Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: interactive

Year TitleAuthor
2017   WalkNet: A Neural-Network-Based Interactive Walking Controller  O Alemi, P Pasquier
2017   Interactive Medical Image Segmentation using Deep Learning with Image-specific Fine-tuning  G Wang, W Li, MA Zuluaga, R Pratt, PA Patel¬†
2017   ShapeShop: Towards Understanding Deep Learning Representations via Interactive Experimentation  F Hohman, N Hodas, DH Chau
2017   Deep TAMER: Interactive Agent Shaping in High-Dimensional State Spaces  G Warnell, N Waytowich, V Lawhern, P Stone
2017   Discovering a Domain Knowledge Representation for Image Grouping: Multimodal Data Modeling, Fusion, and Interactive Learning  X Guo
2017   Simulating Player Behavior for Data-Driven Interactive Narrative Personalization  P Wang, J Rowe, W Min, B Mott, J Lester
2017   Interactive Integrated Tutorial for Active Self-Learning: An Effective Method to Teach Medical Subjects to Dental Undergraduates in India  M Saleem, N Kumar, A Sharma, S Muzammil
2017   Interactive 3D Modeling with a Generative Adversarial Network  J Liu, F Yu, T Funkhouser
2017   Image-Based Multi-Target Tracking through Multi-Bernoulli Filtering with Interactive Likelihoods  A Hoak, H Medeiros, RJ Povinelli
2016   Flipped classes and enriched skeleton maps to foster deep and interactive learning in engineering education  S Attia, P Detroz
2016   Assessment of Role of Didactic Lectures and Interactive Sessions in Small Group Discussions  MS Kiran, SC Mestri
2016   Technology Integration: Exploring Interactive Whiteboards as Dialogic Spaces in the Foundation Phase Classroom  AC DEd
2016   VERGE: A Multimodal Interactive Search Engine for Video Browsing and Retrieval  A Moumtzidou, T Mironidis, E Apostolidis
2016   Fuzzy rule-based models with interactive rules and their granular generalization  X Hu, W Pedrycz, O Castillo, P Melin
2016   Training an Interactive Humanoid Robot Using Multimodal Deep Reinforcement Learning  H Cuay√°huitl, G Couly, C Olalainty
2016   Worksheet from POD Interactive Session-Shaping Deep Learning through Rich Engagement with Information  C Maybee, M Flierl
2016   Virtual Manipulation: An On-Screen Interactive Visual Design for Science Learning  S Saha, S Halder
2016   Interactive Deep Learning Method for Segmenting Moving Objects  Y Wang, Z Luo, PM Jodoin
2016   Tinkering Under The Hood: Interactive Zero-Shot Learning with Pictorial Classifiers  V Krishnan
2016   Learning to predict where to look in interactive environments using deep recurrent q-learning  S Mousavi, A Borji, N Mozayani
2016   Evolution of an Interactive Online Magazine for Students, Academics and Expert Practitioners to Engage Students in ESD  K Emblen
2016   An Interactive Likelihood for the Multi-Bernoulli Filter  AB Hoak
2016   Interactive and situated learning in education for sustainability  S Altomonte, B Logan, M Feisst, P Rutherford, R Wilson
2016   Deep Interactive Object Selection  N Xu, B Price, S Cohen, J Yang, T Huang
2015   MOBILect: an interactive mobile lecturing tool for fostering deep learning  O Boyinbode, D Ng'ambi
2015   A developmental where-what neural net for concurrent and interactive visual attention and recognition  Z Ji, J Weng
2015   Deploying an Interactive Mobile Learning System in the Classroom  O Boyinbode, D Fasunon
2015   Smart Playground: A Tangible Interactive Platform with Regular Toys for Young Kids  DM Pham, T Nguyen
2015   An authoring and presentation environment for interactive worked examples  Y Song
2015   Interactive Control of Diverse Complex Characters with Neural Networks  I Mordatch, K Lowrey, G Andrew, Z Popovic, E Todorov
2015   Teaching sustainable and integrated resource management using an interactive nexus model  B Bajzelj, RA Fenner, E Curmi, KS Richards
2015   Guidelines towards the facilitation of interactive online learning programmes in higher education  L Mbati, A Minnaar
2015   Principles of Explanatory Debugging to Personalize Interactive Machine Learning  T Kulesza, M Burnett, WK Wong, S Stumpf
2015   Learning Distributions of Image Features by Interactive Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning in Pattern Recognition Applications  VG Kaburlasos, G Papakostas
2014   Using interactive online role-playing simulations to develop global competency and to prepare engineering students for a globalised world  D May, K Wold, S Moore
2014   Exploring the Relationship Between Factors That Contribute to Interactive Engagement and Academic Performance  M Tlhoaele, A Hofman, K Winnips, Y Beetsma
2014   Evaluating and Implementing an Interactive Infection Control Instructional Program  KV Garland, MS RDH
2014   Digital Learning for Sustainability: An Interactive Magazine for Students, Academics and Expert Practitioners  A Raghubansie, W Corbett, K Boom, L Weaver