Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: multilayer

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Assessment Of Library Users'Feedback Using Modified Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks  KGN Kumar, T Christopher
2017   Face aging effect simulation model based on multilayer representation and shearlet transform  Y Li, Y Li
2017   Emotional Video Scene Retrieval Using Multilayer Convolutional Network  H Nomiya, S Sakaue, M Maeda, T Hochin
2017   Noniterative Deep Learning: Incorporating Restricted Boltzmann Machine Into Multilayer Random Weight Neural Networks  XZ Wang, T Zhang, R Wang
2017   Deep multiple multilayer kernel learning in core vector machines  AL Afzal, S Asharaf 
2017   Stable Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity Rule for Multilayer Unsupervised and Supervised Learning  A Shrestha, K Ahmed, Y Wang, Q Qiu
2017   Kernel-Based Multilayer Extreme Learning Machines for Representation Learning  CM Wong, CM Vong, PK Wong, J Cao
2017   From Multilayer Perceptrons And Neurofuzzy Systems To Deep Learning Machines: Which Method To Use?-A Survey.  N Kasabov
2017   2306. Rolling bearing fault identification using multilayer deep learning convolutional neural network.  H Jiang, F Wang, H Shao, H Zhang
2017   Input Layer Regularization of Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks  F Li, JM Zurada, Y Liu, W Wu
2017   Integrating Multilayer Features of Convolutional Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Scene Classification  E Li, J Xia, P Du, C Lin, A Samat
2017   Fusion of deep learning architectures, multilayer feedforward networks and learning vector quantizers for deep classification learning  T Villmann, M Biehl, A Villmann, S Saralajew
2016   Extended hierarchical extreme learning machine with multilayer perceptron  K Phurattanaprapin, P Horata
2016   A very short term wind power prediction approach based on Multilayer Restricted Boltzmann Machine  X Peng, L Xiong, J Wen, Y Xu, W Fan, S Feng, B Wang
2016   Encrypted image classification based on multilayer extreme learning machine  W Wang, CM Vong, Y Yang, PK Wong
2016   Learning Dynamic Classes of Events using Stacked Multilayer Perceptron Networks  N Kanhabua, H Ren, TB Moeslund
2016   MUST-CNN: A MUltilayer Shift-and-sTitch Deep Convolutional Architecture for Sequence-based Protein Structure Prediction  Z Lin, Y Qi
2016   A novel activation function for multilayer feed-forward neural networks  ANS Njikam, H Zhao
2016   Multilayer Feature Extraction for Image and Text Using Backpropagation-ELM  SR Durga, A Hemlathadhevi
2016   Study on suitability and importance of multilayer extreme learning machine for classification of text data  RK Roul, SR Asthana, G Kumar
2016   Deep Representation Based on Multilayer Extreme Learning Machine  YL Qi, YL Li
2016   Parallel multilayer perceptron neural network used for hyperspectral image classification  BP Garcia
2016   Multilayer perceptron training with multiobjective memetic optimization  P Nieminen
2015   Deep multilayer multiple kernel learning  I Rebai, Y BenAyed, W Mahdi
2015   A Recurrent Multilayer Model with Hebbian Learning and Intrinsic Plasticity Leads to Invariant Object Recognition and Biologically Plausible Receptive Fields  M Teichmann, FH Hamker
2015   MultiLayer Neural Networks  X Wang
2015   Study on Binary Multilayer Neural Networks with EBP Algorithm on Image Classification  Z Cheng, D Soudry, Z Mao, Z Lan
2015   Multilayer bootstrap network for unsupervised speaker recognition  XL Zhang
2015   An FPGA-Based Multiple-Weight-and-Neuron-Fault Tolerant Digital Multilayer Perceptron (Full Version)  T Horita, I Takanami, M Akiba, M Terauchi, T Kanno
2015   Statistical embeddings using a multilayer union of subspaces  RM Taylor Jr, B Necioglu
2015   An Evaluation of Classification Accuracy in a Multilayer Perceptron  H Yui, S Bhalla
2014   Analysis of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition  P Agrawal
2014   The Loss Surface of Multilayer Networks  A Choromanska, M Henaff, M Mathieu, GB Arous