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Year TitleAuthor
2017   A performance analysis framework for exploiting GPU microarchitectural capability  K Zhou, G Tan, X Zhang, C Wang, N Sun
2017   Performance Evaluation Of Faster R-Cnn On Gpu For Object Detection  B Adam, FHK Zaman, IM Yassin, HZ Abidin, ZI Rizman
2017   深度卷积神经网络的多 Gpu 并行框架  杨宁
2017   A GPU deep learning metaheuristic based model for time series forecasting  IM Coelho, VN Coelho, EJS Luz, LS Ochi
2017   Distributed training strategies for a computer vision deep learning algorithm on a distributed GPU cluster  V Campos, F Sastre, M Yagües, M Bellver
2017   A fast and memory saved GPU acceleration algorithm of convolutional neural networks for target detection  S Li, Y Dou, X Niu, Q Lv, Q Wang
2017   A Hybrid Deep Learning Forecasting Model Using GPU Disaggregated Function Evaluations Applied for Household Electricity Demand Forecasting  VN Coelho, IM Coelho, E Rios, ST Alexandre Filho
2017   Efficient and Scalable Multi-Source Streaming Broadcast on GPU Clusters for Deep Learning  CH Chu, X Lu, AA Awan, H Subramoni, J Hashmi
2017   Real-time traffic sign recognition based on a general purpose GPU and deep-learning  K Lim, Y Hong, Y Choi, H Byun
2017   RSTensorFlow: GPU Enabled TensorFlow for Deep Learning on Commodity Android Devices  M Alzantot, Y Wang, Z Ren, MB Srivastava
2017   DeepMon: Building Mobile GPU Deep Learning Models for Continuous Vision Applications  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2017   DeepProf: Performance Analysis for Deep Learning Applications via Mining GPU Execution Patterns  J Gu, H Liu, Y Zhou, X Wang
2017   Re-Designing CNTK Deep Learning Framework on Modern GPU Enabled Clusters  DS Banerjee, K Hamidouche, DK Panda
2017   S-Caffe: Co-designing MPI Runtimes and Caffe for Scalable Deep Learning on Modern GPU Clusters  AA Awan, K Hamidouche, JM Hashmi, DK Panda
2017   GPU based Deep Learning to Detect Asphyxia in Neonates  MU Sachin, R Nagaraj, M Samiksha, S Rao, M Moharir
2017   Poseidon: An Efficient Communication Architecture for Distributed Deep Learning on GPU Clusters  H Zhang, Z Zheng, S Xu, W Dai, Q Ho, X Liang, Z Hu
2017   Scaling Deep Learning on GPU and Knights Landing clusters  Y You, A Buluç, J Demmel
2016   基于 Gpu 的精确串匹配算法综述  张春燕, 谭建龙, 刘燕兵, 郭莉, 机构, 统计
2016   GPU accelerated high-quality video/image super-resolution  Z Zhao, L Song, R Xie, X Yang
2016   Ensemble-Average Representation of Pt clusters in Conditions of Catalysis Accessed through GPU Accelerated Deep Neural Network Fitting Global Optimization  H Zhai, AN Alexandrova
2016   CNNLab: a Novel Parallel Framework for Neural Networks using GPU and FPGA-a Practical Study with Trade-off Analysis  M Zhu, L Liu, C Wang, Y Xie
2016   Convolutional Deep Neural Network on a GPU  S Pillai, S Pillai
2016   DeepLearningKit-an GPU Optimized Deep Learning Framework for Apple's iOS, OS X and tvOS developed in Metal and Swift  A Tveit, T Morland, TB Røst
2016   Bridging the Semantic Gaps of GPU Acceleration for Scale-out CNN-based Big Data Processing: Think Big, See Small  M Song, Y Hu, Y Xu, C Li, H Chen, J Yuan, T Li
2016   Towards implementation of residual-feedback GMDH neural network on parallel GPU memory guided by a regression curve  R Brito, S Fong, K Cho, W Song, R Wong
2015   A Live Demo on Remote GPU Accelerated Deep Learning Using the rCUDA Middleware  C Reaño, F Silla
2015   Improving Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks by Separable Filters on GPU  HP Kang, CR Lee
2015   Deep Learning with GPU Technology for Image & Feature Recognition  AB Lowndes
2015   DistDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Service Schema with GPU Accelerating  J Wang, L Cheng
2014   Optimising Purely Functional GPU Programs (Thesis)  TL McDonell
2014   Determining the difficulty of accelerating problems on a GPU  D Tristram, K Bradshaw
2014   Gaussian Process Models with Parallelization and GPU acceleration  Z Dai, A Damianou, J Hensman, N Lawrence
2014   GPU Implementation of a Deep Learning Network for Financial Prediction  R Kumar, AK Cheema
2014   A GPU Implementation of GoogLeNet  Z Wu, Y Zhang, F Yu, J Xiao
2014   Microarchitectural Performance Characterization of Irregular GPU Kernels  MA O'Neil, M Burtscher