Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: multi-task learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Multi-Task Learning for Joint Prediction of Heterogeneous Face Attributes  F Wang, H Han, S Shan, X Chen
2017   Joint auto-encoders: a flexible multi-task learning framework  B Epstein, R Meir, T Michaeli
2017   Improving Deep Neural Network Based Speech Synthesis through Contextual Feature Parametrization and Multi-Task Learning  Z Wen, K Li, Z Huang, CH Lee, J Tao
2017   Blind Image Quality Assessment Via Cascaded Multi-Task Learning  Z Duanmu
2017   Multi-task Learning Of Deep Neural Networks For Audio Visual Automatic Speech Recognition  A Thanda, SM Venkatesan
2017   Deep hashing with multi-task learning for large-scale instance-level vehicle search  D Liang, K Yan, Y Wang, W Zeng, Q Yuan, X Bao
2017   HD-MTL: Hierarchical Deep Multi-Task Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition  J Fan, T Zhao, Z Kuang, Y Zheng, J Zhang, J Yu
2017   Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks Under A Multi-task Learning Framework  S Yang, L Xie, X Chen, X Lou, D Huang, H Li
2017   Multi-Task Learning Using Uncertainty to Weigh Losses for Scene Geometry and Semantics  A Kendall, Y Gal, R Cipolla
2017   Towards Speech Emotion Recognition “in the wild” using Aggregated Corpora and Deep Multi-Task Learning  J Kim, G Englebienne, KP Truong, V Evers
2017   I-vector estimation as auxiliary task for multi-task learning based acoustic modeling for automatic speech recognition  G Pironkov, S Dupont, T Dutoit
2016   A Multi-task Learning Framework for Emotion Recognition Using 2D Continuous Space  R Xia, Y Liu
2016   iPrivacy: Image Privacy Protection by Identifying Sensitive Objects via Deep Multi-Task Learning  J Yu, B Zhang, Z Kuang, D Lin, J Fan
2016   Person Re-Identification using Deep Convnets with Multi-task Learning  N McLaughlin, JM del Rincon, P Miller
2016   Joint Rain Detection and Removal via Iterative Region Dependent Multi-Task Learning  W Yang, RT Tan, J Feng, J Liu, Z Guo, S Yan
2016   Multi-Task Learning for Speech Recognition: An Overview  G Pironkov, S Dupont, T Dutoit
2016   Cross-stitch Networks for Multi-task Learning  I Misra, A Shrivastava, A Gupta, M Hebert
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-instance Multi-task Learning  T Zeng, S Ji
2016   Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning on Non-overlapping Datasets for Facial Landmark Detection  T Semitsu, X Zhao, W Matsumoto
2016   Deep Multi-task Learning with Label Correlation Constraint for Video Concept Detection  F Markatopoulou, V Mezaris, I Patras
2016   HyperFace: A Deep Multi-task Learning Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, Pose Estimation, and Gender Recognition  R Ranjan, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Deep multi-task learning with low level tasks supervised at lower layers  A Søgaard, Y Goldberg
2016   Ask the GRU: Multi-task Learning for Deep Text Recommendations  T Bansal, D Belanger, A McCallum
2016   Cell Tracking Using Deep Neural Networks with Multi-task Learning  T He, H Mao, J Guo, Z Yi
2016   Human Pose Estimation from Depth Images via Inference Embedded Multi-task Learning  K Wang, S Zhai, H Cheng, X Liang, L Lin
2015   Multi-task Learning of Deep Neural Networks for Low-resource Speech Recognition  D Chen, B Mak
2015   Multi-task learning for multiple language translation  D Dong, H Wu, W He, D Yu, H Wang
2015   Deep Model Based Transfer and Multi-Task Learning for Biological Image Analysis  W Zhang, R Li, T Zeng, Q Sun, S Kumar, J Ye, S Ji
2015   Deep Multi-task Learning for Railway Track Inspection  X Gibert, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2015   Human Action Recognition via Multi-task Learning base on Spatial-temporal Feature  W Guo, G Chen
2015   Deep Neural Networks Employing Multi-Task Learning And Stacked Bottleneck Features For Speech Synthesis  Z Wu, C Valentini
2014   Multi-modal microblog classification via multi-task learning  S Zhao, H Yao, S Zhao, X Jiang, X Jiang