Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: melanoma

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Skin Lesion Analysis Toward Melanoma Detection: A Challenge at the 2017 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Hosted by the International Skin …  NCF Codella, D Gutman, ME Celebi, B Helba 
2017   Knowledge Transfer for Melanoma Screening with Deep Learning  A Menegola, M Fornaciali, R Pires, FV Bittencourt
2017   Spatially Aware Melanoma Segmentation Using Hybrid Deep Learning Techniques  M Attia, M Hossny, S Nahavandi, A Yazdabadi
2017   Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection Using Deep Learning Network  Y Li, L Shen
2017   Deep convolutional neural networks as a decision support tool in medical problems–malignant melanoma case study  A Kwasigroch, A Mikołajczyk, M Grochowski
2016   Towards Automated Melanoma Screening: Exploring Transfer Learning Schemes  A Menegola, M Fornaciali, R Pires, S Avila, E Valle
2016   Towards Automated Melanoma Screening: Proper Computer Vision & Reliable Results  M Fornaciali, M Carvalho, FV Bittencourt, S Avila
2016   Novel Approaches for Diagnosing Melanoma Skin Lesions Through Supervised and Deep Learning Algorithms  J Premaladha, KS Ravichandran
2016   An Overview of Melanoma Detection in Dermoscopy Images Using Image Processing and Machine Learning  NK Mishra, ME Celebi
2016   Deep Learning Ensembles for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images  N Codella, QB Nguyen, S Pankanti, D Gutman, B Helba
2016   Supermodeling in simulation of melanoma progression  W Dzwinel, A Kłusek, OV Vasilyev
2016   Melanoma Detection by Analysis of Clinical Images Using Convolutional Neural Network  E Nasr
2015   Towards Robust Melanoma Screening: A Case for Enhanced Mid-level Features Triagem Robusta de Melanoma: Em Defesa dos Descritores Aprimorados de Nível …  MS Fornaciali
2015   Deep Learning, Sparse Coding, and SVM for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images  A Halpern, JR Smith
2015   Automatic melanoma detection in dermatological images  J Eslava Rios