Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: medicine

Year TitleAuthor
2017   The role of big-data in clinical studies in laboratory medicine  Z Zhang
2017   SAFS: A deep feature selection approach for precision medicine  MZ Nezhad, D Zhu, X Li, K Yang, P Levy
2017   Deep learning: from chemoinformatics to precision medicine  IW Kim, JM Oh
2016   Chinese Herbal Medicine Image Recognition and Retrieval by Convolutional Neural Network  X Sun, H Qian
2016   Learning Communities and Nuclear Medicine Technology Education  CD Gilmore, E Beloin, L Shanbrun
2016   DeepCare: A Deep Dynamic Memory Model for Predictive Medicine  T Pham, T Tran, D Phung, S Venkatesh
2016   Peer learning in the UNSW Medicine program Assessment and evaluation of admissions, knowledge, skills and attitudes  HA Scicluna, AJ O'Sullivan, P Boyle, PD Jones
2016   Advanced use of EEG in drug development and personalized medicine  S Simpraga, R Alvarez
2015   Tapping into the wisdom in the room: results from participant discussion at the 7th International Conference on Diagnostic Error in Medicine facilitated by a World Café …  KS Cosby, L Zipperer, B Balik
2015   Fish Glue (Gr. ΙΧΘΥΟΚΟΛΛΑ) in Hellenistic and Roman Medicine and Pharmacology  J Scarborough
2015   Evidence-Based Patient Classification for Traditional Chinese Medicine  GZ Li, KF Chung, J Poon
2015   An analysis of student performance in clinical appointment in forensic medicine  A Mendis, R Samaranayake