
2016   DLAU: A Scalable Deep Learning Accelerator Unit on FPGA  C Wang, Q Yu, L Gong, X Li, Y Xie, X Zhou
2016   Identificació de veu mitjançant xarxes neuronals profundes implementades sobre FPGA  M Palet Gual
2016   DNNWEAVER: From High-Level Deep Network Models to FPGA Acceleration  H Sharma, J Park, E Amaro, B Thwaites, P Kotha
2016   Handwritten Digit Classification on FPGA  K Kudrolli, S Shah, DJ Park
2016   Fpga Based Implementation of Deep Neural Networks Using On-chip Memory Only  J Park, W Sung
2016   FPGA Implementation of Autoencoders Having Shared Synapse Architecture  A Suzuki, T Morie, H Tamukoh
2016   Energy-Efficient CNN Implementation on a Deeply Pipelined FPGA Cluster  C Zhang, D Wu, J Sun, G Sun, G Luo, J Cong
2016   Programming and Runtime Support to Blaze FPGA Accelerator Deployment at Datacenter Scale  M Huang, D Wu, CH Yu, Z Fang, M Interlandi, T Condie
2015   A Deep Learning Prediction Process Accelerator Based FPGA  Q Yu, C Wang, X Ma, X Li, X Zhou
2015   FPGA implementation of a Deep Belief Network architecture for character recognition using stochastic computation  K Sanni, G Garreau, JL Molin, AG Andreou
2015   Efficient Generation of Energy and Performance Pareto Front for FPGA Designs  SR Kuppannagari, VK Prasanna
2015   Musical notes classification with Neuromorphic Auditory System using FPGA and a Convolutional Spiking Network  E Cerezuela
2015   FPGA Acceleration of Recurrent Neural Network based Language Model  S Li, C Wu, HH Li, B Li, Y Wang, Q Qiu
2015   FPGA emulation of a spike-based, stochastic system for real-time image dewarping  JL Molin, T Figliolia, K Sanni, I Doxas, A Andreou