Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: latent

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning and Inference in Latent Variable Graphical Models DISSERTATION  W Ping
2017   Deep Unsupervised Learning with Consistent Inference of Latent Representations  J Chang, L Wang, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan 
2017   Latent feature learning for activity recognition using simple sensors in smart homes  G Chen, A Wang, S Zhao, L Liu, CY Chang
2017   Latent Attention Networks  C Grimm, D Arumugam, S Karamcheti, D Abel
2017   Deep Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Topic-Layer-Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Riemannian MCMC  Y Cong, B Chen, H Liu, M Zhou
2017   Discriminative conditional restricted Boltzmann machine for discrete choice and latent variable modelling  M Wong, B Farooq, GA Bilodeau
2017   Deep convolutional neural network for latent fingerprint enhancement  J Li, J Feng, CCJ Kuo
2017   Statistical Latent Space Approach for Mixed Data Modelling and Applications  TD Nguyen, T Tran, D Phung, S Venkatesh
2017   Learnable Explicit Density for Continuous Latent Space and Variational Inference  CW Huang, A Touati, L Dinh, M Drozdzal, M Havaei
2017   Relational Deep Learning: A Deep Latent Variable Model for Link Prediction  H Wang, X Shi, DY Yeung
2017   Text Generation Based on Generative Adversarial Nets with Latent Variable  H Wang, Z Qin, T Wan 
2017   Latent Constraints: Learning to Generate Conditionally from Unconditional Generative Models  J Engel, M Hoffman, A Roberts 
2017   Semantically Decomposing the Latent Spaces of Generative Adversarial Networks  C Donahue, A Balsubramani, J McAuley, ZC Lipton
2017   Crossing Nets: Dual Generative Models with a Shared Latent Space for Hand Pose Estimation  C Wan, T Probst, L Van Gool, A Yao
2017   Learning deep context-aware features over body and latent parts for person re-identification  D Li, X Chen, Z Zhang, K Huang
2017   GLSR-VAE: Geodesic Latent Space Regularization for Variational AutoEncoder Architectures  G Hadjeres, F Nielsen, F Pachet
2017   Optimizing the Latent Space of Generative Networks  P Bojanowski, A Joulin, D Lopez
2017   Variational Inference of Disentangled Latent Concepts from Unlabeled Observations  A Kumar, P Sattigeri, A Balakrishnan 
2017   Automated Latent Fingerprint Recognition  K Cao, AK Jain
2017   Auto-encoder with Adversarially Regularized Latent Variables for Semi-Supervised Learning  R Tachibana, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2016   Knowledge Transfer Using Latent Variable Models  S Shakkottai, S Sanghavi
2016   Efficient Inference, Search and Evaluation for Latent Variable Models of Text with Applications to Information Retrieval and Machine Translation  K Krstovski
2016   Latent Tree Analysis  NL Zhang, LKM Poon
2016   Visual Representations and Models: From Latent SVM to Deep Learning  H Azizpour
2016   A Latent Growth Curve Analysis of Learning Strategy and Efficiency  CT Wu, SM Chung
2016   Feature extraction using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Neural Networks: A case study on movie synopses  D Christou
2016   LSI: Latent Semantic Inference for Natural Image Segmentation  L Dong, N Feng, Q Zhang
2016   Latent Sequence Decompositions  W Chan, Y Zhang, Q Le, N Jaitly
2016   Convex Two-Layer Modeling with Latent Structure  V Ganapathiraman, X Zhang, Y Yu, J Wen
2016   LDADeep+: Latent Aspect Discovery with Deep Representations  CE Tsai, HL Hsieh, W Hsu
2016   Initializing Deep Learning Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Document Classification  HB Jeon, SY Lee
2016   Gamma Belief Networks (Deep Latent Dirichlet Allocation)  M Zhou
2016   Deep Part-Based Generative Shape Model with Latent Variables  A Kirillov, M Gavrikov, E Lobacheva, A Osokin
2016   Learning Generative ConvNet with Continuous Latent Factors by Alternating Back-Propagation  T Han, Y Lu, SC Zhu, YN Wu
2016   Latent Structure Preserving Hashing  L Liu, M Yu, L Shao
2016   A Latent Variable Recurrent Neural Network for Discourse Relation Language Models  Y Ji, G Haffari, J Eisenstein
2016   Towards Latent Context-Aware Recommendation Systems  M Unger, A Bar, B Shapira, L Rokach
2016   X-ray In-Depth Decomposition: Can Deep Learning Reveal The Latent Structures?  S Albarqouni, J Fotouhi, N Navab
2016   Method For Inferring Latent User Interests Based On Image Metadata  M Sabah, MI Sadreddin, S Abdullah
2016   Latent Factor Representations for Cold-Start Video Recommendation  S Roy, SC Guntuku
2016   Recurrent Coevolutionary Latent Feature Processes for Continuous-Time Recommendation  H Dai, Y Wang, R Trivedi, L Song
2016   Latent fingerprint minutia extraction using fully convolutional network  Y Tang, F Gao, J Feng
2015   DeepMPC: Learning Deep Latent Features for Model Predictive Control  I Lenz, R Knepper, A Saxena
2015   Exploring Latent Structure in Data: Algorithms and Implementations  PS Sattigeri
2015   End-to-end Learning of Latent Dirichlet Allocation by Mirror-Descent Back Propagation  J Chen, J He, Y Shen, L Xiao, X He, J Gao, X Song
2015   Latent subclass learning-based unsupervised ensemble feature extraction method for hyperspectral image classification  W Wei, Y Zhang, C Tian
2015   Latent Variable Modeling with Diversity-Inducing Mutual Angular Regularization  P Xie, Y Deng, E Xing
2015   Latent Max-margin Metric Learning for Comparing Video Face Tubes  G Sharma, P Pérez
2015   Learning Ensembles of Potential Functions for Structured Prediction with Latent Variables  H Hajimirsadeghi, G Mori
2015   Unsupervised Latent Aspect Discovery for Diverse Event Summarization  WY Lee, YH Kuo, PJ Hsieh, WF Cheng, TH Chao
2015   Latent Regression Bayesian Network for Data Representation  S Nie, Q Ji
2015   An Online Inference Algorithm for Labeled Latent Dirichlet Allocation  Q Zhou, H Huang, XL Mao
2015   Latent Context-Aware Recommender Systems  M Unger
2015   Learning Overcomplete Latent Variable Models through Tensor Methods  A Anandkumar, R Ge, M Janzamin
2015   Latent Keyphrase Extraction Using Deep Belief Networks  J Taemin
2015   Multi-Object Classification and Unsupervised Scene Understanding Using Deep Learning Features and Latent Tree Probabilistic Models  T Nimmagadda, A Anandkumar
2015   Latent Dirichlet Allocation Based Organisation of Broadcast Media Archives for Deep Neural Network Adaptation  M Doulaty, O Saz, RWM Ng, T Hain
2015   Embed to Control: A Locally Linear Latent Dynamics Model for Control from Raw Images  M Watter, JT Springenberg, J Boedecker, M Riedmiller
2015   Learning Latent Temporal Manifolds for Recognition and Prediction of Multiple Actions in Streaming Videos using Deep Networks  BM Nair