Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: gan

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning Graph Topological Features via GAN  W Liu, H Cooper, MH Oh, S Yeung, P Chen
2017   Bayesian GAN  Y Saatchi, AG Wilson
2017   Good Semi-supervised Learning that Requires a Bad GAN  Z Dai, Z Yang, F Yang, WW Cohen, R Salakhutdinov
2017   Theoretical limitations of Encoder-Decoder GAN architectures  S Arora, A Risteski, Y Zhang 
2017   GP-GAN: Gender Preserving GAN for Synthesizing Faces from Landmarks  X Di, VA Sindagi, VM Patel
2017   From source to target and back: symmetric bi-directional adaptive GAN  P Russo, FM Carlucci, T Tommasi, B Caputo
2017   Enhancing Symmetry in GAN Generated Fashion Images  V Makkapati, A Patro 
2017   GAN Based Sample Simulation for SEM-Image Super Resolution  M Yang, G Li, C Shu, P Zhao, H Han 
2017   GAN and VAE from an Optimal Transport Point of View  A Genevay, G Peyré, M Cuturi
2017   Learning Texture Manifolds with the Periodic Spatial GAN  U Bergmann, N Jetchev, R Vollgraf
2017   Neural Stain-Style Transfer Learning using GAN for Histopathological Images  H Cho, S Lim, G Choi, H Min 
2017   Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis  P Lyu, X Bai, C Yao, Z Zhu, T Huang, W Liu
2017   How Generative Adversarial Nets and its variants Work: An Overview of GAN  Y Hong, U Hwang, J Yoo, S Yoon 
2017   生成式对抗网络 Gan 的研究进展与展望  王坤峰, 苟超, 段艳杰, 林懿伦, 郑心湖, 王飞跃
2017   Dual Motion GAN for Future-Flow Embedded Video Prediction  X Liang, L Lee, W Dai, EP Xing
2017   Generative Semantic Manipulation with Contrasting GAN  X Liang, H Zhang, EP Xing
2017   AE-GAN: adversarial eliminating with GAN  S Shen, G Jin, K Gao, Y Zhang
2017   Data Augmentation in Classification using GAN  X Zhu, Y Liu, Z Qin 
2017   Can GAN Learn Topological Features of a Graph?  W Liu, PY Chen, H Cooper, MH Oh, S Yeung
2017   Geometric GAN  JH Lim, JC Ye
2017   Generative Adversarial Trainer: Defense to Adversarial Perturbations with GAN  H Lee, S Han, J Lee