Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: information retrieval

Year TitleAuthor
2017   On-demand Information Retrieval from Videos Using Deep Learning in Wireless Networks: Demo Abstract  Z Lu, N Felemban, K Chan, T La Porta
2017   IRGAN: A Minimax Game for Unifying Generative and Discriminative Information Retrieval Models  J Wang, L Yu, W Zhang, Y Gong, Y Xu, B Wang
2017   A musical information retrieval system for Classical Turkish Music makams  MA Kızrak, B Bolat
2017   Cross-Media Information Retrieval with Deep Convolutional Neural Network  L Bai, T Yu, J Guo, Z Yang, Y Xie
2017   Bug localization with combination of deep learning and information retrieval  AN Lam, AT Nguyen, HA Nguyen, TN Nguyen
2017   Neural Networks for Information Retrieval  T Kenter, A Borisov, C Van Gysel, M Dehghani
2017   A Tutorial on Deep Learning for Music Information Retrieval  K Choi, G Fazekas, K Cho, M Sandler
2017   Linking signal and semantic representations of musical content for music information retrieval  M Buccoli
2016   Efficient Inference, Search and Evaluation for Latent Variable Models of Text with Applications to Information Retrieval and Machine Translation  K Krstovski
2016   Content-based Information Retrieval via Nearest Neighbor Search  Y Huang
2016   Constraining Word Embeddings by Prior Knowledge–Application to Medical Information Retrieval  X Liu, JY Nie, A Sordoni
2016   Information retrieval in instant messaging platforms using Recurrent Neural Networks  JHP Suorra
2016   Sentiment analysis for Odia language using supervised classifier: an information retrieval in Indian language initiative  SK Sahu, P Behera, DP Mohapatra, RC Balabantaray
2016   Combining Deep Learning with Information Retrieval for Question Answering  F Yang, L Gan, A Li, D Huang, X Chou, H Liu
2016   Information Retrieval with Dimensionality Reduction using Deep Belief Networks  V Slot
2015   Deep Sentence Embedding Using the Long Short Term Memory Network: Analysis and Application to Information Retrieval  H Palangi, L Deng, Y Shen, J Gao, X He, J Chen
2014   A compositional hierarchical model for music information retrieval  M Pesek, A Leonardis, M Marolt
2014   Log-Bilinear Document Language Model for Ad-hoc Information Retrieval  X Tu, J Luo, B Li, T He