Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: learning methods

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Analysis on Deep Learning Methods for Predicting Patient Survival  A Girard, B Shin, E Zhou
2017   Category Prediction of Questions Posted in Community-Based Question Answering Services Using Deep Learning Methods  Q Ma, R Kato, M Murata 
2017   A Review of Deep Learning Methods and Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  A Carrio, C Sampedro, A Rodriguez
2017   Comparison of Shallow and Deep Learning Methods on Classifying the Regional Pattern of Diffuse Lung Disease  GB Kim, KH Jung, Y Lee, HJ Kim, N Kim, S Jun, JB Seo 
2017   Review of Deep Learning Methods in Mammography, Cardiovascular, and Microscopy Image Analysis  G Carneiro, Y Zheng, F Xing, L Yang
2017   Population specific template construction and brain structure segmentation using deep learning methods  R Mehta
2017   A Comparison of the Deep Learning Methods for Solving Seafloor Image Classification Task  T Rimavicius, A Gelzinis
2017   A novel passenger flow prediction model using deep learning methods  L Liu, RC Chen
2017   Pedestrian recognition through different cross-modality deep learning methods  DO Pop, A Rogozan, F Nashashibi, A Bensrhair
2017   Financial Series Prediction: Comparison Between Precision of Time Series Models and Machine Learning Methods  XY Qian, S Gao
2017   Evaluating persuasion strategies and deep reinforcement learning methods for negotiation dialogue agents  S Keizer, M Guhe, H Cuayahuitl, I Efstathiou
2017   A Comparison of deep learning methods for environmental sound  J Li, W Dai, F Metze, S Qu, S Das
2017   Randomized Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Trial Enrichment and Design in Alzheimer's Disease  VK Ithapu, V Singh, SC Johnson 
2017   Using Deep learning methods for generation of a personalized list of shuffled songs  R Gindra, S Kotak, A Natekar, G Sharma 
2017   Advanced Steel Microstructure Classification by Deep Learning Methods  SM Azimi, D Britz, M Engstler, M Fritz, F Mücklich
2017   Individual Recognition in Schizophrenia using Deep Learning Methods with Random Forest and Voting Classifiers: Insights from Resting State EEG Streams  L Chu, R Qiu, H Liu, Z Ling, X Shi
2017   Deep Learning Methods for Improved Decoding of Linear Codes  E Nachmani, E Marciano, L Lugosch, WJ Gross
2017   Automated Segmentation Of Organ Chambers Using Deep Learning Methods From Medical Imaging  MR Avendi, H Jafarkhani, A Kheradvar
2017   Deep learning methods for protein torsion angle prediction  H Li, J Hou, B Adhikari, Q Lyu, J Cheng
2017   Comparison of Deep Learning With Multiple Machine Learning Methods and Metrics Using Diverse Drug Discovery Datasets  A Korotcov, V Tkachenko, DP Russo, S Ekins 
2017   Are Deep Learning Methods Better for Twitter Sentiment Analysis?  Y Lu, K Sakamoto, H Shibuki, T Mori
2017   Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18 F-FDG PET/CT images  H Wang, Z Zhou, Y Li, Z Chen, P Lu, W Wang, W Liu
2017   A Survey of Deep Learning Methods for Relation Extraction  S Kumar
2017   Precision Radiology: Predicting longevity using feature engineering and deep learning methods in a radiomics framework.  L Oakden
2017   Automated diagnosis of myositis from muscle ultrasound: Exploring the use of machine learning and deep learning methods  P Burlina, S Billings, N Joshi, J Albayda
2016   Review of MRI-based Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methods  A Işın, C Direkoğlu, M Şah
2016   Comparative Study of Deep Learning Methods on Dorsal Hand Vein Recognition  X Li, D Huang, Y Wang
2016   Emotion Recognition from Speech Signals Using Deep Learning Methods  S Pathak, MV Kolhe
2016   Genome-Wide Prediction of cis-Regulatory Regions Using Supervised Deep Learning Methods  Y Li, W Shi, WW Wasserman
2016   Image driven machine learning methods for microstructure recognition  A Chowdhury, E Kautz, B Yener, D Lewis
2016   An evaluation of randomized machine learning methods for redundant data: Predicting short and medium-term suicide risk from administrative records and risk …  T Nguyen, T Tran, S Gopakumar, D Phung
2016   Android Malware Classification Using Parallelized Machine Learning Methods  L Xu
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Ultrasound Using Computerized BI-RADS Features and Machine Learning Methods  J Shan, SK Alam, B Garra, Y Zhang, T Ahmed
2016   Machine Learning Methods for Medical and Biological Image Computing  R Li
2016   Lung Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methods and Convolutional Neural Networks  A Alexander Kalinovsky, V Kovalev
2016   Deep Learning Methods For Improving The Perceptual Quality Of Noisy And Reverberant Speech  DS Williamson
2016   Fathom: Reference Workloads for Modern Deep Learning Methods  R Adolf, S Rama, B Reagen, GY Wei, D Brooks
2015   Smoking Gun or Circumstantial Evidence? Comparison of Statistical Learning Methods using Functional Annotations for Prioritizing Risk Variants  SA Gagliano, R Ravji, MR Barnes, ME Weale, J Knight
2015   Criminal Statistics Analyzing Based on Deep Learning Methods  X Huang, J Lin
2015   Deep Learning Methods For Multiband Explosive Hazard Detection Using L-Band And X-Band Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating …  JT Becker
2015   Rejoinder to 'Statistical learning methods for information security: fundamentals and case studies'  HK Pao, YJ Lee, CY Huang
2015   Keystroke Dynamics User Authentication Using Advanced Machine Learning Methods  Y Deng, Y Zhong
2015   Computational Aesthetics of Photos Quality Assessment and Classification Based on Artificial Neural Network with Deep Learning Methods  Y Zhou, G Li, Y Tan
2015   A Research on Machine Learning Methods for Big Data Processing  J Qiu, Y Sun
2015   Systematic Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Identification of miRNA Species as Disease Biomarkers  C Higuchi, T Tanaka, Y Okada
2014   Performance Prediction by Deep Learning Methods for Semiconductor Manufacturing  S Zhang, F Qiao, M Liu
2014   Learning Methods for Variable Selection and Time Series Prediction  D Sovilj