Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: linear

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Robust Linear Representation via Exploiting Structure Prior  D Wang, R He, L Wang, T Tan
2017   Local feature representation based on linear filtering with feature pooling and divisive normalization for remote sensing image classification  L Wan, N Liu, Y Guo, H Huo, T Fang
2017   Mixed‐Integer Linear Programming on Work‐Rest Schedule Design for Construction Sites in Hot Weather  W Yi, S Wang
2017   Deep Neural Networks with Elastic Rectified Linear Units for Object Recognition  X Jiang, Y Pang, X Li, J Pan, Y Xie
2017   EE-559–Deep learning 3a. Linear classifiers, perceptron  F Fleuret
2017   Detect Network Anomalies Using A Linear Svm  M Moradi, A Salehi, KA Zadeh 
2017   AMP-Inspired Deep Networks for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter, S Rangan
2017   Reasoning with shapes: profiting cognitive susceptibilities to infer linear mapping transformations between shapes  V Jalili
2017   Infant Asphyxia Detection Using Autoencoders Trained On Locally Linear Embedded-Reduced Mel Frequency Cepstrum …  IM Yassin, A Zabidi, N Ismail, FHK Zaman, MF Shafie
2017   Linear Discriminant Generative Adversarial Networks  Z Sun, M Ozay, T Okatani
2017   Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis and Moving Average Technique in Time Series Model for RGUKT, RK Valley Campus HT Feeder  MD Reddy, N Vishali
2017   Research on leaf species identification based on principal component and linear discriminant analysis  L Zhang, Y Zheng, G Zhong, Q Wang 
2017   Linear Guided Autoencoder: Representation Learning with Linearity  H Ohno
2017   Improving Variational Auto-Encoders using convex combination linear Inverse Autoregressive Flow  JM Tomczak, M Welling
2017   Analysis and Optimization of fastText Linear Text Classifier  V Zolotov, D Kung
2017   Flexible Rectified Linear Units for Improving Convolutional Neural Networks  S Qiu, B Cai
2017   Linear Models and Deep Learning: Learning In Sequential Domains  L Pasa, A Sperduti
2017   ZipML: Training Linear Models with End-to-End Low Precision, and a Little Bit of Deep Learning  H Zhang, J Li, K Kara, D Alistarh, J Liu, C Zhang
2017   Be Careful What You Backpropagate: A Case For Linear Output Activations & Gradient Boosting  A Oland, A Bansal, RB Dannenberg, B Raj
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2017   Deep Learning Methods for Improved Decoding of Linear Codes  E Nachmani, E Marciano, L Lugosch, WJ Gross
2017   Deep Mixture of Linear Inverse Regressions Applied to Head-Pose Estimation  S Lathuilière, R Juge, P Mesejo, R Munoz
2017   Progressive framework for deep neural networks: from linear to non-linear  S Jie, Z Zhicheng, S Fei, C Anni
2017   A Classification Method for Moving Targets in the Wild Based on Microphone Array and Linear Sparse Auto-Encoder  F Guo, J Huang, X Zhang, X You, X Zu, Q Zhao, Y Ding
2017   The Study of Architecture MLP with Linear Neurons in Order to Eliminate the “vanishing Gradient” Problem  J Kolbusz, P Rozycki, BM Wilamowski
2017   Linear Disentangled Representation Learning for Facial Actions  X Xiang, TD Tran
2017   Optimization Methods for Supervised Machine Learning: From Linear Models to Deep Learning  FE Curtis, K Scheinberg
2017   DLML: Deep linear mappings learning for face super-resolution with nonlocal-patch  T Lu, L Pan, J Jiangs, Y Zhang, Z Xiong
2016   Improving Deep Neural Network with Multiple Parametric Exponential Linear Units  Y Li, C Fan, Y Li, Q Wu
2016   Deep Linear Discriminant Analysis on Fisher Networks: A Hybrid Architecture for Person Re-identification  L Wu, C Shen, A Hengel
2016   High-Dimensional and Large-Scale Anomaly Detection using a Linear One-Class SVM with Deep Learning  SM Erfani, S Rajasegarar, S Karunasekera, C Leckie
2016   Linear Discrimination Dictionary Learning for Shape Descriptors  M Wang, J Xie, F Zhu, Y Fang
2016   Understanding and Improving Convolutional Neural Networks via Concatenated Rectified Linear Units  W Shang, K Sohn, D Almeida, H Lee
2016   Understanding Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Linear Units  R Arora, A Basu, P Mianjy, A Mukherjee
2016   Trusting SVM for Piecewise Linear CNNs  L Berrada, A Zisserman, MP Kumar
2016   Statistical physics of linear and bilinear inference problems  C Schülke
2016   Parametric Exponential Linear Unit for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  L Trottier, P Giguère, B Chaib
2016   Learning to Decode Linear Codes Using Deep Learning  E Nachmani, Y Beery, D Burshtein
2016   Guided Linear Dimensionality Reduction by Stochastic Gradient Descent  M Richter
2016   Onsager-corrected deep learning for sparse linear inverse problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter
2016   Onsager-Corrected Deep Networks for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter
2016   dMath: Distributed Linear Algebra for DL  S Eliuk, C Upright, H Vardhan, S Walsh, T Gale
2015   Algorithm and Theoretical Analysis for Domain Adaptation Feature Learning with Linear Classifiers  W Jiang, F Nie, FK Chung, H Huang
2015   Maximum Entropy Linear Manifold for Learning Discriminative Low-dimensional Representation  WM Czarnecki, R Józefowicz, J Tabor
2015   Optimizing Scheduling of Refinery Operations based on Piecewise Linear Models  X Gao, Y Jiang, T Chen, D Huang
2015   Human Action Recognition Based on Recognition of Linear Patterns in Action Bank Features Using Convolutional Neural Networks  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2015   SOM and Feature Weights Based Method for Dimensionality Reduction in Large Gauss Linear Models  F Pavón, J Vega, SD Canto
2015   Deep Learning with S-shaped Rectified Linear Activation Units  X Jin, C Xu, J Feng, Y Wei, J Xiong, S Yan
2015   On the Importance of Normalisation Layers in Deep Learning with Piecewise Linear Activation Units  Z Liao, G Carneiro
2015   Marginalizing Stacked Linear Denoising Autoencoders  M Chen, KQ Weinberger, ZE Xu, F Sha
2015   Fast and Accurate Deep Network Learning by Exponential Linear Units (ELUs)  DA Clevert, T Unterthiner, S Hochreiter
2015   Multithreshold Entropy Linear Classifier: Theory and Applications  WM Czarnecki, J Tabor
2015   Piecewise Linear Activation Functions For More Efficient Deep Networks  CY Fu, AC Berg
2015   Deep Linear Discriminant Analysis  M Dorfer, R Kelz, G Widmer
2015   Embed to Control: A Locally Linear Latent Dynamics Model for Control from Raw Images  M Watter, JT Springenberg, J Boedecker, M Riedmiller
2015   An Improved Method for Predicting Linear B-cell Epitope Using Deep Maxout Networks  L Yao, HZ Chi, GE Meng, PANX Ming
2015   On Combining Multiple Instance Linear SVM and Bag Splitting for High Performance Visual Object Localization  K Huang, W Ren, D Tao, T Tan
2015   A Simple Way to Initialize Recurrent Networks of Rectified Linear Units  QV Le, N Jaitly, GE Hinton
2015   How Can Deep Rectifier Networks Achieve Linear Separability and Preserve Distances?  S An, UWA EDU, F Boussaid, M Bennamoun
2014   Writer Adaptation using Bottleneck Features and Discriminative Linear Regression for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  J Du, JS Hu, B Zhu, S Wei, LR Dai
2014   A linear approach for sparse coding by a two-layer neural network  A Montalto, G Tessitore, R Prevete
2014   Pre-training of Recurrent Neural Networks via Linear Autoencoders  L Pasa, A Sperduti
2014   Supplementary Material: On the Number of Linear Regions of Deep Neural Networks  G Montúfar, R Pascanu, K Cho, Y Bengio
2014   Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Optimization  G Kutyniok, M Saunders, S Wright, O Yilmaz