Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: mathematics

Year TitleAuthor
2017   MAP7436/182A–Seminar in Applied Mathematics  Y Chen
2017   Mathematics of Deep Learning  R Vidal, J Bruna, R Giryes, S Soatto 
2017   Feedback in a Mathematics Classroom  G Fuser
2017   The Valuing of Deep Learning Strategies in Mathematics by Immigrant, First-Generation, and Australia-Born Students: Transitions Between Cultural Worlds  A Brooker, M Mahat, WT Seah
2017   Mathematics teachers' telling it like it is'  R Espedido, W du Toit
2017   Putting teachers first: Leading change through design-initiating and sustaining effective teaching of mathematics  R Proffitt
2017   Mathematics for applications in imaging–foreword  RP Barneva, VE Brimkov
2017   Importance of the science of intelligence In this article, I have sketched some scientific questions in both neuroscience and mathematics that will need to be answered. …  X Yi, Y Wang, X Yang, S Yang, B Zhang, Z Wang
2016   Mathematics attitudes and their unique contribution to achievement: Going over and above cognitive ability and personality  AA Lipnevich, F Preckel, S Krumm
2016   A Case Study of an African American Community's Perceptions of Problems in Mathematics Education  R Jenkins
2016   Introduction: Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia 2012–2015  K Makar, S Dole, J Visnovska, M Goos, A Bennison
2016   Equity, Social Justice and Ethics in Mathematics Education  C Vale, B Atweh, R Averill, A Skourdoumbis
2016   Researching Curriculum, Policy and Leadership in Mathematics Education  J Way, J Bobis, J Lamb, J Higgins
2016   Innovative and Powerful Pedagogical Practices in Mathematics Education  R Hunter, J Hunter, R Jorgensen, BH Choy
2016   TIME For Kids: Practicing for Today's Tests Mathematics Level 6: TIME For Kids  A Wilcox
2016   How affective-motivational variables and approaches to learning predict mathematics achievement in upper elementary levels  T García, C Rodríguez, L Betts, D Areces
2016   A Rigorous Statistical Framework for the Mathematics of Sensing, Exploitation and Execution  L Carin
2016   Student Approaches to Learning, Conceptions of Mathematics, and Successful Outcomes in Learning Mathematics  PEL Murphy
2016   Physics Learning Review: Autonomy Support, Gender Gap Reduction, and Measuring Mathematics Reasoning Ability  JC Lear
2016   Literacy in mathematics in preservice education  LM Quinnell
2015   Comparison of Student and Teacher Perceptions of Mathematics Teaching Practices  DA Huinker, M Hedges, WI Milwaukee
2015   A Collection of Problem-Posing Experiences for Prospective Mathematics Teachers that Make a Difference  S Crespo
2015   Mathematics and Computation in Music: 5th International Conference, MCM 2015, London, UK, June 22-25, 2015, Proceedings  T Collins, D Meredith, A Volk
2015   Reverse Scaffolding: A Constructivist Design Architecture for Mathematics Learning With Educational Technology  K Chase, D Abrahamson
2015   Asok Ray Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Dissertation Adviser, Chair of Committee  C Rahn
2015   Engaging preservice primary and preprimary school teachers in digital storytelling for the teaching and learning of mathematics  A Istenic Starcic, M Cotic, I Solomonides, M Volk
2015   Intensive mode delivery of courses in engineering, computer science and mathematics  D Hesterman
2015   Essays in Online Mathematics Interaction  G Stahl
2015   Politeness As A Basic Of Revealing Of The Student'S Error Causes In Solving Of The Mathematics Problem  A Suyitno
2014   Design Principles for Serious Games in Mathematics  K Chorianopoulos, MN Giannakos, N Chrisochoides
2014   Teach Now! Mathematics: Becoming a Great Mathematics Teacher  J Upton
2014   Constructivism Versus Cognitive Load Theory: In Search For An Effective Mathematics Teaching  U Hamzah, B Bustang
2014   Design Principles for Serious Video Games in Mathematics Education: From Theory to Practice  K Chorianopoulos, M Giannakos
2014   The Challenge of Reporting Research to Inform the Creation of Inclusive Mathematics Learning Environments  P Sullivan