Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: generalization

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Generalization in Deep Learning  K Kawaguchi, LP Kaelbling, Y Bengio 
2017   Deep Domain Generalization with Structured Low-Rank Constraint  Z Ding, Y Fu
2017   Computing Nonvacuous Generalization Bounds for Deep (Stochastic) Neural Networks with Many More Parameters than Training Data  GK Dziugaite, DM Roy
2017   Theory of Deep Learning III: Generalization Properties of SGD  C Zhang, Q Liao, A Rakhlin, K Sridharan, B Miranda
2017   Understanding Deep Learning Generalization by Maximum Entropy  G Zheng, J Sang, C Xu 
2017   Exploring Generalization in Deep Learning  B Neyshabur, S Bhojanapalli, D McAllester, N Srebro
2017   Improving the Generalization Ability of Restricted Boltzmann Machines via Theta Pure Dependency  Q Xu, Y Hou
2017   Generalization of Deep Neural Networks for Chest Pathology Classification in X-Rays Using Generative Adversarial Networks  H Salehinejad, S Valaee, T Dowdell, E Colak, J Barfett 
2017   Human Activity Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network Trained via a Minimization of Localized Generalization Error  S Zhang, WWY Ng, J Zhang, CD Nugent
2017   Improving Output Uncertainty Estimation and Generalization in Deep Learning via Neural Network Gaussian Processes  T Iwata, Z Ghahramani
2017   On Generalization and Regularization in Deep Learning  P Lemberger
2016   Select-Additive Learning: Improving Cross-individual Generalization in Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  H Wang, A Meghawat, LP Morency, EP Xing
2016   On Large-Batch Training for Deep Learning: Generalization Gap and Sharp Minima  NS Keskar, D Mudigere, J Nocedal, M Smelyanskiy
2016   Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization  C Zhang, S Bengio, M Hardt, B Recht, O Vinyals
2016   Fuzzy rule-based models with interactive rules and their granular generalization  X Hu, W Pedrycz, O Castillo, P Melin
2016   One-Shot Generalization in Deep Generative Models  DJ Rezende, S Mohamed, I Danihelka, K Gregor
2016   The Role of Typicality in Object Classification: Improving The Generalization Capacity of Convolutional Neural Networks  B Saleh, A Elgammal, J Feldman
2016   NFLB dropout: Improve generalization ability by dropping out the best-A biologically inspired adaptive dropout method for unsupervised learning  P Yin, L Qi, X Xi, B Zhang, H Qiao
2016   Simplified Information Maximization for Improving Generalization Performance in Multi-Layered Neural Networks  R Kamimura
2016   Domain Adaptation and Domain Generalization with Representation Learning  M Ghifary
2016   A feasibility study of an autoencoder meta-model for improving generalization capabilities on training sets of small sizes  A Potapov, V Potapova, M Peterson
2016   Assessing generalization ability of Majority Vote Point Classifiers  RK Sevakula, NK Verma
2015   Rényi Divergence Based Generalization for Learning of Classification Restricted Boltzmann Machines  Q Yu, Y Hou, X Zhao, G Cheng
2015   Generalization in Native Language Identification: Learners versus Scientists  S Stehwien, S Pado
2015   On the Generalization Error Bounds of Neural Networks under Diversity-Inducing Mutual Angular Regularization  P Xie, Y Deng, E Xing
2014   SimNets: A Generalization of Convolutional Networks  N Cohen, A Shashua