Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: images

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep learning and mapping based ternary change detection for information unbalanced images  L Su, M Gong, P Zhang, M Zhang, J Liu, H Yang
2017   Using deep multiple instance learning for action recognition in still images  C Bas, C Zalluhoglu, N Ikizler
2017   Classification of Medical Images and Illustrations in the Biomedical Literature Using Synergic Deep Learning  J Zhang, Y Xia, Q Wu, Y Xie
2017   Retinal Vessel Segmentation in Fundoscopic Images with Generative Adversarial Networks  J Son, SJ Park, KH Jung
2017   Training Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Active Learning for Exudate Classification in Eye Fundus Images  H Müller
2017   Reconstructing Intensity Images from Binary Spatial Gradient Cameras  S Jayasuriya, O Gallo, J Gu, T Aila, J Kautz
2017   Harnessing Noisy Web Images for Deep Representation  PD Vo, A Ginsca, H Le Borgne, A Popescu
2017   Discriminating between benign and malignant breast tumors using 3D convolutional neural network in dynamic contrast enhanced MR images  J Li, M Fan, J Zhang, L Li
2017   Change detection by deep neural networks for synthetic aperture radar images  F Liao, E Koshelev, M Milton, Y Jin, E Lu
2017   Towards an affordable deep learning system: automated intervertebral disc detection in x-ray images  R Sa, W Owens, R Wiegand, V Chaudhary
2017   Deep Learning Segmentation of Optical Microscopy Images Improves 3D Neuron Reconstruction  R Li, T Zeng, S Ji
2017   Depth from Monocular Images using a Semi-Parallel Deep Neural Network (SPDNN) Hybrid Architecture  S Bazrafkan, H Javidnia, J Lemley, P Corcoran
2017   Hierarchical Vertex Regression Based Segmentation of Head and Neck CT Images for Radiotherapy Planning  Z Wang, L Wei, L Wang, Y Gao, W Chen, D Shen 
2017   Towards Graffiti Classification in Weakly Labeled Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  VO Andersson, RM Araujo 
2017   Pulmonary Nodule Detection Based on CT Images Using Convolution Neural Network  XY Jin, YC Zhang, QL Jin
2017   Convolutional network to detect exudates in eye fundus images of diabetic subjects  O Perdomo, J Arevalo, FA González
2017   DeadNet: Identifying Phototoxicity from Label-free Microscopy Images of Cells using Deep ConvNets  D Richmond, APT Jost, T Lambert, J Waters, H Elliott
2017   Cascaded Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images  D Lin, G Chen, D Cohen
2017   Using Neural Networks to Determine the Origin of Medical Ultrasound Images  Ø Fossan
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation in multimodal medical images  I LITIS
2017   A comparison of deep-learning models to the forecast of the daily solar flare occurrence using various solar images  S Shin, YJ Moon, H Chu 
2017   Convolutional Neural Networks for the Extraction of Built-Up Areas from Sentinel-2 Images  K Djerriri, R Adjouj, D Attaf
2017   Lesion Detection In Ct Images Using Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation Technique  A Kalinovskya, V Liauchuka, A Tarasaub
2017   A Review On The Remote Sensing Images Based On Object Detection Using Deep Belief Networks  EA Kaur, EN Kaur
2017   Superpixel-Based Difference Representation Learning for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images  M Gong, T Zhan, P Zhang, Q Miao
2017   Text detection in natural images using convolutional neural networks  MM Grond
2017   Building Identification in Satellite Images Using ANFIS Classifier  E Madhavan, S Kalpana
2017   Towards Pose Estimation of 3D Objects in Monocular Images via Keypoint Detection  D Dwibedi
2017   Liver segmentation in color images (Conference Presentation)  B Ma, TP Kingham, MI Miga, WR Jarnagin, AL Simpson
2017   Automatic segmentation of nine retinal layer boundaries in OCT images of non-exudative AMD patients using deep learning and graph search  L Fang, D Cunefare, C Wang, RH Guymer, S Li
2017   Localization and diagnosis framework for pediatric cataracts based on slit-lamp images using deep features of a convolutional neural network  X Liu, J Jiang, K Zhang, E Long, J Cui, M Zhu, Y An
2017   Comparison of the Deep-Learning-Based Automated Segmentation Methods for the Head Sectioned Images of the Virtual Korean Human Project  M Eshghi, HR Roth, M Oda, MS Chung, K Mori
2017   Deep Learning Features for Lung Adenocarcinoma Classification with Tissue Pathology Images  J He, L Shang, H Ji, XL Zhang 
2017   Simulating Patho-realistic Ultrasound Images using Deep Generative Networks with Adversarial Learning  F Tom, D Sheet 
2017   Blind High Dynamic Range Quality estimation by disentangling perceptual and noise features in images  NK Kottayil, G Valenzise, F Dufaux, I Cheng 
2017   Vehicle Detection and Counting in High-Resolution Aerial Images Using Convolutional Regression Neural Network  H Tayara, KG Soo, KT Chong 
2017   Deep learning for predicting refractive error from retinal fundus images  AV Varadarajan, R Poplin, K Blumer, C Angermueller 
2017   Fully automated, deep learning segmentation of oxygen-induced retinopathy images  S Xiao, F Bucher, Y Wu, A Rokem, CS Lee, KV Marra 
2017   Reply: Deep Learning Is Effective for the Classification of OCT Images of Normal Versus Age-Related Macular Degeneration  C Lee, A Rokem, A Lee 
2017   Accurate Object Localization in Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Long, Y Gong, Z Xiao, Q Liu
2017   Learning 3D Faces from 2D Images via Stacked Contractive Autoencoder  J Zhang, K Li, Y Liang, N Li
2017   Denoising High Resolution Multispectral Images Using Deep Learning Approach  U Ojha, A Garg
2017   Fully Convolutional Network With Task Partitioning for Inshore Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images  H Lin, Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   Weakly Supervised Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation: Understanding Semantic Layout of Images with Minimum Human …  S Hong, S Kwak, B Han 
2017   Feature extraction and classification of VHR images with attribute profiles and convolutional neural networks  T Tian, L Gao, W Song, KKR Choo, J He 
2017   Change detection in multitemporal synthetic aperture radar images using dual-channel convolutional neural network  T Liu, Y Li, Y Cao, Q Shen 
2017   Joint Weakly and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Localization and Classification of Masses in Breast Ultrasound Images  SY Shin, S Lee, ID Yun, KM Lee 
2017   Discovery of Rare Phenotypes in Cellular Images Using Weakly Supervised Deep Learning  H Sailem, M Arias
2017   Colorizing Infrared Images Through a Triplet Conditional DCGAN Architecture  PL Suárez, AD Sappa, BX Vintimilla 
2017   Towards Virtual H&E Staining of Hyperspectral Lung Histology Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  N Bayramoglu, M Kaakinen, L Eklund, J Heikkila 
2017   Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images With Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization  D Costea, A Marcu, E Slusanschi, M Leordeanu 
2017   Towards reliable object detection in noisy images  S Milyaev, I Laptev 
2017   Retinal Fluid Segmentation and Detection in Optical Coherence Tomography Images using Fully Convolutional Neural Network  D Lu, M Heisler, S Lee, G Ding, MV Sarunic, MF Beg 
2017   Application of Deep Learning in Automated Analysis of Molecular Images in Cancer: A Survey  Y Xue, S Chen, J Qin, Y Liu, B Huang, H Chen 
2017   An Ensemble Deep Learning Based Approach for Red Lesion Detection in Fundus Images  JI Orlando, E Prokofyeva, M del Fresno, MB Blaschko 
2017   Joint analysis of shapes and images via deep domain adaptation  Z Wu, Y Zhang, M Zeng, F Qin, Y Wang
2017   Deep learning in assessment of drill condition on the basis of images of drilled holes  J Kurek, B Swiderski, A Jegorowa, M Kruk, S Osowski
2017   GMM-Based Synthetic Samples for Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Limited Training Data  AA Davari, E Aptoula, B Yanikoglu, A Maier, C Riess 
2017   Face-from-Depth for Head Pose Estimation on Depth Images  G Borghi, M Fabbri, R Vezzani, S Calderara 
2017   Exploiting Deep Matching and SAR Data for the Geo-Localization Accuracy Improvement of Optical Satellite Images  N Merkle, L Wenjie, S Auer, R Müller, R Urtasun
2017   Deep learning based multi-category object detection in aerial images  LW Sommer, T Schuchert, J Beyerer
2017   A Multi-Classifier System for Automatic Mitosis Detection in Breast Histopathology Images using Deep Belief Networks  K Sabeena, MS Nair, GR Bindu
2017   Classification of Time-Series Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  N Hatami, Y Gavet, J Debayle
2017   Deep and fast learning for feature extraction of merged or fused satellite remote sensing images to observe lake eutrophication (Conference Presentation)  NB Chang
2017   DeepWheat: Estimating Phenotypic Traits From Images of Crops Using Deep Learning  S Aich, I Ahmed, I Obsyannikov, I Stavness, A Josuttes
2017   Movie Genre Classification based on Poster Images with Deep Neural Networks  WT Chu, HJ Guo
2017   Event Recognition on Images by Fine-Tuning of Deep Neural Networks  D Yudin, B Zeno
2017   Synthesizing CT from Ultrashort Echo-Time MR Images via Convolutional Neural Networks  S Roy, JA Butman, DL Pham
2017   Deep learning for phenomena-based classification of Earth science images  M Maskey, R Ramachandran, J Miller
2017   Ship Detection and Classification on Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning  Y Liu, HY Cui, Z Kuang, GQ Li
2017   Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Change Detection in Heterogeneous Images Based on a Coupled Neural Network  W Zhao, Z Wang, M Gong, J Liu
2017   Visualization of maximizing images with deconvolutional optimization method for neurons in deep neural networks  D Nekhaev, V Demin 
2017   An automatic pipeline for mapping roads from aerial images  Y Ye, A Yilmaz 
2017   A deep learning framework for supporting the classification of breast lesions in ultrasound images  S Han, HK Kang, JY Jeong, MH Park, W Kim, WC Bang
2017   The Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Band-Grouping and Convolutional Neural Network  G Fu, H Gu
2017   Classification of Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence Images Using Convolutional Neural Network  S Imangaliyev, MH van der Veen, C Volgenant
2017   Local receptive field constrained stacked sparse autoencoder for classification of hyperspectral images  X Wan, C Zhao
2017   Deep Learning for Categorization of Lung Cancer CT Images  AM Rossetto, W Zhou
2017   Deep learning prior models from seismic images for full-waveform inversion  W Lewis, D Vigh
2017   Application of Deep Networks to Oil Spill Detection Using Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images  G Chen, Y Li, G Sun, Y Zhang
2017   Transfer learning from synthetic to real images using variational autoencoders for robotic applications  T Inoue, S Chaudhury, G De Magistris, S Dasgupta
2017   Deep reconstruction model for dynamic PET images  J Cui, X Liu, Y Wang, H Liu
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Estimate Chemically-Treated Collagenous Tissue Nonlinear Anisotropic Stress-Strain Responses from Microscopy Images  L Liang, M Liu, W Sun
2017   Diagnosis of Focal Liver Diseases Based on Deep Learning Technique for Ultrasound Images  TM Hassan, M Elmogy, ES Sallam
2017   Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Fuzzy Restricted Boltzmann Machine  N Li, J Shi, M Gong
2017   A Novel End-to-End Classifier Using Domain Transferred Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Biomedical Images  S Pang, Z Yu, MA Orgun
2017   Object discovery in depth images  TW Huang, YA Wei, HT Chen, JC Liu
2017   Size-Invariant Fully Convolutional Neural Network for vessel segmentation of digital retinal images  Y Luo, H Cheng, L Yang
2017   Coarse-to-Fine Stacked Fully Convolutional Nets for lymph node segmentation in ultrasound images  Y Zhang, MTC Ying, L Yang, AT Ahuja, DZ Chen
2017   Combining convolutional neural networks and Hough Transform for classification of images containing lines  A Sheshkus, E Limonova, D Nikolaev, V Krivtsov
2017   Adrenal Lesions Detection on Low-Contrast CT Images using Fully Convolutional Networks with Multi-Scale Integration  L Bi, J Kim, T Su, M Fulham, D Feng, G Ning
2017   Exploring adversarial images in deep neural networks= Explorando imagens adversárias em redes neurais profundas  P Tabacof
2017   Gender and Ethnicity Classification of Iris Images using Deep Class-Encoder  M Singh, S Nagpal, R Singh, M Vatsa, A Noore
2017   FuseMe: Classification of sMRI images by fusion of Deep CNNs in 2D+ ϵ projections  K Aderghal, J Benois
2017   Detection of Neurons on Images of the Histological Slices Using Convolutional Neural Network  I Fomin, V Mikhailov, A Bakhshiev, N Merkulyeva
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Digitally Stain Optical Coherence Tomography Images of the Optic Nerve Head  SK Devalla, JM Mari, TA Tun, NG Strouthidis, T Aung
2017   Deep Learning for abnormality detection in Chest X-Ray images  C Tataru, D Yi, A Shenoyas, A Ma
2017   Glaucoma-Deep: Detection of Glaucoma Eye Disease on Retinal Fundus Images using Deep Learning  Q Abbas
2017   Development Of A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based System For Object Recognition In Visible Light And Infrared Images  I YUSUF
2017   Deep Domain Adaptation Based Video Smoke Detection using Synthetic Smoke Images  G Xu, Y Zhang, Q Zhang, G Lin, J Wang
2017   Deep learning of submerged body images from 2D sonar sensor based on convolutional neural network  S Lee
2017   Enhancing Symmetry in GAN Generated Fashion Images  V Makkapati, A Patro 
2017   Pipeline Generative Adversarial Networks for Facial Images Generation with Multiple Attributes  Z Zheng, Z Yu, H Zheng, C Wang, N Wang 
2017   Unsupervised Learning for Cell-level Visual Representation in Histopathology Images with Generative Adversarial Networks  B Hu, Y Tang, EI Chang, Y Fan, M Lai, Y Xu 
2017   MMGAN: Manifold Matching Generative Adversarial Network for Generating Images  N Park, A Anand, JRA Moniz, K Lee, T Chakraborty
2017   Review on Images Based on Object Detection using Deep Belief Networks  EN Singh, EVK Attri
2017   Blur Classification and Deblurring of Images  A Roy, P Aher, K Kalaskar, P Agarwal
2017   Deep Learning for target recognition from SAR images  A El Housseini, A Toumi, A Khenchaf
2017   Geographical topic learning for social images with a deep neural network  J Feng, X Xu
2017   Thyroid Nodule Classification in Ultrasound Images by Fine-Tuning Deep Convolutional Neural Network  J Chi, E Walia, P Babyn, J Wang, G Groot, M Eramian
2017   Generative Adversarial Neural Networks for Pigmented and Non-Pigmented Skin Lesions Detection in Clinical Images  A Udrea, GD Mitra
2017   Learning to Super-Resolve Blurry Face and Text Images  X Xu, D Sun, J Pan, Y Zhang, H Pfister, MH Yang
2017   A workbench for species identification based on images and deep learning techniques  I Heredia, L Lloret, J Marco, F Pando
2017   Perceptual quality prediction on authentically distorted images using a bag of  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2017   DLTK: State of the Art Reference Implementations for Deep Learning on Medical Images  N Pawlowski, SI Ktena, MCH Lee, B Kainz, D Rueckert 
2017   Segmentation of the Proximal Femur from MR Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  CM Deniz, S Hallyburton, A Welbeck, S Honig, K Cho
2017   Classification Accuracies of Malaria Infected Cells Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Decompressed Images  Y Dong, Z Jiang, H Shen, WD Pan
2017   Toward Fast and Accurate Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Using Coupled Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks  Z Deng, H Sun, S Zhou, J Zhao, H Zou
2017   Cost-Effective Class-Imbalance Aware CNN for Vehicle Localization and Categorization in High Resolution Aerial Images  F Li, S Li, C Zhu, X Lan, H Chang
2017   Feature learning and change feature classification based on deep learning for ternary change detection in SAR images  M Gong, H Yang, P Zhang
2017   Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images From Labeled Web-Nature Data Using Deep Transfer Learning  J Wang, H Zheng, Y Huang, X Ding 
2017   Multilevel Cloud Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning  F Xie, M Shi, Z Shi, J Yin, D Zhao
2017   Epithelium-stroma classification via convolutional neural networks and unsupervised domain adaptation in histopathological images  Y Huang, HAN ZHENG, CHI LIU, X Ding, G Rohde
2017   Learning Modality-Invariant Representations for Speech and Images  K Leidal, D Harwath, J Glass 
2017   Feature Mapping for Learning Fast and Accurate 3D Pose Inference from Synthetic Images  M Rad, M Oberweger, V Lepetit 
2017   Classification of C2C12 cells at differentiation by convolutional neural network of deep learning using phase contrast images  H Niioka, S Asatani, A Yoshimura, H Ohigashi 
2017   Development and Validation of a Deep Learning System for Diabetic Retinopathy and Related Eye Diseases Using Retinal Images From Multiethnic Populations With …  DSW Ting, CYL Cheung, G Lim, GSW Tan, ND Quang 
2017   Deep learning for segmentation of brain tumors: can we train with images from different institutions?  D Paredes, A Saha, MA Mazurowski
2017   Automated detection of nerve fiber layer defects on retinal fundus images using fully convolutional network for early diagnosis of glaucoma  R Watanabe, C Muramatsu, K Ishida, A Sawada
2017   Automatic cerebrospinal fluid segmentation in non-contrast CT images using a 3D convolutional network  A Patel, SC van de Leemput, M Prokop
2017   Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral images using trilateral filter and stacked sparse autoencoder  C Zhao, X Wan, G Zhao, Y Yan
2017   WaterGAN: Unsupervised Generative Network to Enable Real-time Color Correction of Monocular Underwater Images  J Li, KA Skinner, RM Eustice, M Johnson
2017   A Novel Multi-Frame Color Images Super-Resolution Framework based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network  Z Li, S Li, JWH Wang
2017   Synthesizing Filamentary Structured Images with GANs  H Zhao, H Li, L Cheng
2017   Object detection on panoramic images based on deep learning  F Deng, X Zhu, J Ren
2017   Automatic detection of solitary pulmonary nodules using swarm intelligence optimized neural networks on CT images  EE Nithila, SS Kumar
2017   Deep Unsupervised Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Images  DY Lin
2017   Deep Learning Based Oil Palm Tree Detection and Counting for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  W Li, H Fu, L Yu, A Cracknell
2017   Accurate and robust face recognition from RGB-D images with a deep learning approach  Y Lee, J Chen, CW Tseng, SH Lai
2017   Label Denoising Adversarial Network (LDAN) for Inverse Lighting of Face Images  H Zhou, J Sun, Y Yacoob, DW Jacobs
2017   Synthetic Medical Images from Dual Generative Adversarial Networks  JT Guibas, TS Virdi, PS Li
2017   3D U-net with Multi-level Deep Supervision: Fully Automatic Segmentation of Proximal Femur in 3D MR Images  G Zeng, X Yang, J Li, L Yu, PA Heng, G Zheng
2017   Building Extraction Based on an Optimized Stacked Sparse Autoencoder of Structure and Training Samples Using LIDAR DSM and Optical Images  Y Yan, Z Tan, N Su, C Zhao
2017   Local and Global Sparse Representation for No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images  F Li, F Shao, Q Jiang, R Fu, G Jiang, M Yu
2017   Integrating Segmentation with Deep Learning for Enhanced Classification of Epithelial and Stromal Tissues in H&E Images  Z Al
2017   Automated arteriole and venule classification using deep learning for retinal images from the UK Biobank cohort  RA Welikala, PJ Foster, PH Whincup, AR Rudnicka
2017   Computer-Aided Differentiation for Pathology Images  M Yamaguchi
2017   Deep Learning for Polyp Recognition in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images  Y Yuan, MQH Meng
2017   SurvivalNet: Predicting patient survival from diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images using cascaded fully convolutional and 3D convolutional neural networks  PF Christ, F Ettlinger, G Kaissis, S Schlecht, F Ahmaddy
2017   Advanced deep learning for blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus images  L Ngo, JH Han
2017   Deep learning-based assessment of tumor-associated stroma for diagnosing breast cancer in histopathology images  BE Bejnordi, J Linz, B Glass, M Mullooly, GL Gierach
2017   Joint Segmentation of Multiple Thoracic Organs in CT Images with Two Collaborative Deep Architectures  R Trullo, C Petitjean, D Nie, D Shen, S Ruan
2017   Optic Disc Detection via Deep Learning in Fundus Images  P Xu, C Wan, J Cheng, D Niu, J Liu
2017   Multi-scale Networks for Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images  J Wei, Y Xia
2017   Hallucinating Very Low-Resolution Unaligned and Noisy Face Images by Transformative Discriminative Autoencoders  X Yu, F Porikli
2017   AlignGAN: Learning to Align Cross-Domain Images with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  X Mao, Q Li, H Xie
2017   Aircraft Recognition Based on Landmark Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, S Wang, J Zuo, Y Zhang, Y Hu, H Wang
2017   A Deep Convolutional Coupling Network for Change Detection Based on Heterogeneous Optical and Radar Images  J Liu, M Gong, K Qin, P Zhang
2017   City-scale mapping of pets using georeferenced images  AS Jose, E Hernandez
2017   Learning to Hallucinate Face Images via Component Generation and Enhancement  Y Song, J Zhang, S He, L Bao, Q Yang
2017   Fusion Algorithm of Multi-focus Images with Weighted Ratios and Weighted Gradient Based on Wavelet Transform  W Chen, M Hu, L Zhou, H Gu, X Zhang
2017   Deep spatial-temporal feature fusion for facial expression recognition in static images  N Sun, Q Li, R Huang, J Liu, G Han 
2017   Utilizing Deep Learning For Rating Aesthetics Of Digital Images  X Shen, Z Lin, S Kong, R Mech 
2017   Neural Stain-Style Transfer Learning using GAN for Histopathological Images  H Cho, S Lim, G Choi, H Min 
2017   I Know That Person: Generative Full Body and Face De-Identification of People in Images  K Brkic, I Sikiric, T Hrkac, Z Kalafatic
2017   Artistic style transfer for videos and spherical images  M Ruder, A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2017   Adult Content Recognition from Images Using a Mixture of Convolutional Neural Networks  M Al
2017   Volumetric ConvNets with Mixed Residual Connections for Automated Prostate Segmentation from 3D MR Images  L Yu, X Yang, H Chen, J Qin, PA Heng
2017   Automatic labeling of molecular biomarkers of whole slide immunohistochemistry images using fully convolutional networks  F Sheikhzadeh, M Guillaud, RK Ward
2017   Automated segmentation of 3D anatomical structures on CT images by using a deep convolutional network based on end-to-end learning approach  X Zhou, R Takayama, S Wang, X Zhou, T Hara, H Fujita
2017   Cascaded deep decision networks for classification of endoscopic images  VN Murthy, V Singh, S Sun, S Bhattacharya, T Chen
2017   Deep learning and shapes similarity for joint segmentation and tracing single neurons in SEM images  Q Rao, C Xiao, H Han, X Chen, L Shen, Q Xie
2017   Automatic segmentation of the prostate on CT images using deep learning and multi-atlas fusion  L Ma, R Guo, G Zhang, F Tade, DM Schuster, P Nieh
2017   Automatic segmentation of left ventricle in cardiac cine MRI images based on deep learning  T Zhou, I Icke, B Dogdas, S Parimal, S Sampath
2017   Deep Networks for Decoding Natural Images from Retinal Signals  N Parthasarathy, E Batty, W Falcon, T Rutten, M Rajpal 
2017   Hiding Images in Plain Sight: Deep Steganography  S Baluja 
2017   Deep-Learning for Classification of Colorectal Polyps on Whole-Slide Images  B Korbar, AM Olofson, AP Miraflor, KM Nicka
2017   Automatic Classification of Cancerous Tissue in Laserendomicroscopy Images of the Oral Cavity using Deep Learning  M Aubreville, C Knipfer, N Oetter, C Jaremenko
2017   Change Detection Based on Deep Siamese Convolutional Network for Optical Aerial Images  Y Zhan, K Fu, M Yan, X Sun, H Wang, X Qiu
2017   Spatiotemporal Joint Mitosis Detection Using CNN-LSTM Network in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Images  YT Su, Y Lu, M Chen, AA Liu
2017   Distinguishing Cloud and Snow in Satellite Images via Deep Convolutional Network  Y Zhan, J Wang, J Shi, G Cheng, L Yao, W Sun
2017   Automatic and Fast PCM Generation for Occluded Object Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  S Qiu, G Wen, Z Deng, Y Fan, B Hui
2017   DeepBrain: Functional Representation of Neural In-Situ Hybridization Images for Gene Ontology Classification Using Deep Convolutional Autoencoders  I Cohen, EO David, NS Netanyahu, N Liscovitch 
2017   Parallel-Pathway Generator for Generative Adversarial Networks to Generate High-Resolution Natural Images  Y Okadome, W Wei, T Aizono 
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation of remote sensing images with rich spectral content  A Hamida, A Benoît, P Lambert, L Klein, C Amar 
2017   Fruit recognition from images using deep learning  H Mureşan, M Oltean 
2017   Delineation of Skin Strata in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images using Recurrent Convolutional Networks with Toeplitz Attention  A Bozkurt, K Kose, J Coll
2017   Fader Networks: Manipulating Images by Sliding Attributes  G Lample, N Zeghidour, N Usunier, A Bordes
2017   A Hybrid DBN and CRF Model for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images  P Zhong, Z Gong
2017   Deep Learning Method for Lithology Identification from Borehole Images  PY Zhang, JM Sun, YJ Jiang, JS Gao
2017   Learning Deep Representations of Medical Images using Siamese CNNs with Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval  YA Chung, WH Weng 
2017   3D Anisotropic Hybrid Network: Transferring Convolutional Features from 2D Images to 3D Anisotropic Volumes  S Liu, D Xu, SK Zhou, T Mertelmeier, J Wicklein 
2017   Automatically identifying wild animals in camera trap images with deep learning  MS Norouzzadeh, A Nguyen, M Kosmala, A Swanson
2017   Deep Learning Tissue Segmentation in Cardiac Histopathology Images  JJ Nirschl, A Janowczyk, EG Peyster, R Frank 
2017   Deep Learning Techniques on Texture Analysis of Chest and Breast Images  JZ Cheng, CM Chen, D Shen 
2017   DNA-GAN: Learning Disentangled Representations from Multi-Attribute Images  T Xiao, J Hong, J Ma 
2017   Deep learning on OCT images of skin cancer  D Raupov, O Myakinin, I Bratchenko, V Zakharov
2017   Classification of Architectural Heritage Images Using Deep Learning Techniques  J Llamas, PM Lerones, R Medina, E Zalama
2017   Automatic Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy Images with Convolution Neural Network Based on Caffe Framework  Y Jiang, H Wu, J Dong
2017   Malaria Parasite Detection from Peripheral Blood Smear Images using Deep Belief Networks  D Bibin, MS Nair, P Punitha
2017   Learning to Associate Words and Images Using a Large-scale Graph  H Ya, H Sun, J Helt, TS Lee
2017   Computational single-cell classification using deep learning on bright-field and phase images  N Meng, HKH So, EY Lam
2017   Detection of Liver Tumor Candidates from CT Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Todoroki, XH Han, Y Iwamoto, L Lin, H Hu, YW Chen
2017   Efficient Deep Learning Model for Mitosis Detection using Breast Histopathology Images  M Saha, C Chakraborty, D Racoceanu 
2017   Prediction of multi-drug resistant TB from CT pulmonary Images based on deep learning techniques  X Gao, Y Qian 
2017   Estimation of the Botanical Composition of Clover-Grass Leys from RGB Images Using Data Simulation and Fully Convolutional Neural Networks  S Skovsen, M Dyrmann, AK Mortensen, KA Steen 
2017   Emotion Recognition from Scrambled Facial Images via Many Graph Embedding  R Jiang, ATS Ho, I Cheheb, N Al
2017   Deep Learning Is Effective for Classifying Normal versus Age-Related Macular Degeneration Optical Coherence Tomography Images  CS Lee, DM Baughman, AY Lee
2017   Cell Segmentation In Cancer Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  V Kavassery Rajalingam
2017   Estimation of the volume of the left ventricle from MRI images using deep neural networks  F Liao, X Chen, X Hu, S Song
2017   Gender Classification from NIR Iris Images Using Deep Learning  J Tapia, C Aravena
2017   Virtual PET Images from CT Data Using Deep Convolutional Networks: Initial Results  A Ben
2017   Machine-learning-based nonlinear decomposition of CT images for metal artifact reduction  HS Park, SM Lee, HP Kim, JK Seo
2017   Learning to Infer Graphics Programs from Hand-Drawn Images  K Ellis, D Ritchie, A Solar
2017   MobileDeepPill: A Small-Footprint Mobile Deep Learning System for Recognizing Unconstrained Pill Images  X Zeng, K Cao, M Zhang
2017   Using deep learning to reveal the neural code for images in primary visual cortex  WF Kindel, ED Christensen, J Zylberberg
2017   Deep-learning strategy for pulmonary artery-vein classification of non-contrast CT images  P Nardelli, D Jimenez
2017   A fully automatic deep learning method for atrial scarring segmentation from late gadolinium-enhanced MRI images  G Yang, X Zhuang, H Khan, S Haldar, E Nyktari, X Ye
2017   Age estimation from brain MRI images using deep learning  TW Huang, HT Chen, R Fujimoto, K Ito, K Wu, K Sato
2017   Nuclei segmentation in histopathology images using deep neural networks  P Naylor, M Laé, F Reyal, T Walter
2017   MIMO-Net: A multi-input multi-output convolutional neural network for cell segmentation in fluorescence microscopy images  SEA Raza, L Cheung, D Epstein, S Pelengaris, M Khan
2017   Deep learning with spatiotemporal consistency for nerve segmentation in ultrasound images  A Hafiane, P Vieyres, A Delbos
2017   Application of Deep Belief Network to Land Cover Classification Using Hyperspectral Images  B Ayhan, C Kwan
2017   A Novel Method for Edge Detection in Images Based on Particle Swarm Optimization  CB Sherin, L Mredhula
2017   Full interpretation of minimal images  G Ben
2017   Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Based on Region Convolutional Neural Networks and Hard Negative Example Mining  T Tang, S Zhou, Z Deng, H Zou, L Lei
2017   Flame Images for Oxygen Content Prediction of Combustion Systems Using DBN  Y Liu, Y Fan, J Chen
2017   Learning to Colorize Infrared Images  PL Suárez, AD Sappa, BX Vintimilla
2017   Automatic fetal body and amniotic fluid segmentation from fetal ultrasound images by encoder-decoder network with inner layers  Y Li, R Xu, J Ohya, H Iwata
2017   The Conditional Analogy GAN: Swapping Fashion Articles on People Images  N Jetchev, U Bergmann
2017   Synthesis of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Images via Multi-channel Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)  M Fulham
2017   Performance Evaluation of Super-Resolution Methods Using Deep-Learning and Sparse-Coding for Improving the Image Quality of Magnified Images in Chest …  K Umehara, J Ota, N Ishimaru, S Ohno, K Okamoto
2017   Pixel Classification Methods to Detect Skin Lesions on Dermoscopic Medical Images  F Balducci, C Grana 
2017   Domain Adaptation Using Representation Learning for the Classification of Remote Sensing Images  A Elshamli, GW Taylor, A Berg, S Areibi
2017   Learning to Estimate 3D Hand Pose from Single RGB Images  C Zimmermann, T Brox
2017   Facial Landmark Detection in Low-Resolution Images  Q Wang, X Zhang, J Zhao
2017   An Effective Method Based on ACF for Aircraft Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, H Sun, X Sun, F Li, D Zhang, H Wang
2017   Liver fibrosis classification based on transfer learning and FCNet for ultrasound images  D Meng, L Zhang, G Cao, W Cao, G Zhang, B Hu
2017   Scalable Track Detection in SAR CCD Images  TT Quach, JG Chow
2017   Automatic segmentation of liver tumors from multiphase contrast-enhanced CT images based on FCNs  C Sun, S Guo, H Zhang, J Li, M Chen, S Ma, L Jin
2017   A Combination of Deep Learning and Hand-Designed Feature for Plant Identification Based on Leaf and Flower Images  TTN Nguyen, TL Le, H Vu, HH Nguyen, VS Hoang
2017   VoxResNet: Deep voxelwise residual networks for brain segmentation from 3D MR images  H Chen, Q Dou, L Yu, J Qin, PA Heng
2017   Extraction of Skin Lesions from Non Dermoscopic Images Using Deep Learning  S Begum, S Asra
2017   Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning for Urban Village Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  Y Li, X Huang, H Liu
2017   Applying a deep learning based CAD scheme to segment and quantify visceral and subcutaneous fat areas from CT images  Y Wang, Y Qiu, T Thai, K Moore, H Liu, B Zheng
2017   Convolutional neural network based deep-learning architecture for prostate cancer detection on multiparametric magnetic resonance images  YK Tsehay, NS Lay, HR Roth, X Wang, JT Kwak
2017   Automatic Gleason grading of H&E stained microscopic prostate images using deep convolutional neural networks  A Gummeson, I Arvidsson, M Ohlsson, NC Overgaard
2017   Automated plasmodia recognition in microscopic images for diagnosis of malaria using convolutional neural networks  S Krappe, M Benz, A Gryanik, E Tannich, C Wegner
2017   Systems and methods that leverage deep learning to selectively store images at a mobile image capture device  I Bialynicka
2017   A New Approach to Compute CNNs for Extremely Large Images  S Wu, M Zhang, G Chen, K Chen 
2017   Brain2Image: Converting Brain Signals into Images  I Kavasidis, S Palazzo, C Spampinato, D Giordano
2017   Countering Adversarial Images using Input Transformations  C Guo, M Rana, M Cisse, L van der Maaten 
2017   No-Reference quality assessment for multiply distorted images based on deep learning  Q Sang, L Wu, C Li, X Wu 
2017   Gender recognition from face images with deep learning  Y Akbulut, A Şengür, S Ekici 
2017   Deep Learning Quantification: Extracting Quantitative Information from Images using Convolutional Autoencoders  A Azzini
2017   Statistics of Deep Generated Images  Y Zeng, H Lu, A Borji
2017   A Physics-Based Deep Learning Approach to Shadow Invariant Representations of Hyperspectral Images  L Windrim, R Ramakrishnan, A Melkumyan, RJ Murphy 
2017   Multi-pass 3D convolutional neural network segmentation of prostate MRI images  B Sciolla, M Martin, P Delachartre
2017   SCL-UMD at the Medico Task-MediaEval 2017: Transfer learning based Classification of Medical Images  T Agrawal, R Gupta, S Sahu, CE Wilson
2017   Fluid region segmentation in OCT images based on convolution neural network  D Liu, X Liu, T Fu, Z Yang
2017   Isotropic reconstruction of 3D fluorescence microscopy images using convolutional neural networks  M Weigert, L Royer, F Jug, G Myers
2017   Automated Grading of Age-Related Macular Degeneration From Color Fundus Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  PM Burlina, N Joshi, M Pekala, KD Pacheco
2017   FusionNet: Edge Aware Deep Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Harbor Images  D Cheng, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan
2017   Neural Multi-Atlas Label Fusion: Application to Cardiac MR Images  H Yang, J Sun, H Li, L Wang, Z Xu
2017   Deep neural network-based domain adaptation for classification of remote sensing images  L Ma, J Song
2017   Detecting Uyghur text in complex background images with convolutional neural network  S Fang, H Xie, Z Chen, S Zhu, X Gu, X Gao
2017   Deep Learning for Automated Quality Assessment of Color Fundus Images in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening  SK Saha, B Fernando, J Cuadros, D Xiao
2017   3D reconstruction of synapses with deep learning based on EM Images  C Xiao, Q Rao, D Zhang, X Chen, H Han, Q Xie
2017   A convolutional neural network to classify American Sign Language fingerspelling from depth and colour images  SA Ameen, S Vadera
2017   Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18 F-FDG PET/CT images  H Wang, Z Zhou, Y Li, Z Chen, P Lu, W Wang, W Liu
2017   Bodhisattva head images modeling style recognition of Dazu Rock Carvings based on deep convolutional network  H Wang, Z He, Y Huang, D Chen, Z Zhou
2017   Generation of Human Depth Images with Body Part Labels for Complex Human Pose Recognition  K Nishi, J Miura
2017   Detection and Labeling of Vertebrae in MR Images Using Deep Learning with Clinical Annotations as Training Data  D Forsberg, E Sjöblom, JL Sunshine
2017   3D Deeply Supervised Network for Automated Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images  Q Dou, L Yu, H Chen, Y Jin, X Yang, J Qin, PA Heng
2017   Deep learning to determine breast cancer estrogen receptor status from nuclear morphometric features in H&E images  RR Rawat, D Ruderman, DB Agus, P Macklin
2017   Power infrastructure monitoring and damage detection using drone captured images  A Varghese, J Gubbi, H Sharma, P Balamuralidhar
2017   On Pre-Trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning  S Hinterstoisser, V Lepetit, P Wohlhart, K Konolige 
2017   Convolutional Neural Network-Based Robot Navigation Using Uncalibrated Spherical Images  L Ran, Y Zhang, Q Zhang, T Yang
2017   GPLAC: Generalizing Vision-Based Robotic Skills using Weakly Labeled Images  A Singh, L Yang, S Levine
2017   A Novel Methodology to Label Urban Remote Sensing Images Based on Location-Based Social Media Photos  M Chi, Z Sun, Y Qin, J Shen, JA Benediktsson
2017   Classification of Hyperspectral Images by Gabor Filtering Based Deep Network  X Kang, C Li, S Li, H Lin 
2017   GMM-based vascular segmentation method for 3D CBCT DSA brain images for SEEG plaaning in epilepsy surgery  A Ghilardi
2017   A Comparative Study Of Convolutional Neural Networks For Segmentation And Classification Of Remote Sensing Images  MPD Devi, DA Chitra 
2017   Leaf Disease Segmentation From Agricultural Images via Hybridization of Active Contour Model and OFA  MGS Jayanthi, DR Shashikumar 
2017   Visual Attention-Based Target Detection and Discrimination for High-Resolution SAR Images in Complex Scenes  Z Wang, L Du, P Zhang, L Li, F Wang, S Xu, H Su 
2017   Semantic segmentation of color eye images for improving iris segmentation  D Osorio
2017   Using Deep Learning for Classification of lung nodules on Computed Tomography Images  QZ Song, L Zhao, XK Luo, XC Dou
2017   A method based on machine learning using hand-crafted features for crack detection from asphalt pavement surface images  Y Fujita, K Shimada, M Ichihara, Y Hamamoto
2017   Maritime Semantic Labeling of Optical Remote Sensing Images with Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network  H Lin, Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   Breast Tumor Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Deep Learning  Z Cao, L Duan, G Yang, T Yue, Q Chen, H Fu, Y Xu
2017   Breast cancer cell nuclei classification in histopathology images using deep neural networks  Y Feng, L Zhang, Z Yi
2016   Early-stage atherosclerosis detection using deep learning over carotid ultrasound images  RM Menchón
2016   Inferring Sentiment from Web Images with Joint Inference on Visual and Social Cues: A Regulated Matrix Factorization Approach  YWYHS Kambhampati, B Li
2016   Generating images with recurrent adversarial networks  DJ Im, CD Kim, H Jiang, R Memisevic
2016   Ranking And Selecting Images For Display From A Set Of Images  E Murphy
2016   Generating Images with Perceptual Similarity Metrics based on Deep Networks  A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2016   Automatic Learning to Remove Multipath Distortions in Time-of-Flight Range Images for a Robotic Arm Setup  K Son, MY Liu, Y Taguchi
2016   Artificial neural network for bubbles pattern recognition on the images  IE Poletaev, KS Pervunin, MP Tokarev
2016   Predicting 1p19q Chromosomal Deletion of Low-Grade Gliomas from MR Images using Deep Learning  Z Akkus, I Ali, J Sedlar, TL Kline, JP Agrawal, IF Parney
2016   A general description generator for human activity images based on deep understanding framework  Z Zhou, K Li, L Bai
2016   Efficient Saliency-Based Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Belief Networks  W Diao, X Sun, X Zheng, F Dou, H Wang, K Fu
2016   Collaborative expression representation using peak expression and intra class variation face images for practical subject-independent emotion recognition in videos  SH Lee, WJ Baddar, YM Ro
2016   $\ mathbf {D^ 3} $: Deep Dual-Domain Based Fast Restoration of JPEG-Compressed Images  Z Wang, D Liu, S Chang, Q Ling, TS Huang
2016   An artificial agent for anatomical landmark detection in medical images  FC Ghesu, B Georgescu, T Mansi, D Neumann
2016   Comparison of Recent Machine Learning Techniques for Gender Recognition from Facial Images  J Lemley, S Abdul
2016   Automatic Lymphocyte Detection in H&E Images with Deep Neural Networks  J Chen, C Srinivas
2016   Monet-Style Images Generation Using Recurrent Neural Networks  Y Zhao, D Xu
2016   A Study of Objectionable Images Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  TH Lee
2016   Deep Feature Extraction and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Chen, H Jiang, C Li, X Jia, P Ghamisi
2016   Automatic Detection and Classification of Oil Tanks in Optical Satellite Images Based on Convolutional Neural Network  Q Wang, J Zhang, X Hu, Y Wang
2016   Automatic Slice Identification in 3D Medical Images with a ConvNet Regressor  BD de Vos, MA Viergever, PA de Jong, I Išgum
2016   Understanding the Mechanisms of Deep Transfer Learning for Medical Images  H Ravishankar, P Sudhakar, R Venkataramani
2016   Novel segmentation algorithm for identification of cell membrane staining in HER2 images  M Wdowiak, T Markiewicz, S Osowski, J Patera
2016   Deep-learning methods for predicting permeability from 2D/3D binary-segmented images  N Srisutthiyakorn*
2016   Semantic Segmentation Of Railway Track Images With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  X Gibert, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Automatic Detection of Cerebral Microbleeds from MR Images via 3D Convolutional Neural Networks.  Q Dou, H Chen, L Yu, L Zhao, J Qin, D Wang, V Mok
2016   A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Segmenting and Classifying Epithelial and Stromal Regions in Histopathological Images  J Xu, X Luo, G Wang, H Gilmore, A Madabhushi
2016   Extraction of Skin Lesions from Non-Dermoscopic Images Using Deep Learning  MH Jafari, E Nasr
2016   Impact of multi-focused images on recognition of soft biometric traits  V Chiesa, JL Dugelay
2016   An Easy Infrastructure Management Method Using On-Board Smartphone Images and Citizen Reports by Deep Neural Network  H Maeda, Y Sekimoto, T Seto
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Landmark Detection in Facial Images  R Groenendijk
2016   A deep learning based approach to classification of CT brain images  XW Gao, R Hui
2016   Learning to Remove Multipath Distortions in Time-of-Flight Range Images for a Robotic Arm Setup  K Son, MY Liu, Y Taguchi
2016   Recurrent Image Captioner: Describing Images with Spatial-Invariant Transformation and Attention Filtering  H Liu, Y Yang, F Shen, L Duan, HT Shen
2016   Pulmonary Nodule Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Computed Tomography Images  W Li, P Cao, D Zhao, J Wang
2016   Weakly Supervised Change Detection in a Pair of Images  SH Khan, X He, M Bennamoun, F Porikli, F Sohel
2016   Convolutional neural network can help differentiate FDG PET images of brain tumor between glioblastoma and primary central nervous system lymphoma  K Hirata, W Takeuchi, S Yamaguchi, H Kobayashi
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Block-based Compressed Sensing of Images  A Adler, D Boublil, M Elad, M Zibulevsky
2016   Visual Sentiment Analysis for Social Images Using Transfer Learning Approach  J Islam, Y Zhang
2016   Applying Deep Learning Techniques to Cultural Heritage Images Within the INCEPTION Project  J Llamas, PM Lerones, E Zalama
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Deep Learning Architecture: Applications to Breast Lesions in US Images and Pulmonary Nodules in CT Scans  JZ Cheng, D Ni, YH Chou, J Qin, CM Tiu, YC Chang
2016   Filling in the details: Perceiving from low fidelity images  FA Wick, ML Wick, M Pomplun
2016   Qualitatively Understanding Various Deep Visual-Semantic Architectures via Computationally Altered Images  M Huh, E Yao, S Kim
2016   Calorie Estimation From Fast Food Images  K Ruan, L Shao
2016   Probabilistic visual search for masses within mammography images using deep learning  MG Ertosun, DL Rubin
2016   Automatic labeling of molecular biomarkers on a cell-by-cell basis in immunohistochemistry images using convolutional neural networks  F Sheikhzadeh, A Carraro, J Korbelic, C MacAulay
2016   Semi-advised learning model for skin cancer diagnosis based on histopathalogical images  A Masood, A Al
2016   Automatic prostate segmentation on MR images with deep network and graph model  K Yan, C Li, X Wang, A Li, Y Yuan, D Feng, M Khadra
2016   Classification of CT brain images based on deep learning networks  XW Gao, R Hui, Z Tian
2016   Classification of remote sensed images using random forests and deep learning framework  S Piramanayagam, W Schwartzkopf, FW Koehler
2016   Automatic Lumbar Vertebrae Detection Based on Feature Fusion Deep Learning for Partial Occluded C-arm X-ray Images  Y Li, W Liang, Y Zhang, H An, J Tan
2016   Pain detection from facial images using unsupervised feature learning approach  R Kharghanian, A Peiravi, F Moradi
2016   Data mining techniques on satellite images for discovery of risk areas  BB Traore, B Kamsu
2016   Skin Lesion Segmentation in Clinical Images Using Deep Learning  MH Jafari, N Karimi, E Nasr
2016   Automatic System to Improve Quality of 2D Images Based on Kohonen Classifier  D Połap
2016   Recent Developments on 2D Pose Estimation From Monocular Images  A Bąk, M Kulbacki, J Segen, D Świątkowski
2016   Texture Networks: Feed-forward Synthesis of Textures and Stylized Images  D Ulyanov, V Lebedev, A Vedaldi, V Lempitsky
2016   Taxonomic indexes for differentiating malignancy of lung nodules on CT images  GLF Silva, AO Carvalho Filho, AC Silva, AC Paiva
2016   Automatic Quality Assessment of Echo Apical 4-chamber Images Using Computer Deep Learning  C Luong, A Abdi, J Jue, K Gin, S Fleming
2016   Perceptual Quality Prediction on Authentically Distorted Images Using a Bag of Features Approach  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2016   Convolutional Neural Network Based Automatic Object Detection on Aerial Images  I Ševo, A Avramović
2016   Graphlets: Capturing Semantic Relationships Between Objects in Images  R Krishna, B Ni, T Migimatsu
2016   Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression Images for a Robotic Companion  V Palade
2016   Change detection based on deep feature representation and mapping transformation for multi-spatial-resolution remote sensing images  P Zhang, M Gong, L Su, J Liu, Z Li
2016   Indoor scene recognition via multi-task metric multi-kernel learning from RGB-D images  Y Zheng, X Gao
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis (Cad) Apparatus And Method Using Consecutive Medical Images  JM Park
2016   Learning to Match Aerial Images with Deep Attentive Architectures  H Altwaijry, E Trulls, J Hays, P Fua, S Belongie
2016   Inference of Plant Diseases from Leaf Images through Deep Learning  SP Mohanty, D Hughes, M Salathe
2016   Synthesizing Training Images for Boosting Human 3D Pose Estimation  W Chen, H Wang, Y Li, H Su, D Lischinsk, D Cohen
2016   Deep Learning for Human Part Discovery in Images  G Oliveira, A Valada, C Bollen, W Burgard, T Brox
2016   ReconNet: Non-Iterative Reconstruction of Images from Compressively Sensed Random Measurements  K Kulkarni, S Lohit, P Turaga, R Kerviche, A Ashok
2016   Toward a Blind Deep Quality Evaluator for Stereoscopic Images Based on Monocular and Binocular Interactions  F Shao, W Tian, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Incorporating Objectness and Convolutional Neural Network  S Qu, Y Wang, G Meng, C Pan
2016   SketchNet: Sketch Classification With Web Images  H Zhang, S Liu, C Zhang, W Ren, R Wang, X Cao
2016   Dense Crowd Counting from Still Images with Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Hu, H Chang, F Nian, Y Wang, T Li
2016   " What happens if..." Learning to Predict the Effect of Forces in Images  R Mottaghi, M Rastegari, A Gupta, A Farhadi
2016   Brain tumor classification of microscopy images using deep residual learning  Y Ishikawa, K Washiya, K Aoki, H Nagahashi
2016   Object Classification in Images of Neoclassical Furniture Using Deep Learning  S Donig, S Handschuh
2016   Hybrid approach for automatic segmentation of fetal abdomen from ultrasound images using deep learning  H Ravishankar, SM Prabhu, V Vaidya, N Singhal
2016   Geological Disaster Recognition on Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning  Y Liu, L Wu
2016   Learning Fine-Scaled Depth Maps from Single RGB Images  J Li, R Klein, A Yao
2016   Unsupervised Learning of 3D Structure from Images  DJ Rezende, SM Eslami, S Mohamed, P Battaglia
2016   Iterative Multi-domain Regularized Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Detection and Segmentation from Ultrasound Images  H Chen, Y Zheng, JH Park, PA Heng, SK Zhou
2016   A Hierarchical Predictive Coding Model of Object Recognition in Natural Images  MW Spratling
2016   Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training  A Shrivastava, T Pfister, O Tuzel, J Susskind, W Wang
2016   Deep Generative Models of Galaxy Images for the Calibration of the Next Generation of Weak Lensing Surveys  F Lanusse, S Ravanbakhsh, R Mandelbaum
2016   Generating Images Part by Part with Composite Generative Adversarial Networks  H Kwak, BT Zhang
2016   Identification of Water and Fat Images in Dixon MRI Using Aggregated Patch-Based Convolutional Neural Networks  L Zhao, Y Zhan, D Nickel, M Fenchel, B Kiefer, XS Zhou
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Histological Image Analysis in Gastric Carcinoma Whole Slide Images  H Sharma, N Zerbe, I Klempert, O Hellwich, P Hufnagl
2016   Deep learning for superpixel-based classification of remote sensing images  C Gonzalo
2016   Ultra-Resolving Face Images by Discriminative Generative Networks  X Yu, F Porikli
2016   Deep Learning 3D Shape Surfaces Using Geometry Images  A Sinha, J Bai, K Ramani
2016   Customizing CNNs for blood vessel segmentation from fundus images  SK Vengalil, N Sinha, SSS Kruthiventi, RV Babu
2016   Accurate segmentation of nuclei in pathological images via sparse reconstruction and deep convolutional networks  X Pan, L Li, H Yang, Z Liu, J Yang, L Zhao, Y Fan
2016   Protein contact prediction from amino acid co-evolution using convolutional networks for graph-valued images  V Golkov, MJ Skwark, A Golkov, A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2016   InnerView: Learning Place Ambiance from Social Media Images  D Santani, R Hu, D Gatica
2016   Very high resolution images classification by fine tuning deep convolutional neural networks  M Iftene, Q Liu, Y Wang
2016   Gender recognition from face images with trainable COSFIRE filters  G Azzopardi, A Greco, M Vento
2016   Active Deep Learning for Classification of Hyperspectral Images  P Liu, H Zhang, KB Eom
2016   Scalable algorithms for semi-automatic segmentation of electron microscopy images of the brain tissue  A Zlateski
2016   Autonomous Wheeled Robot Navigation with Uncalibrated Spherical Images  L Ran, Y Zhang, T Yang, P Zhang
2016   Fast Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images Using Fully Convolutional Network  J Hu, T Xu, J Zhang, Y Yang
2016   Overlapping cell nuclei segmentation in microscopic images using deep belief networks  R Duggal, A Gupta, R Gupta, M Wadhwa, C Ahuja
2016   Estimating Depth from Monocular Images as Classification Using Deep Fully Convolutional Residual Networks  Y Cao, Z Wu, C Shen
2016   A Wavelet Deep Belief Network-Based Classifier for Medical Images  A Khatami, A Khosravi, CP Lim, S Nahavandi
2016   First trial and evaluation of anatomical structure segmentations in 3D CT images based only on deep learning  X Zhou, T Ito, R Takayama, S Wang, T Hara, H Fujita
2016   Deep Learning With Grouped Features for Spatial Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Images  X Zhou, S Li, F Tang, K Qin, S Hu, S Liu
2016   Segmenting overlapping cervical cell in Pap smear images  Y Song, JZ Cheng, D Ni, S Chen, B Lei, T Wang
2016   Machine Learning for Medical Images Analysis  A Criminisi
2016   Fusing LIDAR and images for pedestrian detection using convolutional neural networks  J Schlosser, CK Chow, Z Kira
2016   Tutorial on Answering Questions about Images with Deep Learning  M Malinowski, M Fritz
2016   Super Resolution of the Partial Pixelated Images With Deep Convolutional Neural Network  H Mao, Y Wu, J Li, Y Fu
2016   An Uncertain Future: Forecasting from Static Images using Variational Autoencoders  J Walker, C Doersch, A Gupta, M Hebert
2016   Surface Based Object Detection in RGBD Images  S Chandra, G Chrysos, I Kokkinos
2016   An Overview of Melanoma Detection in Dermoscopy Images Using Image Processing and Machine Learning  NK Mishra, ME Celebi
2016   Fast Accurate Fish Detection and Recognition of Underwater Images with Fast R-CNN  X Li, M Shang, H Qin, L Chen
2016   Multi-view 3D Models from Single Images with a Convolutional Network  M Tatarchenko, A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2016   Gender Recognition from Face Images Using a Fusion of SVM Classifiers  G Azzopardi, A Greco, M Vento
2016   How smart does your profile image look? Intelligence estimation from social network profile images  X Wei, D Stillwell
2016   Towards Automatic Wild Animal Monitoring: Identification of Animal Species in Camera-trap Images using Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  A Gomez, A Salazar
2016   Luminosity and contrast normalization in color retinal images based on standard reference image  ES Varnousfaderani, S Yousefi, A Belghith
2016   A Fractal-based CNN for Detecting Complicated Curves in AFM Images  H Xu, J Yan, N Persson, H Zha
2016   Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images using Deep Learning  S Muruganandham
2016   Automated Quality Assessment of Cardiac MR Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  L Zhang, A Gooya, B Dong, R Hua, SE Petersen
2016   Deep Learning Assessment of Tumor Proliferation in Breast Cancer Histological Images  M Shah, C Rubadue, D Suster, D Wang
2016   Object detection in pleiades images using deep features  M Dahmane, S Foucher, M Beaulieu, F Riendeau
2016   A deep learning approach to the classification of sub-decimetre resolution aerial images  JR Bergado, C Persello, C Gevaert
2016   Cloud detection of remote sensing images by deep learning  M Shi, F Xie, Y Zi, J Yin
2016   Exploring deep features from brain tumor magnetic resonance images via transfer learning  R Liu, LO Hall, DB Goldgof, M Zhou, RA Gatenby
2016   Automatic moth detection from trap images for pest management  W Ding, G Taylor
2016   AggNet: Deep Learning from Crowds for Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histology Images  S Albarqouni, C Baur, F Achilles, V Belagiannis
2016   Dense prediction for text line segmentation in handwritten document images  QN Vo, GS Lee
2016   Fine-grained Recurrent Neural Networks for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Ultrasound Images  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, Y Wang, D Ni, J Qin, PA Heng
2016   Convolutional neural network features based change detection in satellite images  AM El Amin, Q Liu, Y Wang
2016   A 3D Active Contour Method for Automated Segmentation of the Left Ventricle from Magnetic Resonance Images  M Hajiaghayi, E Groves, H Jafarkhani, A Kheradvar
2016   Discriminating Between Computer-Generated Facial Images and Natural Ones Using Smoothness Property and Local Entropy  I Echizen
2016   Classification in Bone Scintigraphy Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  J Dang
2016   Synthetic Data for Text Localisation in Natural Images  A Gupta, A Vedaldi, A Zisserman
2016   Application of machine learning for the evaluation of turfgrass plots using aerial images  K Ding, A Raheja, S Bhandari, RL Green
2016   D3: Deep dualdomain based fast restoration of jpeg-compressed images  Z Wang, S Chang, D Liu, Q Ling, TS Huang
2016   Generic Object Detection In Images  K He, J Sun, X Zhang
2016   A resolution adaptive deep hierarchical (RADHicaL) learning scheme applied to nuclear segmentation of digital pathology images  A Janowczyk, S Doyle, H Gilmore, A Madabhushi
2016   Foodness Proposal for Multiple Food Detection by Training of Single Food Images  W Shimoda, K Yanai
2016   Deep Neural Networks for Fast Segmentation of 3D Medical Images  K Fritscher, P Raudaschl, P Zaffino, MF Spadea
2016   A Deep Learning Approach for Semantic Segmentation in Histology Tissue Images  J Wang, JD MacKenzie, R Ramachandran, DZ Chen
2016   Deep Learning Ensembles for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images  N Codella, QB Nguyen, S Pankanti, D Gutman, B Helba
2016   Method for determining similarity of objects represented in images  M Jones, T Marks, E Ahmed
2016   DeepSkeleton: Learning Multi-task Scale-associated Deep Side Outputs for Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images  W Shen, K Zhao, Y Jiang, Y Wang, X Bai, A Yuille
2016   CNN based learning: object classificatio n on images from Aerial Photography  J Liu, M Yang
2016   A Recursive Framework for Expression Recognition: From Web Images to Deep Models to Game Dataset  W Li, C Tsangouri, F Abtahi, Z Zhu
2016   Prediction of Facial Key points in Images Using Neural Networks  M Bhelande, A Krishnan, A Bharadwaj, N Palecha
2016   Shape2Vec: semantic-based descriptors for 3D shapes, sketches and images  FP Tasse, N Dodgson
2016   Rotating Machinery Diagnostics Using Deep Learning on Orbit Plot Images  H Jeong, S Park, S Woo, S Lee
2016   Application of Object Identification in Social Media Images CS 766 Proposal  KW Cheung, J Ruan
2016   Unsupervised texture transfer from images to model collections  TY Wang, H Su, Q Huang, J Huang, L Guibas, NJ Mitra
2016   Parsing Images of Overlapping Organisms with Deep Singling-Out Networks  V Yurchenko, V Lempitsky
2016   Emotion Classification on face images  M Jorda, N Miolane, A Ng
2016   Dense semantic labeling of sub-decimeter resolution images with convolutional neural networks  M Volpi, D Tuia
2016   Learning blind quality evaluator for stereoscopic images using joint sparse representation  F Shao, K Li, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   Classification of Malignancy of Lung Nodules in CT Images Using Convolutional Neural Network  GLF da Silva, AC Silva, AC de Paiva, M Gattass
2016   Melanoma Detection by Analysis of Clinical Images Using Convolutional Neural Network  E Nasr
2016   Generating Numeric Embeddings Of Images  JW Philbin, GF Schroff, D Kalenichenko
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