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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning for Mobile Multimedia: A Survey  K Ota, MS Dao, V Mezaris, FGB De Natale
2017   Hierarchical Compression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Large Scale Visual Recognition for Mobile Applications  B Kim, M Lee, J Kim, J Kim, J Lee
2017   Building An Assistant Mobile Application For Teaching Arabic Pronunciation Using A New Approach For Arabic Speech Recognition  B ALKHATIB, M KAWAS, A ALNAHHAS, R BONDOK
2017   On the Evaluation of Energy-Efficient Deep Learning Using Stacked Autoencoders on Mobile GPUs  G Falcao, LA Alexandre, J Marques, X Frazao, J Maria
2017   Mobile Stride Length Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  J Hannink, T Kautz, C Pasluosta, J Barth, S Schulein
2017   Optimal Auction For Edge Computing Resource Management in Mobile Blockchain Networks: A Deep Learning Approach  NC Luong, Z Xiong, P Wang, D Niyato 
2017   Long-Term Mobile Traffic Forecasting Using Deep Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks  C Zhang, P Patras 
2017   South African Sign Language Hand Shape and Orientation Recognition on Mobile Devices Using Deep Learning  K Jacobs
2017   Deep Learning: Enriching Teacher Training through Mobile Technology and International Collaboration  A Naylor, J Gibbs 
2017   Study on Mobile Phone Antenna Selection Using Deep Learning  H Liu
2017   Mobile hologram verification with deep learning  D Soukup, R Huber
2017   ZipNet-GAN: Inferring Fine-grained Mobile Traffic Patterns via a Generative Adversarial Neural Network  C Zhang, X Ouyang, P Patras 
2017   Smart in-car camera system using mobile cloud computing framework for deep learning  CH Chen, CR Lee, WCH Lu 
2017   Deep Learning for Real-Time Capable Object Detection and Localization on Mobile Platforms  F Particke, R Kolbenschlag, M Hiller 
2017   Changing the Game of Mobile Data Analysis with Deep Learning  P Kasnesis, C Patrikakis, I Venieris
2017   Deep learning for source camera identification on mobile devices  D Freire
2017   Squeezing Deep Learning into Mobile and Embedded Devices  ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, A Mathur, P Georgiev
2017   Classifying hand-drawn documents in mobile settings, using transfer learning and model compression  A Riese
2017   Future 50 Years of Mobile Radio Propagation Research  K Kitao
2017   A Mobile Cloud Framework for Deep Learning and Its Application to Smart Car Camera  CH Chen, CR Lee, WCH Lu
2017   Detection of DNS Tunneling in Mobile Networks Using Machine Learning  P Engelstad, B Feng, T van Do
2017   An evaluation of sentiment analysis for mobile devices  J Messias, JP Diniz, E Soares, M Ferreira, M Araújo
2017   Exploiting synergies of mobile mapping sensors and deep learning for traffic sign recognition systems  Á Arcos
2017   IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Emotion-Aware Mobile Computing  Y Zhang, G Fortino, H Wang, W Wang
2017   Autonomous exploration of mobile robots through deep neural networks  L Tai, S Li, M Liu
2017   Fast Deep Matting for Portrait Animation on Mobile Phone  B Zhu, Y Chen, J Wang, S Liu, B Zhang, M Tang
2017   A Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality Method Combining Deep Learning Object Detection and Spatial Relationships for Geovisualization  J Rao, Y Qiao, F Ren, J Wang, Q Du
2017   Practical Processing of Mobile Sensor Data for Continual Deep Learning Predictions  K Katevas, I Leontiadis, M Pielot, J Serrà
2017   Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep Learning: Toward a Mobile System  I Kiral
2017   Tiny Transform Net for Mobile Image Stylization  S Lin, P Xiong, H Liu
2017   Deep learning hashing for mobile visual search  W Liu, H Ma, H Qi, D Zhao, Z Chen
2017   An efficient deep learning hashing neural network for mobile visual search  H Qi, W Liu, L Liu 
2017   14.7 A 288µW programmable deep-learning processor with 270KB on-chip weight storage using non-uniform memory hierarchy for mobile intelligence  S Bang, J Wang, Z Li, C Gao, Y Kim, Q Dong, YP Chen
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Detect Distracted Drivers Using a Mobile Phone  R Torres, O Ohashi, E Carvalho, G Pessin 
2017   Semantic Labelling Of Road Furniture In Mobile Laser Scanning Data.  F Li, SO Elberink, G Vosselman
2017   Deep Learning for Secure Mobile Edge Computing  Y Chen, Y Zhang, S Maharjan
2017   Cyberattack Detection in Mobile Cloud Computing: A Deep Learning Approach  KK Nguyen, DT Hoang, D Niyato, P Wang, D Nguyen 
2017   MobileDeepPill: A Small-Footprint Mobile Deep Learning System for Recognizing Unconstrained Pill Images  X Zeng, K Cao, M Zhang
2017   DeepMon: Mobile GPU-based Deep Learning Framework for Continuous Vision Applications  LN Huynh, Y Lee, RK Balan
2017   Mobile Sensing Through Deep Learning  X Zeng
2017   DeepMon: Building Mobile GPU Deep Learning Models for Continuous Vision Applications  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2017   Improving Tuberculosis Diagnostics using Deep Learning and Mobile Health Technologies among Resource-poor Communities in Perú  MF Alcantara, Y Cao, C Liu, B Liu, M Brunette, N Zhang
2017   Integrating Mobile Cloud Computing with Big Data to Enhance Health Care Analytics  T Sajjad, SM Owais, M Umar, J Ferzund 
2017   Systems and methods that leverage deep learning to selectively store images at a mobile image capture device  I Bialynicka
2017   Delivering Deep Learning to Mobile Devices via Offloading  X Ran, H Chen, Z Liu, J Chen
2017   A Tucker Deep Computation Model for Mobile Multimedia Feature Learning  Q Zhang, LT Yang, X Liu, Z Chen, P Li
2017   Mobile Multi-Food Recognition Using Deep Learning  P Pouladzadeh, S Shirmohammadi
2017   Recently, social network services have become the popular communication tools among internet and mobile users. And it has been shared various opinions, which …  G Zhang, L Xu, Y Xue
2017   DSLR-Quality Photos on Mobile Devices with Deep Convolutional Networks  A Ignatov, N Kobyshev, K Vanhoey, R Timofte
2017   A new approach for mobile advertising Click-Through Rate estimation Based on Deep Belief Nets  JH CHEN, ZQ ZHAO, C ZHAO
2017   A Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture for Privacy-Preserving Mobile Analytics  SA Ossia, AS Shamsabadi, A Taheri, HR Rabiee
2017   Robust Mobile Visual Recognition System: From Bag of Visual Words to Deep Learning  D Li
2017   Co-op: Cooperative machine learning from mobile devices  Y Wang
2016   Deep Feature-based Face Detection on Mobile Devices  S Sarkar, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Deep Learning Neural Networks on Mobile Platforms  A Plieninger, S REGELUNGSTECHNIK, J Conradt
2016   Multi-modal learning for video recommendation based on mobile application usage  X Jia, A Wang, X Li, G Xun, W Xu, A Zhang
2016   A Deep Semantic Mobile Application for Thyroid Cytopathology  E Kim, M Cortre
2016   Face recognition technology research and implementation based on mobile phone system  H Li, X Zhu
2016   Demo: GPU-based Image Recognition and Object Detection on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2016   Caffe2C: A Framework for Easy Implementation of CNN-based Mobile Applications  R Tanno, K Yanai
2016   Acceptance and Usage of Mobile Devices for Informal English Language Learning in the Japanese University Context  DJ Mills
2016   Towards Cognitive Exploration through Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robots  L Tai, M Liu
2016   Mobile Food Recognition with an Extreme Deep Tree  N Martinel, C Piciarelli, GL Foresti, C Micheloni
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Network on iOS Mobile Devices  CF Chen, GG Lee, V Sritapan, CY Lin
2016   Personalized Speech recognition on mobile devices  I McGraw, R Prabhavalkar, R Alvarez, MG Arenas
2016   A deep neural network solution towards mobile robot perception and exploration  S Li
2016   Multi-modal tag localization for mobile video search  R Zhang, S Tang, W Liu, Y Zhang, J Li
2016   An intelligent cloud-based data processing broker for mobile e-health multimedia applications  SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine, P Pouladzadeh
2016   LSTM Networks for Mobile Human Activity Recognition  Y Chen, K Zhong, J Zhang, Q Sun, X Zhao
2016   DeepCham: Collaborative Edge-Mediated Adaptive Deep Learning for Mobile Object Recognition  D Li, T Salonidis, NV Desai, MC Chuah
2016   DeepSense: A Unified Deep Learning Framework for Time-Series Mobile Sensing Data Processing  S Yao, S Hu, Y Zhao, A Zhang, T Abdelzaher
2016   Learning Deep Generative Spatial Models for Mobile Robots  A Pronobis, RPN Rao
2016   Implicit biodiversity monitoring from mobile search logs  A Joly, H Goëau, J Champ, S Dufour
2016   Mobile Learning And Stem  M Grimus, M Ebner
2016   Deep-learning in Mobile Robotics-from Perception to Control Systems: A Survey on Why and Why not  L Tai, M Liu
2016   Towards Plda-Rbm Based Speaker Recognition In Mobile Environment: Designing Stacked/Deep Plda-Rbm Systems  A Nautsch, H Hao, T Stafylakis, C Rathgeb, C Busch
2016   Unconstrained Face Detection from a Mobile Source Using Convolutional Neural Networks  S Chaudhry, R Chandra
2016   Lasagna: towards deep hierarchical understanding and searching over mobile sensing data  C Liu, L Zhang, Z Liu, K Liu, X Li, Y Liu
2016   Efficient Mobile Implementation of A CNN-based Object Recognition System  K Yanai, R Tanno, K Okamoto
2016   DeepSense: A GPU-based Deep Convolutional Neural Network Framework on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2016   Big data-driven optimization for mobile networks toward 5G  K Zheng, Z Yang, K Zhang, P Chatzimisios, K Yang
2016   Integrating mobile and cloud for PPG signal selection to monitor heart rate during intensive physical exercise  V Jindal
2016   DeepX: A Software Accelerator for Low-Power Deep Learning Inference on Mobile Devices  ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, P Georgiev, C Forlivesi
2016   A Robot Learning to Play a Mobile Game Under Unknown Dynamics  W Yoon, SA Kim, J Choi
2016   Mobile Big Data Analytics Using Deep Learning and Apache Spark  MA Alsheikh, D Niyato, S Lin, HP Tan, Z Han
2016   A joint Deep Boltzmann Machine (jDBM) Model for Person Identification using Mobile Phone Data  M Alam, M Bennamoun, R Togneri, F Sohel
2016   Towards multimodal deep learning for activity recognition on mobile devices  V Radu, ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, C Mascolo
2016   Representation Learning From Time Labelled Heterogeneous Data for Mobile Crowdsensing  C Ma, Q Zhu, S Wu, B Liu
2016   DeepSpace: An Online Deep Learning Framework for Mobile Big Data to Understand Human Mobility Patterns  X Ouyang, C Zhang, P Zhou, H Jiang
2016   Deep convolutional feature transfer across mobile activity recognition domains, sensor modalities and locations  FJ Ordonez Morales, D Roggen
2016   A general purpose intelligent surveillance system for mobile devices using deep learning  A Antoniou, PP Angelov
2016   Mobile clinics in Haiti, part 1: Preparing for service-learning  PH Cone, JM Haley
2016   Automated Detection of Three-Dimensional Cars in Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using DBM-Hough-Forests  Y Yu, J Li, H Guan, C Wang
2016   OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications  B Amos, B Ludwiczuk, M Satyanarayanan
2016   RedEye: Analog ConvNet Image Sensor Architecture for Continuous Mobile Vision  R LiKamWa, Y Hou, J Gao, M Polansky, L Zhong
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Mid-air Gesture Interaction for Mobile Devices from Time-of-Flight Data  T Kopinski, F Sachara, U Handmann
2015   Focusing on Mobile Users at Edge and Internet of Things Using Fog Computing  R Suryawanshi, G MANDLIK
2015   Comparative study of soft computing techniques for mobile robot navigation in an unknown environment  M Algabri, H Mathkour, H Ramdane, M Alsulaiman
2015   Effects of reflection type in the here and now mobile learning environment  F Martin, J Ertzberger
2015   MOBILect: an interactive mobile lecturing tool for fostering deep learning  O Boyinbode, D Ng'ambi
2015   A Qualitative Study on How Health Professional Students and Their PBL Facilitators Perceive the Use of Mobile Devices During PBL  LK Chan, SM Bridges, I Doherty, ML Ng, J Jin
2015   Neural Network-Based User-Independent Physical Activity Recognition for Mobile Devices  B Kolosnjaji, C Eckert
2015   Deploying an Interactive Mobile Learning System in the Classroom  O Boyinbode, D Fasunon
2015   Keystroke Dynamics Advances for Mobile Devices Using Deep Neural Network  Y Deng, Y Zhong
2015   Quantized Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Devices  J Wu, C Leng, Y Wang, Q Hu, J Cheng
2015   A virtualization mechanism for real-time multimedia-assisted mobile food recognition application in cloud computing  P Pouladzadeh, SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine
2015   Cloud based virtualization for a calorie measurement e-health mobile application  SVB Peddi, A Yassine, S Shirmohammadi
2015   Twech: a mobile platform to search and share visuo-tactile experiences  N Hanamitsu, K Nakamura, MY Saraiji, K Minamizawa
2015   2010 Ninth International Conference on Mobile Business & 2010 Ninth Global Mobility Roundtable. ICMB-GMR 2010  TL Griffith, LP Cooper, T Milbrourn
2015   XFace: A Face Recognition System for Android Mobile Phones  J Hu, L Peng, L Zheng
2015   Using Deep Learning to Predict Demographics from Mobile Phone Metadata  B Felbo, P Sundsøy, AS Pentland, S Lehmann
2015   18.1 A 2.71 nJ/pixel 3D-stacked gaze-activated object-recognition system for low-power mobile HMD applications  I Hong, K Bong, D Shin, S Park, K Lee, Y Kim, HJ Yoo
2015   Big Data Driven Optimization for Mobile Networks towards 5G  K Zheng, Z Yang, K Zhang, P Chatzimisios
2015   Interaction between gaming and multistage guiding strategies on students' field trip mobile learning performance and motivation  CH Chen, GZ Liu, GJ Hwang
2015   Transformation of teacher practice using mobile technology with one‐to‐one classes: M‐learning pedagogical approaches  L Lindsay
2015   Multimodal Deep Autoencoders for Control of a Mobile Robot  J Sergeant, N Sünderhauf, M Milford, B Upcroft
2015   Research on Teaching Strategies of Deep Learning based on the Mobile Internet  G Zhao
2015   The Internet of Flying-Things: Opportunities and Challenges with Airborne Fog Computing and Mobile Cloud in the Clouds  SW Loke
2015   Where is the I in iPad?: The Role of Interest in Older Adults' Learning of Mobile Touch Screen Technologies  J Beh, S Pedell, W Doube
2015   Face recognition with deep learning for mobile applications  J Brändle, C Eppler, S Möbius
2015   Place Categorization and Semantic Mapping on a Mobile Robot  N Sünderhauf, F Dayoub, S McMahon, B Talbot
2015   Deep learning-based tree classification using mobile LiDAR data  H Guan, Y Yu, Z Ji, J Li, Q Zhang
2015   Can Deep Learning Revolutionize Mobile Sensing?  ND Lane, P Georgiev
2015   I2. 4: Invited Paper: Rethinking the Imaging Pipeline for Energy‐Efficient Privacy‐Preserving Continuous Mobile Vision  R LiKamWa, Y Hou, PY Washington, L Zhong
2014   Mobile Personal Learning Applied to a Software Engineering Subject  MAC Gonzalez, FJ Garcia
2014   A General-Purpose, Energy-Efficient, and Context-Aware Acoustic Event Detection Platform for Mobile Devices  SMS Nirjon
2014   Design and Implementation of Content Audit System for Mobile Platform  JP Tang, LL Li
2014   Contexto: lessons learned from mobile context inference  M Unger, L Rokach, A Bar, E Gudes, B Shapira
2014   Memory Access Optimized Scheduling Scheme for DCNNs on a Mobile Processor  A Dundar, J Jin, V Gokhale, B Martini, E Culurciello
2014   An Efficient Implementation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on a Mobile Coprocessor  J Jin, V Gokhale, A Dundar, B Krishnamurthy, B Martini
2014   Mobile technology: Creation and use of an iBook to teach the anatomy of the brachial plexus  S Stewart, B Choudhury
2014   Are your users actively involved? A cognitive absorption perspective in mobile training  I Reychav, D Wu
2014   Memory Access Optimized Routing Scheme for Deep Networks on a Mobile Coprocessor  A Dundar, J Jin, V Gokhale, B Martini, E Culurciello
2014   Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition using Mobile Sensors  M Zeng, LT Nguyen, B Yu, OJ Mengshoel, J Zhu, P Wu