Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: markov

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Saliency Detection via Absorbing Markov Chain with Learnt Transition Probability  L Zhang, J Ai, B Jiang, H Lu, X LiĀ 
2017   Discovering Order in Unordered Datasets: Generative Markov Networks  YHH Tsai, H Zhao, R Salakhutdinov, N JojicĀ 
2017   An Adversarial Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model for Human Pose Modeling and Generation  R Zhao, Q Ji
2017   Hyperspectral Image Segmentation with Markov Random Fields and a Convolutional Neural Network  X Cao, F Zhou, L Xu, D Meng, Z Xu, J Paisley
2017   Adaptive Markov Random Field Model for Area Based Image Registration and Change Detection  H Jagadish, J Prakash
2017   Image Crowd Counting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Markov Random Field  K Han, W Wan, H Yao, L Hou
2017   Tandem hidden Markov models using deep belief networks for offline handwriting recognition  PP Roy, G Zhong, M Cheriet
2016   Continuous action segmentation and recognition using hybrid convolutional neural network-hidden Markov model model  J Lei, G Li, J Zhang, Q Guo, D Tu
2016   Deep Markov Random Field for Image Modeling  Z Wu, D Lin, X Tang
2016   Deep Learning Markov Random Field for Semantic Segmentation  Z Liu, X Li, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Hierarchy through Composition with Linearly Solvable Markov Decision Processes  AM Saxe, A Earle, B Rosman
2016   Evolutionary Markov Chains, Potential Games And Optimization Under The Lens Of Dynamical Systems  I Panageas
2016   Speech Synthesis Based on Hidden Markov Models and Deep Learning  M Coto
2016   Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Inference-The Metropolis Algorithm  M Halls
2016   Scattering convolutional hidden Markov trees  JB Regli, JDB Nelson
2016   A Personalized Markov Clustering and Deep Learning Approach for Arabic Text Categorization  V Jindal
2016   Where should cameras look at soccer games: improving smoothness using the Overlapped Hidden Markov Model  J Chen, P Carr, JJ Little
2015   Monte Carlo Integration Using Spatial Structure of Markov Random Field  M Yasuda
2015   Neural Networks for Sequential Data: a Pre-training Approach based on Hidden Markov Models  L Pasa, A Testolin, A Sperduti
2015   A Doubly Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model with a Non-Ergodic Structure  AHHN Torbati, J Picone
2015   Markov Based Social User Interest Prediction  D An, X Zheng
2015   Bayesian Sensing Hidden Markov Model for Hand Gesture Recognition  A Hernawan, YS Lee, A Santoso, CY Wang, JC Wang
2015   A Hybrid of Deep Network and Hidden Markov Model for MCI Identification with Resting-State fMRI  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2015   Audio-Concept Features and Hidden Markov Models for Multimedia Event Detection  B Elizalde, M Ravanelli, K Ni, D Borth, G Friedland
2014   Hyper-Spectral Image Analysis with Partially-Latent Regression and Spatial Markov Dependencies  A Deleforge, F Forbes, S Ba, R Horaud
2014   Hidden Markov Models and the Variants  D Yu, L Deng
2014   Deep Neural Network-Hidden Markov Model Hybrid Systems  D Yu, L Deng