Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: health

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning and Digital Health  Y Cao
2017   Machine Health Monitoring Using Local Feature-based Gated Recurrent Unit Networks  R Zhao, D Wang, R Yan, K Mao, F Shen, J Wang
2017   Civil aircraft health management research based on big data and deep learning technologies  S Li, G Zhang, J Wang
2017   A novel unsupervised deep learning model for global and local health condition assessment of structures  MH Rafiei, H Adeli 
2017   Data Driven Phenotyping of Patients With Heart Failure using a Deep-learning Cluster Representation of Echocardiographic and Electronic Health Record Data  AEU Cerna, G Wehner, DN Hartzel, C Haggerty
2017   Disease Prediction from Electronic Health Records Using Generative Adversarial Networks  U Hwang, S Choi, S Yoon 
2017   Optimum Position of Acoustic Emission Sensors for Ship Hull Structural Health Monitoring Based on Deep Machine Learning  V Kappatos, P Karvelis, G Georgoulas, V Tzitzilonis 
2017   Characterisation of mental health conditions in social media using Informed Deep Learning  G Gkotsis, A Oellrich, S Velupillai, M Liakata
2017   Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences Vol. 10, No. 6 (2017) 1799001 (7 pages)©• c World Scientific Publishing Company  RK Chailakhyan, VI Yusupov, YF Gorskaya 
2017   Predicting the quality of online health expert question-answering services with temporal features in a deep learning framework  Z Hu, Z Zhang, H Yang, Q Chen, R Zhu, D Zuo 
2017   Discriminative Deep Belief Networks with Ant Colony Optimization for Health Status Assessment of Machine  M Ma, C Sun, X Chen
2017   Infer Cause of Death for Population Health Using Convolutional Neural Network  H Wu, MD Wang
2017   A regularized deep learning approach for clinical risk prediction of acute coronary syndrome using electronic health records.  Z Huang, W Dong, H Duan, J Liu
2017   Big Sensed Data Meets Deep Learning for Smarter Health Care in Smart Cities  AA Obinikpo, B Kantarci 
2017   Intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearing using hierarchical convolutional network based health state classification  C Lu, Z Wang, B Zhou
2017   Boosting Deep Learning Risk Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks for Electronic Health Records  Z Che, Y Cheng, S Zhai, Z Sun, Y Liu
2017   Deep Learning for Infrared Thermal Image Based Machine Health Monitoring  O Janssens, R Van de Walle, M Loccufier
2017   Deep Learning for Health Informatics  D Ravi, C Wong, F Deligianni, M Berthelot, JA Perez
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks for Electronic Health Records: A Framework for Exploring and Evaluating Methods for Predicting Drug-Induced Laboratory Test …  A Yahi, R Vanguri, N Elhadad, NP Tatonetti 
2017   A Disease Risk Model for Health Data  J Xie, Y Liu, Z Zhou, R Wang, Y Kong, Y Guo, W Zhang
2017   Cognitive Sensor Technology for Structural Health Monitoring  A Serov
2017   Arabic Language Sentiment Analysis on Health Services  AM Alayba, V Palade, M England, R Iqbal
2017   A New Temporal Abstraction for Health Diagnosis Prediction using Deep Recurrent Networks  A Manashty, JL Thomson
2017   Dictionary and deep learning algorithms with applications to remote health monitoring systems  SM Mathews
2017   Improving Tuberculosis Diagnostics using Deep Learning and Mobile Health Technologies among Resource-poor Communities in Perú  MF Alcantara, Y Cao, C Liu, B Liu, M Brunette, N Zhang
2017   Integrating Mobile Cloud Computing with Big Data to Enhance Health Care Analytics  T Sajjad, SM Owais, M Umar, J Ferzund 
2017   Deep EHR: A Survey of Recent Advances on Deep Learning Techniques for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Analysis  B Shickel, P Tighe, A Bihorac, P Rashidi
2017   Hashtag Healthcare: From Tweets to Mental Health Journals Using Deep Transfer Learning  B Shickel, M Heesacker, S Benton, P Rashidi
2017   Method And System For Microbiome-Derived Diagnostics And Therapeutics For Mental Health Associated Conditions  Z Apte, D Almonacid, J Richman 
2016   An interactive, multi-modal Anatomy workshop improves academic performance in the health sciences: a cohort study  LL Nicholson, D Reed, C Chan
2016   Indigenous Cultures and Mental Health Counselling: Four Directions for Integration with Counselling Psychology  SL Stewart, R Moodley, A Hyatt
2016   Feature and Statistical Model Development in Structural Health Monitoring  I Kim
2016   Fault diagnosis of rotary machinery components using a stacked denoising autoencoder-based health state identification  C Lu, ZY Wang, WL Qin, J Ma
2016   Artificial neural networks and their potentialities in analyzing budget health data: an application for Italy of what-if theory  PM Buscema, G Maurelli, FS Mennini, L Gitto, S Russo
2016   Deep Learning Based Topic Identification and Categorization: Mining Diabetes-Related Topics on Chinese Health Websites  X Chen, Y Zhang, J Xu, C Xing, H Chen
2016   Deep Learning to Predict Patient Future Diseases from the Electronic Health Records  R Miotto, L Li, JT Dudley
2016   Maintain and Improve Mental Health by Smart Virtual Reality Serious Games  T Toyama, EN Toosi, D Sonntag
2016   Machine health monitoring with LSTM networks  R Zhao, J Wang, R Yan, K Mao
2016   Health Information Extraction from Social Media  A Nikfarjam
2016   A deep learning approach for predicting the quality of online health expert question-answering services  Z Hu, Z Zhang, Q Chen, H Yang, D Zuo
2016   Deep Learning and Its Applications to Machine Health Monitoring: A Survey  R Zhao, R Yan, Z Chen, K Mao, P Wang, RX Gao
2016   A Depth Camera-based Human Activity Recognition via Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Network for Health and Social Care Services  SU Park, JH Park, MA Al
2016   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction with Explanations in Health Social Networks  N Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2016   Risk Prediction with Electronic Health Records: A Deep Learning Approach  Y Cheng, F Wang, P Zhang, J Hu
2016   Deep Patient: An Unsupervised Representation to Predict the Future of Patients from the Electronic Health Records  R Miotto, L Li, BA Kidd, JT Dudley
2016   A deep learning approach for human behavior prediction with explanations in health social networks: social restricted Boltzmann machine (SRBM+)  N Phan, D Dou, B Piniewski, D Kil
2016   Applying deep learning on electronic health records in Swedish to predict healthcare-associated infections  O Jacobson, H Dalianis
2016   Machine Learning for Health Informatics  A Holzinger
2016   What Make You Sure that Health Informatics Is Secure  B Yang
2015   Bone disease prediction and phenotype discovery using feature representation over electronic health records  H Li, X Li, X Jia, M Ramanathan, A Zhang
2015   Assessing Teaching Methods for Health Care Management Students Based on Kolb Theory  AR Najarkolai, M Karbasi, A Mosayebi, F Kashmiri
2015   A Qualitative Study on How Health Professional Students and Their PBL Facilitators Perceive the Use of Mobile Devices During PBL  LK Chan, SM Bridges, I Doherty, ML Ng, J Jin
2015   The Validation of the Active Learning in Health Professions Scale  R Kammer, L Schreiner, YK Kim, A Denial
2015   Disconnects in pedagogy and practice in community health nursing clinical experiences: Qualitative findings of a mixed method study  EMP Zieber, S Barton, O Awosoga, J Konkin
2015   First-year Residential Experience Supporting Health  LD Roelofs, C Berry, PA Liaison
2015   Revolution in Health and Wellbeing  A Lőrincz
2015   Promises and Challenges of Big Data Computing in Health Sciences  T Huang, L Lan, X Fang, P An, J Min, F Wang
2015   Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Issue on Problem-based Learning in Health Professions Education/Toward Advancement of Problem-Based Learning Research …  X Ge, LG Planas, K Huang
2015   Health ROI as a measure of misalignment of biomedical needs and resources  L Yao, Y Li, S Ghosh, JA Evans, A Rzhetsky
2015   Temporal Phenotyping from Longitudinal Electronic Health Records: A Graph Based Framework  C Liu, F Wang, J Hu, H Xiong
2015   Let's go outside: using photography to explore values and culture in mental health nursing  K Aranda, S Goeas, S Davies, M Radcliffe
2015   Multimedia Production To Promote An Understanding Of Health Literacy And Communicate Health Messages  K Pearce
2015   Not just ticking all the boxes. problem based learning and mental health nursing. A review  B Liz, C Fiona, L Pamela
2015   A System Architecture for Smart Health Services and Applications  J Chen, X Zheng
2015   Creating a Foundation for the Causal Relationship Between Libraries and Learning: A Proposed Application of Nursing and Public Health Research Methods  MA Mardis, SK Norton, GK Dickinson, S Pribesh
2015   [The Mechanism of Free-Floating Discussion in a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Supervisory Group].  HH Chiang
2015   Development and Assessment of Signature Assignments to Increase Student Engagement in Undergraduate Public Health  P Pinahs
2015   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction in Health Social Networks  NH Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2015   Emerging Roles in Health and Healthcare  A O'Brien, JE Mattison
2015   Service user involvement in giving mental health students feedback on placement: A participatory action research study  J Speers, J Lathlean
2015   Social Media Image Analysis for Public Health  VRK Garimella, A Alfayad, I Weber
2015   MACH 5331–Human Sexuality and Health Spring 2015 Course Report  P By, M Oden
2015   The Social Diffusion Of Health Messages In Organizations  TR Harrison
2015   Liminality in preregistration mental health nurse education: a review of the literature  CA Evans, P Kevern
2015   State of health estimation combining robust deep feature learning with support vector regression  LQ Qiao, LJ Xun
2015   Short-Term Mortality Prediction in Advanced Cancer Patients Eligible for End-of-Life (EOL) Care Processes Using Electronic Health Records  A Elfiky
2014   The development and evaluation of online stories to enhance clinical learning experiences across health professions in rural Australia  PS Paliadelis, I Stupans, V Parker, D Piper, P Gillan
2014   Enhancing Clinical Education in the Health Professions  G Hotel, SL Colombo