Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: landmark

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Coupled Encoder-Decoder Network for Joint Face Detection and Landmark Localization  L Wang, X Yu, DN Metaxas
2017   Regressing Heatmaps for Multiple Landmark Localization using CNNs  D Štern, H Bischof, M Urschler
2017   Convolutional Experts Network for Facial Landmark Detection  A Zadeh, T Baltrušaitis, LP Morency
2017   GoDP: Globally Optimized Dual Pathway deep network architecture for facial landmark localization in-the-wild  Y Wu, SK Shah, IA Kakadiaris 
2017   Joint Craniomaxillofacial Bone Segmentation and Landmark Digitization by Context-Guided Fully Convolutional Networks  J Zhang, M Liu, L Wang, S Chen, P Yuan, J Li
2017   Facial Landmark Localization by Enhanced Convolutional Neural Network  W Deng, Y Fang, Z Xu, J Hu
2017   Wing Loss for Robust Facial Landmark Localisation with Convolutional Neural Networks  ZH Feng, J Kittler, M Awais, P Huber, XJ Wu 
2017   Aircraft Recognition Based on Landmark Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, S Wang, J Zuo, Y Zhang, Y Hu, H Wang
2017   Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection  H Lai, S Xiao, Y Pan, Z Cui, J Feng, C Xu, J Yin, S Yan
2017   Initial Shape Pool Construction for Facial Landmark Localization under Occlusion  X Wu, J Zhou, Y Pan
2017   Effective face landmark localization via single deep network  Z Deng, K Li, Q Zhao, Y Zhang, H Chen
2017   Facial Landmark Detection in Low-Resolution Images  Q Wang, X Zhang, J Zhao
2017   Binarized Convolutional Landmark Localizers for Human Pose Estimation and Face Alignment with Limited Resources  A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
2017   Adversarial Learning of Structure-Aware Fully Convolutional Networks for Landmark Localization  Y Chen, C Shen, XS Wei, L Liu, J Yang 
2017   Intelligent Medical Image Landmark Detection  FC Ghesu, B Georgescu, D Neumann, T Mansi
2017   Convolutional experts constrained local model for facial landmark detection  A Zadeh, T Baltrušaitis, LP Morency
2017   Brute-Force Facial Landmark Analysis With A 140,000-Way Classifier  M Li, L Jeni, D Ramanan
2017   Unconstrained Fashion Landmark Detection via Hierarchical Recurrent Transformer Networks  S Yan, Z Liu, P Luo, S Qiu, X Wang, X Tang
2016   An artificial agent for anatomical landmark detection in medical images  FC Ghesu, B Georgescu, T Mansi, D Neumann
2016   Face Landmark Localization Using a Single Deep Network  Z Deng, K Li, Q Zhao, H Chen
2016   Landmark Recognition with Deep Learning  F Galli, J Conradt
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Landmark Detection in Facial Images  R Groenendijk
2016   Fashion Landmark Detection in the Wild  Z Liu, S Yan, P Luo, X Wang, X Tang
2016   Combining Data-driven and Model-driven Methods for Robust Facial Landmark Detection  H Zhang, Q Li, Z Sun
2016   Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning on Non-overlapping Datasets for Facial Landmark Detection  T Semitsu, X Zhao, W Matsumoto
2016   HyperFace: A Deep Multi-task Learning Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, Pose Estimation, and Gender Recognition  R Ranjan, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Robust Discriminative Regression for Facial Landmark Localization under Occlusion  Y Wang, J Yue, Y Dong, Z Hu
2016   Facial Landmark Detection using Ensemble of Cascaded Regressions  M Penev, O Boumbarov
2016   Transferred Deep Convolutional Neural Network Features for Extensive Facial Landmark Localization  S Zhang, H Yang, ZP YIN
2016   Bi-Level Multi-column Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Landmark Point Detection  Y Xu, S Gao
2016   A CNN Cascade for Landmark Guided Semantic Part Segmentation}  A Jackson, M Valstar, G Tzimiropoulos
2016   Deep Deformation Network for Object Landmark Localization  X Yu, F Zhou, M Chandraker
2016   Landmark Perturbation-Based Data Augmentation for Unconstrained Face Recognition  JJ Lv, C Cheng, GD Tian, XD Zhou, X Zhou
2015   Unconstrained Facial Landmark Localization with Backbone-Branches Fully-Convolutional Networks  Z Liang, S Ding, L Lin
2015   Approaching human level facial landmark localization by deep learning  H Fan, E Zhou
2015   Anatomical landmark detection in medical applications driven by synthetic data  G Riegler, M Urschler, M Rüther, H Bischof, D Stern
2015   Cascaded Collaborative Regression for Robust Facial Landmark Detection Trained using a Mixture of Synthetic and Real Images with Dynamic Weighting  ZH Feng, G Hu, J Kittler, B Christmas, X Wu
2015   DenseBox: Unifying Landmark Localization with End to End Object Detection  L Huang, Y Yang, Y Deng, Y Yu
2015   Learning the Face Shape Models for Facial Landmark Detection in the Wild  Y Wu, Q Ji
2014   Facial Landmark Localization using Hierarchical Pose Regression  Z Zhang, W Zhang, J Liu, X Tang
2014   Random Cascaded-Regression Copse for Robust Facial Landmark Detection  XJ Wu
2014   Fast Localization of Facial Landmark Points  N Markuš, M Frljak, IS Pandzic, J Ahlberg
2014   Low rank driven robust facial landmark regression  Y Sun, Q Liu, H Lu