Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: heterogeneous

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Multi-Task Learning for Joint Prediction of Heterogeneous Face Attributes  F Wang, H Han, S Shan, X Chen
2017   Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition  L Song, M Zhang, X Wu, R He
2017   CSF: Crowdsourcing Semantic Fusion for Heterogeneous Media Big Data in the Internet of Things  K Guo, Y Tang, P Zhang
2017   A Heterogeneous Multi-Core System-on-Chip for Energy Efficient Brain Inspired Computing  A Pullini, F Conti, D Rossi, I Loi, M Gautschi, L Benini
2017   Exploring the benefits of heterogeneous computing to accelerate face detection deep learning inference  J Gutierrez
2017   Heterogeneous Technology Configurable Fabrics for Field Programmable Co-design of CMOS and Spin-based Devices  RF DeMara, A Roohi, R Zand, SD Pyle 
2017   Deep Design: Product Aesthetics for Heterogeneous Markets  Y Pan, A Burnap, J rey Hartley, R Gonzalez
2017   Design and Implementation of SDN-based 6LBR with QoS Mechanism over Heterogeneous WSN and Internet  TH Lee, LH Chang, WC Cheng
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Change Detection in Heterogeneous Images Based on a Coupled Neural Network  W Zhao, Z Wang, M Gong, J Liu
2017   New insights into the prediction of heterogeneous carbonate reservoir permeability from well logs using artificial intelligence network  S Elkatatny, M Mahmoud, Z Tariq, A Abdulraheem
2017   An energy-efficient deep learning processor with heterogeneous multi-core architecture for convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks  D Shin, J Lee, J Lee, J Lee, HJ Yoo
2017   HinDroid: An Intelligent Android Malware Detection System Based on Structured Heterogeneous Information Network  S Hou, Y Ye, Y Song, M Abdulhayoglu
2017   Improving Direct Physical Properties Prediction of Heterogeneous Materials from Imaging Data via Convolutional Neural Network and a Morphology-Aware …  R Cang, H Li, H Yao, Y Jiao, Y Ren 
2017   A Deep Convolutional Coupling Network for Change Detection Based on Heterogeneous Optical and Radar Images  J Liu, M Gong, K Qin, P Zhang
2017   The Deep Learning Vision for Heterogeneous Network Traffic Control: Proposal, Challenges, and Future Perspective  N Kato, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, F Tang, O Akashi
2017   On-Chip Communication Network for Efficient Training of Deep Convolutional Networks on Heterogeneous Manycore Systems  W Choi, K Duraisamy, RG Kim, JR Doppa, PP Pande 
2017   3D NoC-Enabled Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures for Accelerating CNN Training: Performance and Thermal Trade-offs  BK Joardar, W Choi, RG Kim, JR Doppa, PP Pande 
2017   Real-Time Deep Learning For Danger Prediction Using Heterogeneous Time-Series Sensor Data  R Min, D Song 
2017   DeepMob: Learning Deep Knowledge of Human Emergency Behavior and Mobility from Big and Heterogeneous Data  X Song, R Shibasaki, NJ Yuan, X Xie, T Li, R Adachi
2017   Coupled Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  X Wu, L Song, R He, T Tan
2017   DeepAM: a heterogeneous deep learning framework for intelligent malware detection  Y Ye, L Chen, S Hou, W Hardy, X Li
2017   Moving Object Detection in Heterogeneous Conditions in Embedded Systems  A Garbo, S Quer
2016   Cross-modality Face Recognition via Heterogeneous Joint Bayesian  H Shi, X Wang, D Yi, Z Lei, X Zhu, SZ Li
2016   Local Feature Learning using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  Y Choi, HI Kim, YM Ro
2016   Advanced Learning for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Computing  Q Zou, W Liu, M Merler, R Ji
2016   Dynamical Spectrum Sharing and Medium Access Control for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks  A Mohamedoua, A Salia, B Alia, M Othmanb
2016   From Motion Blur to Motion Flow: a Deep Learning Solution for Removing Heterogeneous Motion Blur  D Gong, J Yang, L Liu, Y Zhang, I Reid, C Shen
2016   Temporal-Spatial Aggregated Urban Air Quality Inference with Heterogeneous Big Data  C Hefei
2016   Generalized Deep Transfer Networks for Knowledge Propagation in Heterogeneous Domains  J Tang, X Shu, Z Li, GJ Qi, J Wang
2016   Query2Vec: Learning Deep Intentions from Heterogeneous Search Logs  D Kang, I Kang
2016   Microstructure Representation and Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Materials via Deep Belief Network for Computational Material Design  R Cang, Y Xu, S Chen, Y Liu, Y Jiao, MY Ren
2016   Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning on Non-overlapping Datasets for Facial Landmark Detection  T Semitsu, X Zhao, W Matsumoto
2016   Hybrid Network-on-Chip Architectures for Accelerating Deep Learning Kernels on Heterogeneous Manycore Platforms  W Choi, K Duraisamy, RG Kim, JR Doppa, P Pratim
2016   Deep Symbolic Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Time-series Classification  S Zhang, S Bahrampour, N Ramakrishnan, M Shah
2016   Deep Self-Organising Maps for Efficient Heterogeneous Biomedical Signatures Extraction  N Sokolovska, NT Hai, K Clément, JD Zucker
2016   Representation Learning From Time Labelled Heterogeneous Data for Mobile Crowdsensing  C Ma, Q Zhu, S Wu, B Liu
2016   Heterogeneous Visual Features Integration for Image Recognition Optimization in Internet of Things  F Zhong, Z Chen, Z Ning, G Min, Y Hu
2016   Extended task queuing: active messages for heterogeneous systems  M LeBeane, B Potter, A Pan, A Dutu, V Agarwala
2015   Facial Point Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network Transferred From A Heterogeneous Task  T Yamashita, T Watasue, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Heterogeneous Multi-column ConvNets with a Fusion Framework for Object Recognition  Y Li, F Sohel, M Bennamoun, H Lei
2015   On Using Heterogeneous Data For Vehicle-Based Speech Recognition: A Dnn-Based Approach  X Feng, B Richardson, S Amman, J Glass
2015   Learning multi-faceted representations of individuals from heterogeneous evidence using neural networks  J Li, A Ritter, D Jurafsky
2015   ZOE: A Cloud-less Dialog-enabled Continuous Sensing Wearable Exploiting Heterogeneous Computation  ND Lane, P Georgiev, C Mascolo, Y Gao
2015   PTE: Predictive Text Embedding through Large-scale Heterogeneous Text Networks  J Tang, M Qu, Q Mei
2015   DeepIris: Learning Pairwise Filter Bank for Heterogeneous Iris Verification  N Liu, M Zhang, H Li, Z Sun, T Tan
2015   Toward a General-Purpose Heterogeneous Ensemble for Pattern Classification  L Nanni, S Brahnam, S Ghidoni, A Lumini
2015   MXNet: A Flexible and Efficient Machine Learning Library for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems  T Chen, M Li, Y Li, M Lin, N Wang, M Wang, T Xiao
2015   Heterogeneous Network Embedding via Deep Architectures  S Chang, W Han, J Tang, GJ Qi, CC Aggarwal
2015   Combining heterogeneous deep neural networks with conditional random fields for chinese dialogue act recognition  Y Zhou, Q Hu, J Liu, Y Jia
2014   Deep learning for fault diagnosis based on multi-sourced heterogeneous data  Y Ma, Z Guo, J Su, Y Chen, X Du, Y Yang, C Li, Y Lin
2014   Query Optimization in Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Environment for Time Series Databases  P Przymus
2014   UNISENSE: A Unified and Sustainable Sensing and Transport Architecture for Large Scale and Heterogeneous Sensor Networks  Y Jin, HP Tan