Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: human activity

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning For Human Activity Recognition  PP San, P Kakar, XL Li, S Krishnaswamy, JB Yang
2017   A Comprehensive Review on Handcrafted and Learning-Based Action Representation Approaches for Human Activity Recognition  AB Sargano, P Angelov, Z Habib
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network.  M Uddin, J Kim
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, J Kim
2017   Learning deep features for kNN-based human activity recognition.  S Sani, N Wiratunga, S Massie
2017   An Effective Deep Autoencoder Approach for Online Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition  B Almaslukh, J AlMuhtadi, A Artoli
2017   Human activity recognition with inertial sensors using a deep learning approach  T Zebin, PJ Scully, KB Ozanyan
2017   Human Activity Classification with Transmission and Reflection Coefficients of On-Body Antennas through Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Kim, Y Li
2017   Human activity recognition using combinatorial Deep Belief Networks  SN Gowda
2017   Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Deep Learning with Application to Human Activity Recognition  L Lyu, X He, YW Law, M Palaniswami
2017   Learning to Forecast Videos of Human Activity with Multi-granularity Models and Adaptive Rendering  M Zhai, J Chen, R Deng, L Chen, L Zhu, G Mori 
2017   Efficient Dense Labeling of Human Activity Sequences from Wearables using Fully Convolutional Networks  R Yao, G Lin, Q Shi, D Ranasinghe
2017   Assessing Human Activity in Elderly People Using Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring  JM Alcalá, J Ureña, Á Hernández, D Gualda
2017   Human activity recognition from accelerometer data using Convolutional Neural Network  SM Lee, SM Yoon, H Cho
2017   Human Activity Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network Trained via a Minimization of Localized Generalization Error  S Zhang, WWY Ng, J Zhang, CD Nugent
2017   Learning Deep and Shallow Features for Human Activity Recognition  S Sani, S Massie, N Wiratunga, K Cooper
2017   A robust human activity recognition system using smartphone sensors and deep learning  MM Hassan, MZ Uddin, A Mohamed, A Almogren 
2016   A general description generator for human activity images based on deep understanding framework  Z Zhou, K Li, L Bai
2016   Poster: Advanced Feature Based Deep Learning for Intelligent Human Activity Recognition: An Approach using Scene Context and Composition of Sub Events.  S Ramasinghe
2016   Human Centric Spatial Affordances for Improving Human Activity Recognition  DI Kim, E Martinson
2016   Classification of human activity on water through micro-Dopplers using deep convolutional neural networks  Y Kim, T Moon
2016   LSTM Networks for Mobile Human Activity Recognition  Y Chen, K Zhong, J Zhang, Q Sun, X Zhao
2016   Robust Automated Human Activity Recognition and its Application to Sleep Research  A Sathyanarayana, F Ofli, L Fernandes
2016   A Depth Camera-based Human Activity Recognition via Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Network for Health and Social Care Services  SU Park, JH Park, MA Al
2016   Human activity recognition using deep belief networks  H Yalçın
2016   Deep learning for human activity recognition: A resource efficient implementation on low-power devices  D Ravi, C Wong, B Lo, GZ Yang
2016   Human activity recognition with smartphone sensors using deep learning neural networks  CA Ronao, SB Cho
2016   Deep, Convolutional, and Recurrent Models for Human Activity Recognition using Wearables  NY Hammerla, S Halloran, T Ploetz
2016   Human Activity Analysis using Multi-modalities and Deep Learning  C Zhang
2015   Learning features from Improved Dense Trajectories using deep convolutional networks for Human Activity Recognition  S Muralidharan, BC Burnaby, M Javan, QC Montreal
2015   Human Activity Recognition and Prediction  Y Fu
2015   Comparative Analysis of Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks and Data-Driven Approaches for Human Activity Recognition  L Miralles
2015   A Deep Structured Model with Radius-Margin Bound for 3D Human Activity Recognition  L Lin, K Wang, W Zuo, M Wang, J Luo, L Zhang
2015   A Review of Human Activity Recognition Methods  M Vrigkas, C Nikou, I Kakadiaris
2015   Depth Context: A New Descriptor for Human Activity Recognition by Using Sole Depth Sequences  M Liu, H Liu
2015   Intelligent Human Activity Recognition Scheme For Ehealth Applications  G Chetty, M Yamin
2015   Improving Human Activity Recognition Through Ranking and Re-ranking  Z Lan, SI Yu, AG Hauptmann
2015   Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition System with A Multilayered Model Using Time Series Shapelets  L Liu, Y Peng, M Liu, Z Huang
2015   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks On Multichannel Time Series For Human Activity Recognition  JB Yang, MN Nguyen, PP San, XL Li, S Krishnaswamy
2015   Human Activity Recognition using Binary Motion Image and Deep Learning  T Dobhal, V Shitole, G Thomas, G Navada
2015   Human activity recognition with HMM-DNN model  L Zhang, X Wu, D Luo
2014   Recognizing human activity in smart home using deep learning algorithm  H Fang, C Hu
2014   Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition using Mobile Sensors  M Zeng, LT Nguyen, B Yu, OJ Mengshoel, J Zhu, P Wu