Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: kernel

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep kernel mean embeddings for generative modeling and feedforward style transfer  TQ Chen
2017   Nonlinear Deep Kernel Learning for Image  M Jiu, H Sahbi
2017   Kernel Based Semantic Hashing for Gait Retrieval  Y Zhou, Y Huang, Q Hu, L Wang 
2017   Fast learning rate of deep learning via a kernel perspective  T Suzuki
2017   Implicit Variational Inference with Kernel Density Ratio Fitting  J Shi, S Sun, J Zhu
2017   Cell Detection with Deep Learning Accelerated by Sparse Kernel  J Huang, Z Xu
2017   Sample Document–Inversion Of The Permeability Of A Tight Gas Reservoir With The Combination Of A Deep Boltzmann Kernel …  L Zhu, C Zhang, Y Wei, X Zhou, Y Huang, C Zhang
2017   Deep multiple multilayer kernel learning in core vector machines  AL Afzal, S Asharaf 
2017   Motion Blur Kernel Estimation via Deep Learning.  X Xu, J Pan, YJ Zhang, MH Yang
2017   Parsimonious Inference on Convolutional Neural Networks: Learning and applying on-line kernel activation rules  I Theodorakopoulos, V Pothos, D Kastaniotis
2017   Multiple Kernel Learning and Automatic Subspace Relevance Determination for High-dimensional Neuroimaging Data  MS Ayhan, V Raghavan
2017   Kernel Approximation Methods for Speech Recognition  A May, AB Garakani, Z Lu, D Guo, K Liu, A Bellet, L Fan
2017   A Deep Learning Approach To Multiple Kernel Fusion  H Song, JJ Thiagarajan, P Sattigeri, KN Ramamurthy
2017   Receptive Fields Neural Networks using the Gabor Kernel Family  G Verkes
2017   Deep kernel learning in core vector machines  AL Afzal, S Asharaf
2017   An Empirical Study on The Properties of Random Bases for Kernel Methods  M Alber, PJ Kindermans, K Schütt, KR Müller, F Sha 
2017   A New Parametric Kernel Estimation Technique for License Plate Image De-blurring  PSP Rao, RK Muthu
2017   Ensemble Application of Convolutional Neural Networks and Multiple Kernel Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  S Poria, H Peng, A Hussain, N Howard, E Cambria
2017   Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting with Empirical Mode Decomposition based Ensemble Kernel Machines  X Qiu, PN Suganthan, GAJ Amaratunga
2017   Large Kernel Matters--Improve Semantic Segmentation by Global Convolutional Network  C Peng, X Zhang, G Yu, G Luo, J Sun
2017   A texture-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis scheme using adaptive optimal kernel time frequency representation and uniform local binary patterns  H Chen, J Wang, J Li, B Tang
2017   Unsupervised deep kernel for high dimensional data  Y Xie, L Le, J Hao
2017   Deep kernel learning method for SAR image target recognition  X Chen, X Peng, R Duan, J Li 
2017   Multiple Kernel Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Review  Y Gu, J Chanussot, X Jia, JA Benediktsson
2016   Overview of Deep Kernel Learning Based Techniques and Applications  XY Chen, XY Peng, JB Li, Y Peng
2016   Extreme learning machine with kernel model based on deep learning  S Ding, L Guo, Y Hou
2016   End-to-End Kernel Learning with Supervised Convolutional Kernel Networks  J Mairal
2016   Super-resolution via a fast deconvolution with kernel estimation  H Yu, TZ Huang, LJ Deng, XL Zhao
2016   Class-Specific Kernel Discriminant Analysis Revisited: Further Analysis and Extensions  A Iosifidis, M Gabbouj
2016   Laplacian deep kernel learning for image annotation  M Jiu, H Sahbi
2016   Stochastic Variational Deep Kernel Learning  AG Wilson, Z Hu, R Salakhutdinov, EP Xing
2016   Single image super-resolution using regularization of non-local steering kernel regression  K Zhang, X Gao, J Li, H Xia
2016   Post Training in Deep Learning with Last Kernel  T Moreau, J Audiffren
2016   Centered Kernel Alignment Enhancing Neural Network Pretraining for MRI-Based Dementia Diagnosis  D Cárdenas
2016   Deep kernel: learning kernel function from data using deep neural network  L Le, J Hao, Y Xie, J Priestley
2016   Learning Infinite-Layer Networks: Beyond the Kernel Trick  A Globerson, R Livni
2016   A framework for parameter estimation and model selection in kernel deep stacking networks  T Welchowski, M Schmid
2016   Sparse Representation Based Complete Kernel Marginal Fisher Analysis Framework for Computational Art Painting Categorization  A Puthenputhussery, Q Liu, C Liu
2016   Ideal Regularized Composite Kernel for Hyperspectral Image Classification  J Peng, H Chen, Y Zhou, L Li
2016   Pairwise Decomposition with Deep Neural Networks and Multiscale Kernel Subspace Learning for Acoustic Scene Classification  E Marchi, D Tonelli, X Xu, F Ringeval, J Deng
2016   Supplementary Material: Deep Kernel Learning  AG Wilson, Z Hu, R Salakhutdinov, EP Xing
2016   A Comparison between Deep Neural Nets and Kernel Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition  Z Lu, D Guo, AB Garakani, K Liu, A May, A Bellet, L Fan
2016   Deep Restricted Kernel Machines using Conjugate Feature Duality  JAK Suykens, K Arenberg
2015   Tumor Classification by Deep Polynomial Network and Multiple Kernel Learning on Small Ultrasound Image Dataset  X Liu, J Shi, Q Zhang
2015   Deep multilayer multiple kernel learning  I Rebai, Y BenAyed, W Mahdi
2015   Steps Toward Deep Kernel Methods from Infinite Neural Networks  T Hazan, T Jaakkola
2015   Deep Convolutional Networks are Hierarchical Kernel Machines  F Anselmi, L Rosasco, CTT Poggio
2015   Multilingual Subjectivity Detection Using Deep Multiple Kernel Learning  I Chaturvedi, E Cambria, F Zhu, L Qiu, WK Ng
2015   Hypothesis Testing with Kernel Embeddings on Big and Interdependent Data  D Sejdinovic
2015   On optimizing machine learning workloads via kernel fusion  A Ashari, S Tatikonda, M Boehm, B Reinwald
2015   Kernel principal component analysis network for image classification  D Wu, J Wu, R Zeng, L Jiang, L Senhadji, H Shu
2015   Higher-level Feature Combination via Multiple Kernel Learning for Image Classification  W Luo, J Yang, W Xu, J Li, J Zhang
2015   maxDNN: An Efficient Convolution Kernel for Deep Learning with Maxwell GPUs  A Lavin
2015   A novel supervised approach to learning efficient kernel descriptors for high accuracy object recognition  B Xie, Y Liu, H Zhang, J Yu
2015   Classification with Truncated l1 Distance Kernel  X Huang, JAK Suykens, S Wang, A Maier, J Hornegger
2015   Feedforward kernel neural networks, generalized least learning machine, and its deep learning with application to image classification  S Wang, Y Jiang, FL Chung, P Qian
2015   Deep Learning-Based Image Kernel for Inductive Transfer  N Kumar, RD Sharma, A Karmakar, A Sethi
2015   Deep Kernel Learning  AG Wilson, Z Hu, R Salakhutdinov, EP Xing
2015   Multi-Channel EEG based Sleep Stage Classification with Joint Collaborative Representation and Multiple Kernel Learning  J Shi, X Liu, Y Li, Q Zhang, Y Li, S Yin
2014   Discriminative Kernel Feature Extraction and Learning for Object Recognition and Detection  H Pan, SI Olsen, Y Zhu
2014   Recognition of Facial Expression via Kernel PCA Network  DK Hu, AS Ye, L Li, L Zhang
2014   How to Scale Up Kernel Methods to Be As Good As Deep Neural Nets  Z Lu, A May, K Liu, AB Garakani, D Guo, A Bellet, L Fan
2014   Kernel Deep Convex Networks And End-To-End Learning  L Deng, X He, G Tur, D Hakkani
2014   Support Vector-Based Algorithms with Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Kernel Function for Time Series Classification  YS Jeong, R Jayaramam
2014   Emotion Recognition in the Wild with Feature Fusion and Multiple Kernel Learning  JK Chen, Z Chen, Z Chi, H Fu