Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: learning approaches

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Precipitation Identification with Bispectral Satellite Information Using Deep Learning Approaches  Y Tao, X Gao, A Ihler, S Sorooshian, K Hsu
2017   Deep Learning Approaches for Facial Emotion Recognition: A Case Study on FER-2013  P Giannopoulos, I Perikos, I Hatzilygeroudis 
2017   Evaluation of deep learning approaches based on convolutional neural networks for corrosion detection  DJ Atha, MR Jahanshahi 
2017   Forecasting spot electricity prices: deep learning approaches and empirical comparison of traditional algorithms  J Lago, F De Ridder, P Vrancx, B De Schutter
2017   Introduction to the Special Issue on Deep Learning Approaches for Machine Translation  MR Costa
2017   Deep Learning Approaches In Problems In Various-Dimensional Data  L Yang
2017   Classification of breast MRI lesions using small-size training sets: comparison of deep learning approaches  G Amit, R Ben
2017   Curricular Impact on Learning Approaches and Critical Thinking Skills of Medical Students  V Devi, A Vashe, R Rao, RR Abraham, V Pallath
2017   Molecular Descriptors Selection and Machine Learning Approaches in Protein-Ligand Binding Affinity with Applications to Molecular Docking  CE Hsieh, GS Chen, JS Yeh, YL Lin
2017   Deep Learning Approaches to 3D Shape Completion  P Sharma, J Cingel
2017   Effect of learning approaches of pre-service science teachers on the argument create skills  N Aydogan, H Polat, O Cankaya, FB Emre
2017   Deep Learning Approaches for P300 Classification in Image Triage: Applications to the NAILS Task  AJ Solon, SM Gordon, BJ Lance, VJ Lawhern 
2017   Micro-Doppler Based Human-Robot Classification Using Ensemble and Deep Learning Approaches  S Abdulatif, Q Wei, F Aziz, B Kleiner, U Schneider 
2017   Impact of Learning Approaches on Academic Performance of Preclinical Medical Students: Superficial Vs Deep  Z Kayali, FK Abdulwali, AA Peeran, AS Obad
2017   PRACE: A Taxi Recommender for Finding Passengers with Deep Learning Approaches  Z Huang, Z Zhao, E Shijia, C Yu, G Shan, T Li, J Cheng
2017   Machine Learning Approaches in Cardiovascular Imaging  M Henglin, G Stein, PV Hushcha, J Snoek
2017   A review on Deep Learning approaches in Speaker Identification  SS Tirumala, SR Shahamiri
2017   Opinion Aware Blind Image Quality Assessment-A Comparison of three Learning Approaches  S Gopika, D Malathi, JDD Jayaseeli
2016   Investigate the relationship between interpersonal communication with learning approaches  H Beyraghi, D Fazlollahyazdani
2016   Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification  M Leotta, D Maio, GM Farinella
2016   Knowledge Transfer between Computer Vision and Text Mining: Similarity-based Learning Approaches  RT Ionescu, M Popescu
2016   Detection of soft tissue densities from digital breast tomosynthesis: comparison of conventional and deep learning approaches  SV Fotin, Y Yin, H Haldankar, JW Hoffmeister
2016   Building energy modeling (BEM) using clustering algorithms and semi-supervised machine learning approaches  H Naganathan, WO Chong, X Chen
2016   What time is it? Deep learning approaches for circadian rhythms  F Agostinelli, N Ceglia, B Shahbaba, P Sassone
2016   Are Deep Learning Approaches Suitable for Natural Language Processing?  S Alshahrani, E Kapetanios
2016   ChemApproach: Validation of a Questionnaire to Assess the Learning Approaches of Chemistry Students  M Lastusaari, E Laakkonen, M Murtonen
2016   A Study to Understand the Relationship Between Student's Perception of Academic Environment, Student Learning Approaches and Student Learning Outcomes …  J Christie
2016   Phase 4: DCL System Using Deep Learning Approaches for Land-Based or Ship-Based Real-Time Recognition and Localization of Marine Mammals-Distributed …  PJ Dugan, CW Clark, YA LeCun, SM Van Parijs
2016   Challenges of Medical Text and Image Processing: Machine Learning Approaches  E Menasalvas, C Gonzalo
2016   Large-scale Computational Screening and Machine Learning Approaches to Drug Discovery  BK Allen
2015   Last orders for the lecture theatre? Exploring blended learning approaches and accessibility for full-time international students  Y Turner
2015   Deep learning approaches to problems in speech recognition, computational chemistry, and natural language text processing  GE Dahl
2015   Are prospective elementary school teachers' social studies teaching efficacy beliefs related to their learning approaches in a social studies teaching methods course?  S Dundar
2015   Learning Approaches of Successful Students and Factors Affecting Their Learning Approaches.  Dİ Beyaztaş, N Senemoğlu
2015   Are Prospective Elementary School Teachers' Social Studies Teaching Efficacy Beliefs Related to Their Learning Approaches in a Social Studies Teaching Methods …  Ş Dündar
2015   Age, Maturity and Gender, and the Propensity towards Surface and Deep Learning Approaches amongst University Students  W Lake, W Boyd
2015   The predictive power of psychological types for learning approaches among Chinese university students  Q Xie
2015   Predicting Academic Success From Academic Motivation And Learning Approaches In Classroom Teaching Students  B Cetin
2015   The Relationship between the Educational Beliefs and Learning Approaches  S Alkin
2015   EmoNets: Multimodal deep learning approaches for emotion recognition in video  SE Kahou, X Bouthillier, P Lamblin, C Gulcehre
2015   What Are the Learning Approaches Applied by Undergraduate Students in English Process Writing Based on Gender?  A Veloo, HN Krishnasamy, HM Harun
2015   Active Learning Approaches to Integrating Technology into a Middle School Science Curriculum Based on 21st Century Skills  R Christensen, G Knezek
2015   Relationships between Vocational Interests and Learning Approaches to Advance the Quality of Student Learning in Accounting  T McDowall, B Jackling, R Natoli
2015   Engaging Multidisciplinary First Year Students to Learn Anatomy Via Stimulating Teaching and Active, Experiential Learning Approaches  CM Diaz, T Woolley
2015   A comparative evaluation of supervised and unsupervised representation learning approaches for anaplastic medulloblastoma differentiation  A Cruz
2015   Review of Machine Learning Approaches for Biomass and Soil Moisture Retrievals from Remote Sensing Data  I Ali, F Greifeneder, J Stamenkovic, M Neumann
2015   Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Radiation Therapy Outcomes: A Clinician's Perspective  J Kang, R Schwartz, J Flickinger, S Beriwal
2014   Demographic Factors, Personality, and Ability as Predictors of Learning Approaches  Q Xie, L Zhang
2014   Ensemble Learning Approaches in Speech Recognition  Y Zhao, J Xue, X Chen