Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: motion

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Using deep neural networks to estimate tongue movements from speech face motion  C Kroos, RL Bundgaard
2017   Motion Capture Synthesis with Adversarial Learning  Q Wang, T Artieres
2017   Joint Learning of Speech-Driven Facial Motion with Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory  N Sadoughi, C Busso
2017   Motion Estimation Using Visual Odometry and Deep Learning Localization  S Bag, V Venkatachalapathy, RW Ptucha
2017   Video De-Interlacing Algorithm based on Deep Learning and Motion Compensation  CC Chang
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network.  M Uddin, J Kim
2017   Appearance and Motion based Deep Learning Architecture for Moving Object Detection in Moving Camera  B Heo, K Yun, JY Choi
2017   Automated Real-time Gesture Recognition using Hand Motion Trajectory  S Swami, Y Parvez, NR Chauhan
2017   Joint Semantic and Motion Segmentation for dynamic scenes using Deep Convolutional Networks  N Haque, ND Reddy, KM Krishna
2017   A Recurrent Variational Autoencoder for Human Motion Synthesis  I Habibie, D Holden, J Schwarz, J Yearsley, T Komura
2017   Multi-Sensor Motion Fusion Using Deep Neural Network Learning  X Sun, A Basu, I Cheng
2017   Learning Temporal Features with CNNs for Monocular Visual Ego Motion Estimation  M Weber, C Rist, JM Zöllner
2017   Realistic Visual Simulation of Water Effects in Response to Human Motion using a Depth Camera  JH Kim, J Lee, CH Kim, SJ Kim
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, J Kim
2017   Deep Learning for Human Motion Analysis  N Neverova
2017   Intraoperative Organ Motion Models with an Ensemble of Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Hu, E Gibson, T Vercauteren, HU Ahmed
2017   Motion Blur Kernel Estimation via Deep Learning.  X Xu, J Pan, YJ Zhang, MH Yang
2017   Biologically Inspired Optimisation and Deep Learning for Inverse Kinematics and Natural Motion  S Starke
2017   Combined trajectories for action recognition based on saliency detection and motion boundary  X Wang, C Qi, F Lin
2017   Human Motion Sensing and Recognition  H Liu, Z Ju, X Ji, CS Chan, M Khoury
2017   A Brownian Motion Model and Extreme Belief Machine for Modeling Sensor Data Measurements  RA Murphy
2017   Efficient Human Motion Transition via Hybrid Deep Neural Network and Reliable Motion Graph Mining  B Zhou, X Liu, S Peng, B Zhong, J Du 
2017   Temporal Deep Belief Network for Online Human Motion Recognition  F Lasson, M Polceanu, C Buche, P De Loor
2017   Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for Videos  Z Luo, B Peng, DA Huang, A Alahi, L Fei
2017   Motion Deblurring in the Wild  M Noroozi, P Chandramouli, P Favaro
2017   Human action recognition in RGB-D videosusing motion sequence information and deep learning  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2017   Learning human behaviors from motion capture by adversarial imitation  J Merel, Y Tassa, S Srinivasan, J Lemmon, Z Wang
2017   Transferring Agent Behaviors from Videos via Motion GANs  AD Edwards, CL Isbell Jr 
2017   DeblurGAN: Blind Motion Deblurring Using Conditional Adversarial Networks  O Kupyn, V Budzan, M Mykhailych, D Mishkin, J Matas 
2017   Deep representation learning for human motion prediction and classification  J Bütepage, M Black, D Kragic, H Kjellström
2017   Deep Appearance and Motion Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition  X Wang, L Gao, J Song, X Zhen, N Sebe, HT Shen
2017   Learning Blind Motion Deblurring  P Wieschollek, M Hirsch, B Schölkopf, H Lensch
2017   Video-based Person Re-identification with Accumulative Motion Context  H Liu, Z Jie, K Jayashree, M Qi, J Jiang, S Yan, J Feng
2017   3D Motion Modeling and Reconstruction of Left Ventricle Wall in Cardiac MRI  D Yang, P Wu, C Tan, KM Pohl, L Axel, D Metaxas
2017   Dual Motion GAN for Future-Flow Embedded Video Prediction  X Liang, L Lee, W Dai, EP Xing
2017   Multi-modal motion dictionary learning for facial expression recognition  JC Kim, SY Chun, CS Lee
2017   Real-Time Embedded Motion Detection via Neural Response Mixture Modeling  MJ Shafiee, P Siva, P Fieguth, A Wong
2017   MoCoGAN: Decomposing Motion and Content for Video Generation  S Tulyakov, MY Liu, X Yang, J Kautz
2017   Rotation Adaptive Visual Object Tracking with Motion Consistency  L Rout, GR Manyam, D Mishra
2017   Fast Neural Style Transfer for Motion Data  D Holden, I Habibie, T Komura, I Kusajima
2017   Tool-body assimilation model considering grasping motion through deep learning  K Takahashi, K Kim, T Ogata, S Sugano
2017   Motion Prediction Under Multimodality with Conditional Stochastic Networks  K Fragkiadaki, J Huang, A Alemi, S Vijayanarasimhan
2017   End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation  O Makansi, E Ilg, T Brox
2017   RGB-D-based Human Motion Recognition with Deep Learning: A Survey  P Wang, W Li, P Ogunbona, J Wan, S Escalera 
2017   Human Motion Sensing and Recognition: A Fuzzy Qualitative Approach  H Liu, Z Ju, X Ji, CS Chan, M Khoury
2016   Making a Case for Learning Motion Representations with Phase  SL Pintea, JC van Gemert
2016   Neural model of biological motion recognition based on shading cues  LA Fedorov, MA Giese
2016   Deep Learning in robotics: 3D object recognition and modeling human motion  H Porneuf, M Robert, J Zhou
2016   Semi-supervised Learning with Encoder-Decoder Recurrent Neural Networks: Experiments with Motion Capture Sequences  C Pal
2016   A multiple template approach for robust tracking of fast motion target  J Sun, F He, Y Chen, X Chen
2016   Face Expression Recognition Based on Motion Templates and 4-layer Deep Learning Neural Network  J Liu, X Wang, J Yang, C Wu, L Liu
2016   CNN for License Plate Motion Deblurring  P Svoboda, M Hradis, L Marsik, P Zemcik
2016   Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation using Motion Cues  P Tokmakov, K Alahari, C Schmid
2016   Pose from Action: Unsupervised Learning of Pose Features based on Motion  S Purushwalkam, A Gupta
2016   Autonomous Driving Challenge: To Infer the Property of a Dynamic Object Based on Its Motion Pattern  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Real-time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs  B Zhang, L Wang, Z Wang, Y Qiao, H Wang
2016   Tracking People in RGBD Videos Using Deep Learning and Motion Clues  H Xue, Y Liu, D Cai, X He
2016   Learning to Extract Motion from Videos in Convolutional Neural Networks  D Teney, M Hebert
2016   Unsupervised convolutional neural networks for motion estimation  A Ahmadi, I Patras
2016   Deep metric learning autoencoder for nonlinear temporal alignment of human motion  X Yin, Q Chen
2016   DeMoN: Depth and Motion Network for Learning Monocular Stereo  B Ummenhofer, H Zhou, J Uhrig, N Mayer, E Ilg
2016   Video pornography detection through deep learning techniques and motion information  M Perez, S Avila, D Moreira, D Moraes, V Testoni
2016   From Motion Blur to Motion Flow: a Deep Learning Solution for Removing Heterogeneous Motion Blur  D Gong, J Yang, L Liu, Y Zhang, I Reid, C Shen
2016   Marker-Less 3D Human Motion Capture with Monocular Image Sequence and Height-Maps  Y Du, Y Wong, Y Liu, F Han, Y Gui, Z Wang
2016   Learning Motion Patterns in Videos  P Tokmakov, K Alahari, C Schmid
2016   Bio-inspired system architecture for energy efficient, BIGDATA computing with application to wide area motion imagery  AG Andreou, T Figliolia, K Sanni, TS Murray, G Tognetti
2016   SE3-Nets: Learning Rigid Body Motion using Deep Neural Networks  A Byravan, D Fox
2016   Plug-and-Play CNN for Crowd Motion Analysis: An Application in Abnormal Event Detection  M Ravanbakhsh, M Nabi, H Mousavi, E Sangineto
2016   Autonomous driving challenge: To Infer the property of a dynamic object based on its motion pattern using recurrent neural network  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Detecting Anomalous Events in Videos by Learning Deep Representations of Appearance and Motion  D Xu, Y Yan, E Ricci, N Sebe
2016   Bidirectional LSTM Networks Employing Stacked Bottleneck Features for Expressive Speech-Driven Head Motion Synthesis  K Haag, H Shimodaira
2016   Recognizing Human Actions in the Motion Trajectories of Shapes  M Roemmele, SM Morgens, AS Gordon, LP Morency
2016   Multiframe Motion Coupling via Infimal Convolution Regularization for Video Super Resolution  H Dirks, J Geiping, D Cremers, M Moeller
2015   Simulation studies of an All-Spin Artificial Neural Network: Emulating neural and synaptic functionalities through domain wall motion in ferromagnets  A Sengupta, Y Shim, K Roy
2015   Accurate 3D Human Pose Recognition via Fusion of Depth and Motion Sensors  SB Nam, SU Park, JH Park, MDZ Uddin, TS Kim
2015   A Generative Restricted Boltzmann Machine Based Method for High-Dimensional Motion Data Modeling  S Nie, Z Wang, Q Ji
2015   A Survey Of Applications And Human Motion Recognition With Microsoft Kinect  R LUN, W ZHAO
2015   Learning motion and content-dependent features with convolutions for action recognition  C Liu, W Xu, Q Wu, G Yang
2015   Animating Still Landscape Photographs Through Cloud Motion Creation  WC Jhou, WH Cheng
2015   Motion Recognition by Using a Stacked Autoencoder-Based Deep Learning Algorithm with Smart Phones  X Zhou, J Guo, S Wang
2015   Learning Human Identity from Motion Patterns  N Neverova, C Wolf, G Lacey, L Fridman, D Chandra
2015   Towards Vision-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Motion Control  F Zhang, J Leitner, M Milford, B Upcroft, P Corke
2015   Real-time activity recognition via deep learning of motion features  K Konda, P Chandrashekhariah, R Memisevic
2015   Learning a Convolutional Neural Network for Non-uniform Motion Blur Removal  J Sun, W Cao, Z Xu, J Ponce
2015   Learning to Reconstruct 3D Structure from Object Motion  W Liu, H Dou, X Wu
2015   Motion Sequence Recognition with Multi-sensors Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network  R Zhang, C Li
2015   A Survey of Motion Capture Data Earning as High Dimensional Time Series  Z Zhi
2015   Human Activity Recognition using Binary Motion Image and Deep Learning  T Dobhal, V Shitole, G Thomas, G Navada
2014   MoDeep: A Deep Learning Framework Using Motion Features for Human Pose Estimation  A Jain, J Tompson, Y LeCun, C Bregler
2014   Contour Motion Estimation for Asynchronous Event-Driven Cameras  F Barranco, C Fermuller, Y Aloimonos
2014   Sensorimotor control and cervical range of motion in women with chronic neck pain: Kinematic assessments and effects of neck coordination exercise 2014 Doctoral …  K Solberg Søilen
2014   An adaptive motion model for person tracking with instantaneous head-pose features  RH Baxter, MJV Leach, SS Mukherjee, NM Robertson