Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: metric learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Metric Learning with Symmetric Triplet Constraint for Person Re-identification  S Li, XY Jing, X Zhu, X Zhang, F Ma 
2017   Centroid-Aware Local Discriminative Metric Learning in Speaker Verification  K Sheng, W Dong, W Li, J Razik, F Huang, B Hu
2017   Deep Metric Learning for Crowdedness Regression  Q Wang, J Wan, Y Yuan
2017   Person Re-Identification by Multiple Instance Metric Learning with Impostor Rejection  X Liu, H Wang, J Wang, X Ma
2017   Deep Nonlinear Metric Learning for 3-D Shape Retrieval  J Xie, G Dai, F Zhu, L Shao, Y Fang
2017   Deep Coupled Metric Learning for Cross-Modal Matching  VE Liong, J Lu, YP Tan, J Zhou
2017   Label-Sensitive Deep Metric Learning for Facial Age Estimation  H Liu, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   Cross-modal Deep Metric Learning with Multi-task Regularization  X Huang, Y Peng
2017   Duplex Metric Learning for Image Set Classification  G Cheng, P Zhou, J Han
2017   A Novel Deep Multi-channel Residual Networks-based Metric Learning Method for Moving Human Localization in Video Surveillance  W Huang, H Ding, G Chen
2017   Cross-media Similarity Metric Learning with Unified Deep Networks  J Qi, X Huang, Y Peng
2017   Metric Learning in Codebook Generation of Bag-of-Words for Person Re-identification  L Tian, S Wang
2017   Smart Mining for Deep Metric Learning  VBG Kumar, B Harwood, G Carneiro, I Reid
2017   Distance Metric Learning using Graph Convolutional Networks: Application to Functional Brain Networks  SI Ktena, S Parisot, E Ferrante, M Rajchl, M Lee
2016   Deep Metric Learning with Data Summarization  W Wang, C Chen, W Chen, P Rai, L Carin
2016   Deep metric learning autoencoder for nonlinear temporal alignment of human motion  X Yin, Q Chen
2016   Improved Deep Metric Learning with Multi-class N-pair Loss Objective  K Sohn
2016   Person Re-identification by Multiple Feature Representations and Metric Learning  M Qi, J Han, J Jiang
2016   M $^ 2$ S-Net: Multi-Modal Similarity Metric Learning based Deep Convolutional Network for Answer Selection  M Lingxun, L Yan
2016   Attention-Based Deep Distance Metric Learning for Aspect-Phrase Grouping  S Xiong, D Ji
2015   Nonlinear Metric Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Face Verification  R Huang, F Lang, C Shu
2015   Latent Max-margin Metric Learning for Comparing Video Face Tubes  G Sharma, P Pérez
2015   MatchNet: Unifying Feature and Metric Learning for Patch-Based Matching  X Han, T Leung, Y Jia, R Sukthankar, AC Berg
2015   Multi-Manifold Deep Metric Learning for Image Set Classification  J Lu, G Wang, W Deng, P Moulin, J Zhou
2015   Logistic Similarity Metric Learning For Face Verification  L Zheng, K Idrissi, C Garcia, S Duffner, A Baskurt
2015   Metric Learning  A Bellet, A Habrard, M Sebban
2015   Fine-grained Categorization and Dataset Bootstrapping using Deep Metric Learning with Humans in the Loop  Y Cui, F Zhou, Y Lin, S Belongie
2015   Constrained Deep Metric Learning for Person Re-identification  H Shi, X Zhu, S Liao, Z Lei, Y Yang, SZ Li
2015   Discriminant Metric Learning Approach for Face Verification  JC Chen, PH Wu, JJJ Lien
2015   Deep Transfer Metric Learning  J Hu, J Lu, YP Tan
2015   Iterative 3D shape classification by online metric learning  M Song, Z Sun, K Liu, X Lang
2015   Distance metric learning for image and webpage comparison  MT Law
2014   Deep metric learning using Triplet network  E Hoffer, N Ailon
2014   Deep Metric Learning for Person Re-Identification  D Yi, Z Lei, S Liao, SZ Li
2014   Set-label modeling and deep metric learning on person re-identification  H Liu, B Ma, L Qin, J Pang, C Zhang, Q Huang