Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: multi-scale convolutional

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Unsupervised Transfer Learning via Multi-Scale Convolutional Sparse Coding for Biomedical Applications  H Chang, J Han, C Zhong, A Snijders, JH Mao
2017   Dynamic Texture Representation Using a Deep Multi-Scale Convolutional Network  SR Arashloo, MC Amirani, A Noroozi
2017   Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks for Crowd Counting  L Zeng, X Xu, B Cai, S Qiu, T Zhang
2017   A Joint Multi-scale Convolutional Network for Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle  Q Tong, Z Yuan, X Liao, M Zheng, W Zhu, G Zhang
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution Using Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network  X Jia, X Xu, B Cai, K Guo
2016   Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks for Time Series Classification  Z Cui, W Chen, Y Chen
2016   Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Deep Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks and Next-Step Conditioning  A Busia, J Collins, N Jaitly
2016   Single Image Dehazing via Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks  W Ren, S Liu, H Zhang, J Pan, X Cao, MH Yang
2016   Hierarchical Interlinked Multi-scale Convolutional Network for Image Parsing  Q Yin, Z Cao, Y Zhou
2015   Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Nodule Classification  W Shen, M Zhou, F Yang, C Yang, J Tian
2015   Multi-Scale Convolutional Architecture for Semantic Segmentation  A Raj, D Maturana, S Scherer
2015   Accurate Segmentation of Cervical Cytoplasm and Nuclei Based on Multi-scale Convolutional Network and Graph Partitioning  Y Song, L Zhang, S Chen, D Ni, B Lei, T Wang
2014   Predicting Depth, Surface Normals and Semantic Labels with a Common Multi-Scale Convolutional Architecture  D Eigen, R Fergus
2014   Age Estimation by Multi-scale Convolutional Network  D Yi, Z Lei, SZ Li