Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: mobile devices

Year TitleAuthor
2017   South African Sign Language Hand Shape and Orientation Recognition on Mobile Devices Using Deep Learning  K Jacobs
2017   Deep learning for source camera identification on mobile devices  D Freire
2017   An evaluation of sentiment analysis for mobile devices  J Messias, JP Diniz, E Soares, M Ferreira, M Ara├║jo
2017   Delivering Deep Learning to Mobile Devices via Offloading  X Ran, H Chen, Z Liu, J Chen
2017   DSLR-Quality Photos on Mobile Devices with Deep Convolutional Networks  A Ignatov, N Kobyshev, K Vanhoey, R Timofte
2017   Co-op: Cooperative machine learning from mobile devices  Y Wang
2016   Deep Feature-based Face Detection on Mobile Devices  S Sarkar, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Demo: GPU-based Image Recognition and Object Detection on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2016   Acceptance and Usage of Mobile Devices for Informal English Language Learning in the Japanese University Context  DJ Mills
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Network on iOS Mobile Devices  CF Chen, GG Lee, V Sritapan, CY Lin
2016   Personalized Speech recognition on mobile devices  I McGraw, R Prabhavalkar, R Alvarez, MG Arenas
2016   DeepSense: A GPU-based Deep Convolutional Neural Network Framework on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2016   DeepX: A Software Accelerator for Low-Power Deep Learning Inference on Mobile Devices  ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, P Georgiev, C Forlivesi
2016   Towards multimodal deep learning for activity recognition on mobile devices  V Radu, ND Lane, S Bhattacharya, C Mascolo
2016   A general purpose intelligent surveillance system for mobile devices using deep learning  A Antoniou, PP Angelov
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Mid-air Gesture Interaction for Mobile Devices from Time-of-Flight Data  T Kopinski, F Sachara, U Handmann
2015   A Qualitative Study on How Health Professional Students and Their PBL Facilitators Perceive the Use of Mobile Devices During PBL  LK Chan, SM Bridges, I Doherty, ML Ng, J Jin
2015   Neural Network-Based User-Independent Physical Activity Recognition for Mobile Devices  B Kolosnjaji, C Eckert
2015   Keystroke Dynamics Advances for Mobile Devices Using Deep Neural Network  Y Deng, Y Zhong
2015   Quantized Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Devices  J Wu, C Leng, Y Wang, Q Hu, J Cheng
2014   A General-Purpose, Energy-Efficient, and Context-Aware Acoustic Event Detection Platform for Mobile Devices  SMS Nirjon