Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: kernels

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deriving Neural Architectures from Sequence and Graph Kernels  T Lei, W Jin, R Barzilay, T Jaakkola
2017   Richer feature for image classification with super and sub kernels based on deep convolutional neural network  P Tang, H Wang
2017   Multicast Convolutional Network Codes via Local Encoding Kernels  M Rekab
2017   Splenomegaly Segmentation using Global Convolutional Kernels and Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Huo, Z Xu, S Bao, C Bermudez, AJ Plassard, J Liu 
2017   SplineCNN: Fast Geometric Deep Learning with Continuous B-Spline Kernels  M Fey, JE Lenssen, F Weichert, H Müller 
2016   Performance-portable autotuning of OpenCL kernels for convolutional layers of deep neural networks  YM Tsai, P Luszczek, J Kurzak, J Dongarra
2016   Hybrid Network-on-Chip Architectures for Accelerating Deep Learning Kernels on Heterogeneous Manycore Platforms  W Choi, K Duraisamy, RG Kim, JR Doppa, P Pratim
2015   DISI-University of Trento Modelling input texts: from Tree Kernels to Deep Learning  A Severyn
2015   Action Recognition by using kernels on aclets sequences  L Brun, G Percannella, A Saggese, M Vento
2015   Deep Graph Kernels  P Yanardag, SVN Vishwanathan
2015   Unsupervised Incremental Learning of Associative Cubes with Orthogonal Kernels  H Kang, J Ha, J Shin, HG Lee, Y Wang
2015   Deep Clustered Convolutional Kernels  M Kim, L Rigazio
2014   Convex Deep Learning via Normalized Kernels  Ö Aslan, X Zhang, D Schuurmans
2014   Racing to Learn: Statistical Inference and Learning in a Single Spiking Neuron with Adaptive Kernels  S Afshar, L George, J Tapson, A van Schaik
2014   Analyzing sparse dictionaries for online learning with kernels  P Honeine
2014   Riemannian Coding and Dictionary Learning: Kernels to the Rescue  M Harandi, M Salzmann
2014   HAck: A system for the recognition of human actions by kernels of visual strings  L Brun, G Percannella, A Saggese, M Vento
2014   Microarchitectural Performance Characterization of Irregular GPU Kernels  MA O'Neil, M Burtscher