Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: memory

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Joint Learning of Speech-Driven Facial Motion with Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory  N Sadoughi, C Busso
2017   Neurostream: Scalable and Energy Efficient Deep Learning with Smart Memory Cubes  E Azarkhish, D Rossi, I Loi, L Benini
2017   Exploiting Variability in Resistive Memory Devices for Cognitive Systems  V Parmar, M Suri
2017   Long Short-Term Memory Network for Remaining Useful Life estimation  S Zheng, K Ristovski, A Farahat, C Gupta
2017   Incorporating Pre-Training in Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Tweets Classification  S Yuan, X Wu, Y Xiang
2017   Small Bowel Motility Assessment based on Fully Convolutional Networks and Long Short-Term Memory  M Pei, X Wu, Y Guo, H Fujita
2017   Time Series Forecasting Based on Augmented Long Short-Term Memory  D Hsu
2017   Robustness Evaluation of Restricted Boltzmann Machine against Memory and Logic Error  Y FUKUDA, Z XU, T KAWAHARA 
2017   A fast and memory saved GPU acceleration algorithm of convolutional neural networks for target detection  S Li, Y Dou, X Niu, Q Lv, Q Wang
2017   Exploiting Explicit Matching Knowledge with Long Short-Term Memory  X Bao, Y Wu
2017   Deep Pain: Exploiting Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Facial Expression Classification  P Rodriguez, G Cucurull, J Gonzàlez, JM Gonfaus
2017   Reasoning, Attention, Memory (RAM) NIPS Workshop 2015  A Bordes, S Chopra, J Weston
2017   14.7 A 288µW programmable deep-learning processor with 270KB on-chip weight storage using non-uniform memory hierarchy for mobile intelligence  S Bang, J Wang, Z Li, C Gao, Y Kim, Q Dong, YP Chen
2017   Wind speed forecasting method based on deep learning strategy using empirical wavelet transform, long short term memory neural network and Elman neural network  H Liu, X Mi, Y Li 
2017   Inter-activity Behaviour Modelling Using Long Short-Term Memory Networks  A Almeida, G Azkune
2017   A Framework for Pre-Training Hidden-Unit Conditional Random Fields and its Extension to Long Short Term Memory Networks  YB Kim, K Stratos, R Sarikaya
2017   A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory  W Bao, J Yue, Y Rao
2017   Long Short Term Memory Networks for Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting  A Narayan, KW Hipel
2017   An Analysis of Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition  E Tsironi, P Barros, C Weber, S Wermter
2017   Deep learning with long short-term memory networks for financial market predictions  T Fischer, C Krauß
2017   MemNet: A Persistent Memory Network for Image Restoration  Y Tai, J Yang, X Liu, C Xu
2017   System Failure Prediction Using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks  J Xu, K Zhang, H Zhang, R Min, G Jiang 
2016   Modeling image-to-image confusions in memory  AD Zhao
2016   Reduced-Precision Memory Value Approximation for Deep Learning  Z Deng, C Xu, Q Cai, P Faraboschi
2016   Memory Matters: Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Text Recognition  G Qiang, T Dan, L Guohui, L Jun
2016   Matter and memory and deep learning  DGP Kreps
2016   Shape Completion with Recurrent Memory  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, D Ni, PA Heng
2016   Technology-Assisted Memory  T Mercer
2016   Reduced Memory Region Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network Detection  D Tome, L Bondi, E Plebani, L Baroffio, D Pau
2016   Feed-Forward Networks with Attention Can Solve Some Long-Term Memory Problems  C Raffel, DPW Ellis
2016   Learning to Generate with Memory  C Li, J Zhu, B Zhang
2016   Short-term prediction of wind power based on deep Long Short-Term Memory  Q Xiaoyun, K Xiaoning, Z Chao, J Shuai, M Xiuda
2016   Dense Associative Memory for Pattern Recognition  D Krotov, JJ Hopfield
2016   Re-architecting the on-chip memory sub-system of machine-learning accelerator for embedded devices  Y Wang, H Li, X Li
2016   Efficient memory compression in deep neural networks using coarse-grain sparsification for speech applications  D Kadetotad, S Arunachalam, C Chakrabarti, J Seo
2016   Sequentially Supervised Long Short-Term Memory for Gesture Recognition  P Wang, Q Song, H Han, J Cheng
2016   Training Deep Nets with Sublinear Memory Cost  T Chen, B Xu, C Zhang, C Guestrin
2016   Holographic Declarative Memory  MA Kelly, K Kwok, RL West
2016   Cloning DRASiW Systems via Memory Transfer  M De Gregorio, M Giordano
2016   Convolutional Residual Memory Networks  J Moniz, C Pal
2016   Fpga Based Implementation of Deep Neural Networks Using On-chip Memory Only  J Park, W Sung
2016   Heat Diffusion Long-Short Term Memory Learning for 3D Shape Analysis  F Zhu, J Xie, Y Fang
2016   Singular-Value-Decomposition Analysis of Associative Memory in a Neural Network  T Kumamoto, M Suzuki, H Matsueda
2016   Realtime control of sequence generation with character based Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  M Akten
2016   Learning from the memory of Atari 2600  J Sygnowski, H Michalewski
2016   A biologically inspired model mimicking the memory and two distinct pathways of face perception  X Xi, P Yin, H Qiao, Y Li, W Feng
2016   Active Long Term Memory Networks  T Furlanello, J Zhao, AM Saxe, L Itti, BS Tjan
2016   Memory system optimizations for energy and bandwidth efficient data movement  M Nazm Bojnordi
2016   DeepCare: A Deep Dynamic Memory Model for Predictive Medicine  T Pham, T Tran, D Phung, S Venkatesh
2016   Improvements to Prosodic Variation in Long Short-Term Memory Based Intonation Models Using Random Forest  BP Tóth, B Szórádi, G Németh
2016   Memory Efficient Nonuniform Quantization for Deep Convolutional Neural Network  F Sun, J Lin
2016   Personalized object recognition for augmenting human memory  H Lee, C Upright, S Eliuk, A Kobsa
2016   Domain Wall Memory based Convolutional Neural Networks for Bit-width Extendability and Energy-Efficiency  J Chung, J Park, S Ghosh
2016   Can Active Memory Replace Attention?  Ł Kaiser, S Bengio
2016   Generating video description with Long-Short Term Memory  S Li, J Zhang, Q Guo, J Lei, D Tu
2016   End to End Long Short Term Memory Networks for Non-Factoid Question Answering  D Cohen, WB Croft
2016   Towards implementation of residual-feedback GMDH neural network on parallel GPU memory guided by a regression curve  R Brito, S Fong, K Cho, W Song, R Wong
2015   Memory access patterns: the missing piece of the multi-GPU puzzle  T Ben
2015   Neurogenesis paradoxically decreases both pattern separation and memory interference  R Finnegan, S Becker
2015   ZNN-A Fast and Scalable Algorithm for Training 3D Convolutional Networks on Multi-Core and Many-Core Shared Memory Machines  A Zlateski, K Lee, HS Seung
2015   Deep Belief Neural Networks and Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory Hybrid for Speech Recognition  Ł BROCKI, K MARASEK
2015   Deep Sentence Embedding Using the Long Short Term Memory Network: Analysis and Application to Information Retrieval  H Palangi, L Deng, Y Shen, J Gao, X He, J Chen
2015   Memory Heat Map: Anomaly Detection in Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Memory Behavior  MK Yoon, S Mohan, J Choi, L Sha
2015   Highway Long Short-Term Memory RNNs for Distant Speech Recognition  Y Zhang, G Chen, D Yu, K Yao, S Khudanpur, J Glass
2015   Voice Conversion Using Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Based Recurrent Neural Networks  L Sun, S Kang, K Li, H Meng
2015   On Speaker Adaptation of Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  Y Miao, F Metze
2015   Indexing Images for Visual Memory by Using DNN Descriptors–Preliminary Experiments  E Derner, T Svoboda
2015   A Top-Down Approach for a Synthetic Autobiographical Memory System  A Damianou, CH Ek, L Boorman, ND Lawrence
2015   Compositional Distributional Semantics with Long Short Term Memory  P Le, W Zuidema
2015   Multimodal Dimensional Affect Recognition Using Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  E Pei, L Yang, D Jiang, H Sahli
2015   Unidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network With Recurrent Output Layer For Low-Latency Speech …  H Zen, H Sak
2015   Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Chinese Word Segmentation  X Chen, X Qiu, C Zhu, P Liu, X Huang
2015   Dual Memory Architectures for Fast Deep Learning of Stream Data via an Online-Incremental-Transfer Strategy  SW Lee, MO Heo, J Kim, J Kim, BT Zhang
2015   Memory and information processing in neuromorphic systems  G Indiveri, SC Liu
2015   Learning and Memory Processes in Autonomous Agents Using an Intelligent System of Decision-Making  Z Kowalczuk, M Czubenko, W Jędruch
2015   Universal Memory Architectures for Autonomous Machines  DP Guralnik, DE Koditschek
2015   Imagining Imagination: A Computational Framework Using Associative Memory Models and Vector Space Models  D Heath, A Dennis, D Ventura
2014   Toward a Universal Cortical Algorithm: Examining Hierarchical Temporal Memory in Light of Frontal Cortical Function  MR Ferrier
2014   Memory Bounded Deep Convolutional Networks  MD Collins, P Kohli
2014   Memory Access Optimized Scheduling Scheme for DCNNs on a Mobile Processor  A Dundar, J Jin, V Gokhale, B Martini, E Culurciello
2014   Memory Access Optimized Routing Scheme for Deep Networks on a Mobile Coprocessor  A Dundar, J Jin, V Gokhale, B Martini, E Culurciello