Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: hyperspectral

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Progressively Expanded Neural Network for Automatic Material Identification in Hyperspectral Imagery  S Paheding
2017   Discriminative Robust Deep Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification  V Singhal, HK Aggarwal, S Tariyal, A Majumdar
2017   Superpixel-based 3D Deep Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  C Shi, CM Pun
2017   Deep learning-based classification for head and neck cancer detection with hyperspectral imaging in an animal model  L Ma, G Lu, D Wang, X Wang, ZG Chen, S Muller
2017   Transferred Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery  W Li, G Wu, Q Du
2017   Nondestructive Freshness Discriminating of Shrimp Using Visible/Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Technique and Deep Learning Algorithm  X Yu, L Tang, X Wu, H Lu
2017   Encoding Spectral and Spatial Context Information for Hyperspectral Image Classification  X Sun, F Zhou, J Dong, F Gao, Q Mu, X Wang 
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  L Mou, P Ghamisi, XX Zhu
2017   Semi-supervised Deep Learning using Pseudo Labels for Hyperspectral Image Classification  H Wu, S Prasad 
2017   Conditional Random Field and Deep Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation  FI Alam, J Zhou, AWC Liew, X Jia, J Chanussot, Y Gao 
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Z He, H Liu, Y Wang, J Hu 
2017   Towards Virtual H&E Staining of Hyperspectral Lung Histology Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  N Bayramoglu, M Kaakinen, L Eklund, J Heikkila 
2017   Explaining hyperspectral imaging based plant disease identification: 3D CNN and saliency maps  K Nagasubramanian, S Jones, AK Singh, A Singh
2017   Hyperspectral image classification using deep convolutional neural networks  Z Zhong, J Li 
2017   A comparison on multiple level features for fusion hyperspectral and LiDAR data  W Liao, A Pizurica, R Luo, W Philips
2017   GMM-Based Synthetic Samples for Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Limited Training Data  AA Davari, E Aptoula, B Yanikoglu, A Maier, C Riess 
2017   Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Sample-Dependent Repulsion Graph Regularized Auto-encoder  X WANG, Y KONG, Y CHENG 
2017   Hyperspectral Image Segmentation with Markov Random Fields and a Convolutional Neural Network  X Cao, F Zhou, L Xu, D Meng, Z Xu, J Paisley
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks for classifying head and neck cancer using hyperspectral imaging  M Halicek, G Lu, JV Little, X Wang, M Patel, CC Griffith
2017   The Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Band-Grouping and Convolutional Neural Network  G Fu, H Gu
2017   Local receptive field constrained stacked sparse autoencoder for classification of hyperspectral images  X Wan, C Zhao
2017   3D multi-resolution wavelet convolutional neural networks for hyperspectral image classification  C Shi, CM Pun
2017   Hyperspectral anomaly detection based on stacked denoising autoencoders  C Zhao, X Li, H Zhu
2017   EXhype: A tool for mineral classification using hyperspectral data  RN Adep, H Ramesh
2017   Hyperspectral image analysis using deep learning—A review  H Petersson, D Gustafsson, D Bergstrom
2017   A Band Grouping Based LSTM Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Y Xu, B Du, L Zhang, F Zhang 
2017   Hyperspectral classification based on spectral–spatial convolutional neural networks  C Chen, F Jiang, C Yang, S Rho, W Shen, S Liu, Z Liu 
2017   Supervised non-negative tensor factorization for automatic hyperspectral feature extraction and target discrimination  D Anderson, A Bapst, J Coon, A Pung, M Kudenov
2017   Hyperspectral image-based spare autoencoder network for TVB-N measurement in pork  T Guo, M Huang, Q Zhu, Y Guo
2017   Going Deeper with Contextual CNN for Hyperspectral Image Classification  H Lee, H Kwon
2017   Spectral–spatial feature learning for hyperspectral imagery classification using deep stacked sparse autoencoder  G Abdi, F Samadzadegan, P Reinartz
2017   MugNet: Deep learning for hyperspectral image classification using limited samples  B Pan, Z Shi, X Xu 
2017   Learning and Transferring Deep Joint Spectral-Spatial Features for Hyperspectral Classification  J Yang, YQ Zhao, JCW Chan
2017   Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral images using trilateral filter and stacked sparse autoencoder  C Zhao, X Wan, G Zhao, Y Yan
2017   GCN: GPU-Based Cube CNN Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification  H Dong, T Li, J Leng, L Kong, G Bai
2017   Deep Fully Convolutional Network-Based Spatial Distribution Prediction for Hyperspectral Image Classification  L Jiao, M Liang, H Chen, S Yang, H Liu, X Cao
2017   Deep Learning on Hyperspectral Data for Land Use and Vegetation Mapping  N Audebert, B Le Saux, S Lefevere, C Taillandier
2017   A Hyperspectral Image Classification Framework with Spatial Pixel Pair Features  L Ran, Y Zhang, W Wei, Q Zhang 
2017   A Band-Weighted Support Vector Machine Method for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification  W Sun, C Liu, Y Xu, L Tian, W Li
2017   A new deep convolutional neural network for fast hyperspectral image classification  ME Paoletti, JM Haut, J Plaza, A Plaza 
2017   A Hybrid DBN and CRF Model for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images  P Zhong, Z Gong
2017   Advanced Spectral Classifiers for Hyperspectral Images: A review  P Ghamisi, J Plaza, Y Chen, J Li, AJ Plaza
2017   Hyperspectral Image Enhancement and Mixture Deep-Learning Classification of Corneal Epithelium Injuries  SSM Noor, K Michael, S Marshall, J Ren 
2017   Tensor-Based Classifiers for Hyperspectral Data Analysis  K Makantasis, A Doulamis, N Doulamis, A Nikitakis
2017   Deep-learning-based regression model and hyperspectral imaging for rapid detection of nitrogen concentration in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) leaf  X Yu, H Lu, Q Liu 
2017   Hyperspectral Data Feature Extraction Using Deep Belief Network.  J Xinhua, X Heru, Z Lina, Z Yanqing
2017   One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network Land-Cover Classification of Multi-Seasonal Hyperspectral Imagery in the San Francisco Bay Area, California  D Guidici, ML Clark
2017   Application of Deep Belief Network to Land Cover Classification Using Hyperspectral Images  B Ayhan, C Kwan
2017   Multiscale Superpixel-Based Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification  S Zhang, S Li, W Fu, L Fang
2017   CNN-Based Identification of Hyperspectral Bacterial Signatures for Digital Microbiology  G Turra, S Arrigoni, A Signoroni 
2017   Learning to Diversify Deep Belief Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  P Zhong, Z Gong, S Li, CB Schönlieb
2017   Deep Residual Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Z Zhong, J Li, L Ma, H Jiang, H Zhao
2017   A Physics-Based Deep Learning Approach to Shadow Invariant Representations of Hyperspectral Images  L Windrim, R Ramakrishnan, A Melkumyan, RJ Murphy 
2017   Spectral-Spatial Residual Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A 3-D Deep Learning Framework  Z Zhong, J Li, Z Luo, M Chapman 
2017   Spatial-Spectral Unsupervised Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder Classifier for Hyperspectral Imagery  X Han, Y Zhong, L Zhang
2017   Hyperspectral image feature extraction method based on sparse constraint convolutional neural network  P Jia, M Zhang, W Yu, Y Shen
2017   Spectral-Spatial Response for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Y Wei, Y Zhou, H Li
2017   Spectral–Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery with 3D Convolutional Neural Network  Y Li, H Zhang, Q Shen
2017   Multiple Kernel Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Review  Y Gu, J Chanussot, X Jia, JA Benediktsson
2017   Classification of Hyperspectral Images by Gabor Filtering Based Deep Network  X Kang, C Li, S Li, H Lin 
2017   The Deep Belief and Self-Organizing Neural Network as a Semi-Supervised Classification Method for Hyperspectral Data  W Lan, Q Li, N Yu, Q Wang, S Jia, K Li 
2017   Supervised Deep Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification  B Liu, X Yu, P Zhang, A Yu, Q Fu, X Wei 
2017   Hyperspectral image super-resolution using deep convolutional neural network  Y Li, J Hu, X Zhao, W Xie, JJ Li
2016   Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Data Classification through Exponential Momentum Deep Convolution Neural Networks  Q Yue, C Ma
2016   Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion Using Extinction Profiles and Deep Convolutional Neural Network  P Ghamisi, B Höfle, XX Zhu
2016   Deep Feature Extraction and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Chen, H Jiang, C Li, X Jia, P Ghamisi
2016   Deep subspace mapping in hyperspectral imaging  N Wadströmer, D Gustafsson, H Perersson
2016   Non-Linear Hyperspectral Subspace Mapping using Stacked Auto-Encoder  N Niclas, D Gustafsson
2016   Non-Linear Hyperspectral Subspace Mapping using Stacked Autoencoder  N Wadströmer, D Gustafsson
2016   Hyperspectral image reconstruction by deep convolutional neural network for classification  Y Li, W Xie, H Li
2016   Semisupervised classification for hyperspectral image based on multi-decision labeling and deep feature learning  X Ma, H Wang, J Wang
2016   Convolutional Neural Network Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery in the San Francisco Bay Area, California  D Giudici
2016   Deep Learning With Attribute Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification  E Aptoula, MC Ozdemir, B Yanikoglu
2016   Contextual Deep CNN Based Hyperspectral Classification  H Lee, H Kwon
2016   Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Using Sparse Representations of Convolutional Neural Network Features  H Liang, Q Li
2016   A deep learning framework for hyperspectral image classification using spatial pyramid pooling  J Yue, S Mao, M Li
2016   Spectral–spatial multi-feature-based deep learning for hyperspectral remote sensing image classification  L Wang, J Zhang, P Liu, KKR Choo, F Huang
2016   Ideal Regularized Composite Kernel for Hyperspectral Image Classification  J Peng, H Chen, Y Zhou, L Li
2016   BASS Net: Band-Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification  A Santara, K Mani, P Hatwar, A Singh, A Garg, K Padia
2016   Semi-supervised classification of hyperspectral imagery based on stacked autoencoders  Q Fu, X Yu, X Wei, Z Xue
2016   Active Deep Learning for Classification of Hyperspectral Images  P Liu, H Zhang, KB Eom
2016   Sparse recovery techniques for hyperspectral imaging  HK Aggarwal, A Majumdar
2016   Deep Learning With Grouped Features for Spatial Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Images  X Zhou, S Li, F Tang, K Qin, S Hu, S Liu
2016   Unsupervised spectral sub-feature learning for hyperspectral image classification  V Slavkovikj, S Verstockt, W De Neve, S Van Hoecke
2016   Hyperspectral image classification based on deep stacking network  M He, X Li, Y Zhang, J Zhang, W Wang
2016   Deep Convolutional networks with superpixel segmentation for hyperspectral image classification  J Cao, Z Chen, B Wang
2016   Graph-based deep Convolutional networks for Hyperspectral image classification  J Cao, Z Chen, B Wang
2016   Convolutional neural network based classification for hyperspectral data  P Jia, M Zhang, W Yu, F Shen, Y Shen
2016   Spectral–Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Deep Auto-Encoder  X Ma, H Wang, J Geng
2016   a Diversified Deep Belief Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification  P Zhong, ZQ Gong, C Schönlieb
2016   Parallel multilayer perceptron neural network used for hyperspectral image classification  BP Garcia
2016   Convolutional Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  S Yu, S Jia, C Xu
2016   Tensor Block-Sparsity Based Representation for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification  Z He, J Li, L Liu
2016   Deep learning concept for hyperspectral imagery classification  SA Stankevich, IA Piestova, VN Podorvan
2016   Advanced Supervised Spectral Classifiers for Hyperspectral Images: A Review  P Ghamisi, J Plaza, Y Chen, J Li, A Plaza
2015   Learning Hierarchical Spectral-Spatial Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Y Zhou, Y Wei
2015   Latent subclass learning-based unsupervised ensemble feature extraction method for hyperspectral image classification  W Wei, Y Zhang, C Tian
2015   Stacked denoise autoencoder based feature extraction and classification for hyperspectral images  C Xing, L Ma, X Yang
2015   On combining multiscale deep learning features for the classification of hyperspectral remote sensing imagery  W Zhao, Z Guo, J Yue, X Zhang, L Luo
2015   Novel Segmented Stacked AutoEncoder for Effective Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Extraction in Hyperspectral Imaging  J Zabalza, J Ren, J Zheng, H Zhao, C Qing, Z Yang
2015   A Deep Belief Network for Classifying Remotely-Sensed Hyperspectral Data  JH Le, AP Yazdanpanah, EE Regentova
2015   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  W Hu, Y Huang, W Li, F Zhang, H Li
2015   Spectral–Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Based on Deep Belief Network  Y Chen, X Zhao, X Jia
2015   Hyperspectral Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks  V Slavkovikj, S Verstockt, W De Neve, S Van Hoecke
2015   Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral images using deep convolutional neural networks  J Yue, W Zhao, S Mao, H Liu
2015   Hyperspectral classification via deep networks and superpixel segmentation  Y Liu, G Cao, Q Sun, M Siegel
2015   Deep Learning-Based Man-Made Object Detection from Hyperspectral Data  K Makantasis, K Karantzalos, A Doulamis, K Loupos
2015   Learning Deep Dictionary for Hyperspectral Image Denoising  HUO Leigang, F Xiangchu, HUO Chunlei
2015   Multiclass feature learning for hyperspectral image classification: sparse and hierarchical solutions  D Tuia, R Flamary, N Courty
2015   Efficient Multi-temporal hyperspectral signatures classification using a Gaussian-Bernoulli RBM based approach  S Hemissi, IR Farah
2015   Hierarchical Feature Learning With Dropout K-Means for Hyperspectral Image Classification  F Zhang, B Du, L Zhang, L Zhang
2014   Deep Model for Classification of Hyperspectral image using Restricted Boltzmann Machine  ME Midhun, SR Nair, VT Prabhakar, SS Kumar