Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: matrix

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Constrained Low-rank Matrix Estimation: Phase Transitions, Approximate Message Passing and Applications  T Lesieur, F Krzakala, L Zdeborová
2017   Comparison of collaborative deep learning and nonnegative matrix factorization for recommender systems  M Öggretir, AT Cemgil
2017   Single image super-resolution via self-similarity and low-rank matrix recovery  H Wang, J Li, Z Dong
2017   Deep Bayesian Matrix Factorization  SP Chatzis
2017   Deep learning and non-negative matrix factorization in recognition of mammograms  B Swiderski, J Kurek, S Osowski, M Kruk, W Barhoumi
2017   Stable recovery of the factors from a deep matrix product and application to convolutional network  F Malgouyres, J Landsberg
2017   Graph Convolutional Matrix Completion  R Berg, TN Kipf, M Welling
2017   Unsupervised Generative Modeling Using Matrix Product States  ZY Han, J Wang, H Fan, L Wang, P Zhang
2017   Vectorizable Design and Implementation of Matrix Multiplication on Vector Processor  J Zhang, Y Guo, X Hu
2017   Hybrid Deep-Semantic Matrix Factorization for Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation  Z Xu, C Chen, T Lukasiewicz, Y Miao
2017   Investigating the learning dynamics of deep neural networks using random matrix theory  J Pennington, S Schoenholz, S Ganguli 
2017   Newton-Gauss curvature matrix based cDBN for online edible fungus drying prediction model  G Jun 
2017   Stable recovery of the factors from a deep matrix product and application to convolutional networks. Focus on sparsity constraints  F Malgouyres, J Landsberg
2017   Improving the Performance of Fully Connected Neural Networks by Out-of-Place Matrix Transpose  S Shi, P Xu, X Chu
2017   Sparse Deep Nonnegative Matrix Factorization  Z Guo, S Zhang
2017   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning for Data Center Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu, H Song
2017   Parallel Multi Channel Convolution using General Matrix Multiplication  A Vasudevan, A Anderson, D Gregg
2017   Sustainable Matrix Element Method through Deep Learning  M Neubauer
2017   Anomaly-tolerant Traffic Matrix Estimation via Prior Information Guided Matrix Completion  W Ye, L Chen, G Yang, H Dai, F Xiao
2017   Deep Learning based Matrix Completion  J Fan, T Chow
2016   Inferring Sentiment from Web Images with Joint Inference on Visual and Social Cues: A Regulated Matrix Factorization Approach  YWYHS Kambhampati, B Li
2016   Matrix Neural Networks  J Gao, Y Guo, Z Wang
2016   Deep Action Classification via Matrix Completion  S Bomma, NM Robertson
2016   Prediction of residue-residue contact matrix for protein-protein interaction with Fisher score features and deep learning  T Du, L Liao, C Wu, B Sun
2016   A Kronecker-factored approximate Fisher matrix for convolution layers  R Grosse, J Martens
2016   3D Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image via Distance Matrix Regression  F Moreno
2016   Advances in Multi-View Matrix Factorizations  Y Li
2016   A Riemannian Network for SPD Matrix Learning  Z Huang, L Van Gool
2016   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning in Large-scale IP Backbone Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu
2016   Nonlinear non-negative matrix factorization using deep learning  H Zhang, H Liu, R Song, F Sun
2016   Approximate Projection Expression of Nonlinear Artificial Intelligent Systems Based on Matrix Operator Polynomial Approximations  K Yuichi, K Takuro
2016   Convolutional Matrix Factorization for Document Context-Aware Recommendation  D Kim, C Park, J Oh, S Lee, H Yu
2016   Structured and Efficient Variational Deep Learning with Matrix Gaussian Posteriors  C Louizos, M Welling
2016   Gene expression prediction using low-rank matrix completion  A Kapur, K Marwah, G Alterovitz
2016   Network Classification Using Adjacency Matrix Embeddings and Deep Learning  K Wu, P Watters, M Magdon
2016   LIBXSMM: accelerating small matrix multiplications by runtime code generation  A Heinecke, G Henry, M Hutchinson, H Pabst
2016   Deep Matrix Factorization for Recommendation  M van Baalen
2015   Tumblr Blog Recommendation with Boosted Inductive Matrix Completion  D Shin, S Cetintas, KC Lee, IS Dhillon
2015   Cattle Race Classification Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Convolutional Neural Networks  MM Santoni, DI Sensuse, AM Arymurthy, MI Fanany
2015   Matrix Backpropagation for Deep Networks with Structured Layers  C Ionescu, O Vantzos, C Sminchisescu
2015   Training Deep Networks with Structured Layers by Matrix Backpropagation  C Ionescu, O Vantzos, C Sminchisescu
2015   Mathematical Characterization of Sophisticated Variants for Relevance Learning in Learning Matrix Quantization Based on Schatten-p-norms  A Bohnsack, K Domaschke, M Kaden, M Lange
2015   Joint Image Clustering and Labeling by Matrix Factorization  S Hong, J Choi, J Feyereisl, B Han, LS Davis
2015   The Ghost Matrix  C Penna
2015   Hierachical Feature Extraction by Multi-layer Non-negative Matrix Factorization Network for Classification Task  HA Song, BK Kim, TL Xuan, SY Lee
2015   Scaling Up Natural Gradient by Sparsely Factorizing the Inverse Fisher Matrix  RB Grosse, T EDU, R Salakhutdinov
2015   Feature Learning for Classifying Drum Components from Nonnegative Matrix Factorization  M Leimeister
2015   A deep matrix factorization method for learning attribute representations  G Trigeorgis, K Bousmalis, S Zafeiriou, BW Schuller
2014   Supervised non-negative matrix factorization for audio source separation  P Sprechmann, AM Bronstein, G Sapiro
2014   Score Function Features for Discriminative Learning: Matrix and Tensor Framework  M Janzamin, H Sedghi, A Anandkumar
2014   SoF: Soft-Cluster Matrix Factorization for Probabilistic Clustering  H Zhao, P Poupart, Y Zhang, M Lysy
2014   Matrix and Tensor Features for Discriminative Learning  M Janzamin, H Sedghi, A Anandkumar