Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: multimedia

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering  JJJH Park, H Jin, YS Jeong, MK Khan
2017   The Effect of Pets on Happiness: A Large-scale Multi-Factor Analysis using Social Multimedia  X Peng, LK Chi, J Luo
2017   Machine Learning and Signal Processing for Big Multimedia Analysis  J Yu, J Sang, X Gao
2017   VisualLabel: An Integrated Multimedia Content Management and Access Framework  I AHMAD, P RANTANEN, P SILLBERG, J LAAKSONEN
2017   Predicting Multiple Risky Behaviors via Multimedia Content  Y Zhou, J Zhan, J Luo
2017   Multimedia User Profiling In Online Social Networks  G XUE
2017   A Tucker Deep Computation Model for Mobile Multimedia Feature Learning  Q Zhang, LT Yang, X Liu, Z Chen, P Li
2017   Detection of Flooding Events in Social Multimedia and Satellite Imagery using Deep Neural Networks  B Bischke, P Bhardwaj, A Gautam, P Helber, D Borth
2017   … Consumption and Send Secure Data Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Using A Combination of Techniques For Multi-Layer Watermark And Deep Learning  N Heydari, B Minaei–Bidgoli
2017   Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering: MUE/FutureTech 2017  JJJH Park, SC Chen, KKR Choo
2016   Integrating Deep Learning with Correlation-based Multimedia Semantic Concept Detection  HY Ha
2016   Real-time big data analytics for multimedia transmission and storage  K Wang, J Mi, C Xu, L Shu, DJ Deng
2016   Learning high-dimensional multimedia data  X Zhu, Z Jin, R Ji
2016   Guest editorial: Bridging the semantic gap in multimedia understanding  Y Yan, J Lu
2016   The Learning of Chinese Idioms through Multimedia Storytelling Prototype  EEH Li, SH HEw, SEH CHoo
2016   An intelligent cloud-based data processing broker for mobile e-health multimedia applications  SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine, P Pouladzadeh
2016   Efficient Imbalanced Multimedia Concept Retrieval by Deep Learning on Spark Clusters  Y Yan, M Chen, MS Sadiq, ML Shyu
2016   Cross-modality Consistent Regression for Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis of Social Multimedia  Q You, J Luo, H Jin, J Yang
2016   Deep Learning and Shared Representation Space Learning Based Cross-Modal Multimedia Retrieval  H Zou, JX Du, CM Zhai, J Wang
2016   Effective multimedia event analysis in large-scale videos  L Yu
2016   Vision and Language Integration Meets Multimedia Fusion: Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2016 Workshop  MF Moens, K Pastra, K Saenko, T Tuytelaars
2016   Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering: FutureTech & MUE  JJJH Park, H Jin, YS Jeong, MK Khan
2016   Students' perceptions about use of multimedia projectors for information transfer in class room-A single center experience.  N Ali
2016   Multimedia Big Data: Content Analysis and Retrieval  J Hayes
2015   Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimedia Sentiment Analysis  G Cai, B Xia
2015   Fundamental Limits in Multimedia Forensics and Anti-forensics  X Chu
2015   Engaging Students in Powerful Social Studies Teaching and Learning with Multimedia  J Lambert, V Stewart
2015   Reading Games Close Viewing and Guided Playing of Multimedia Texts  D Kozdras, C Joseph, JJ Schneider
2015   Researches on multimedia technology 2014—deep learning and multimedia computing  W Fei, Z Wenwu, Y Junqing
2015   Deep Learning for Imbalanced Multimedia Data Classification  Y Yan, M Chen, ML Shyu, SC Chen
2015   Does Combining the Embodiment and Personalization Principles of Multimedia Learning Affect Learning the Culture of a Foreign Language?  Y Wang, SM Crooks
2015   Questioning as an Instructional Strategy in Multimedia Environments Does Having to Answer Make a Difference?  H García
2015   Correlation-Based Deep Learning for Multimedia Semantic Concept Detection  HY Ha, Y Yang, S Pouyanfar, H Tian, SC Chen
2015   Guest Editorial: Deep Learning for Multimedia Computing  GJ Qi, H Larochelle, B Huet, J Luo, K Yu
2015   Topic Modeling for Large-Scale Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval  J Hu, Y Fang, N Ling, L Song
2015   Multimedia Discrepancies-Plenary Lectures as Perceived by Students  ØO Skaar, RJ Krumsvik
2015   The New Data and New Challenges in Multimedia Research  B Thomee, DA Shamma, G Friedland, B Elizalde, K Ni
2015   Multimedia Production To Promote An Understanding Of Health Literacy And Communicate Health Messages  K Pearce
2015   Scalable Multimedia Retrieval by Deep Learning Hashing with Relative Similarity Learning  L Gao, J Song, F Zou, D Zhang, J Shao
2015   Insights into Audio-Based Multimedia Event Classification with Neural Networks  M Ravanelli, B Elizalde, J Bernd, G Friedland
2015   How may multimedia and hypertext documents support deep processing for learning?  F Amadieu, J Lemarié, A Tricot
2015   Describing Multimedia Content using Attention-based Encoder--Decoder Networks  K Cho, A Courville, Y Bengio
2015   SINGA: Putting Deep Learning in the Hands of Multimedia Users  W Wang, G Chen, TTA Dinh, J Gao, BC Ooi, KL Tan
2015   Development of Multimedia Learning Application for Mastery Learning Style: A Graduated Difficulty Strategy  NAM Mokmin, M Masood
2015   LifeCLEF 2015: Multimedia Life Species Identification Challenges  P Bonnet, WP Vellinga, R Planqué, A Rauber
2015   14 Inference generation during online study and multimedia learning  KR Butcher, S Davies
2015   Multimedia data mining using deep learning  P Wlodarczak, J Soar, M Ally
2015   Audio-Concept Features and Hidden Markov Models for Multimedia Event Detection  B Elizalde, M Ravanelli, K Ni, D Borth, G Friedland
2015   Multimedia Event Detection using Visual Features  D Gupta, R Goutam, A Ng
2014   MultiMedia Modeling: 21st International Conference, MMM 2015, Sydney, Australia, January 5-7, 2015, Proceedings  X He, S Luo, D Tao, C Xu, J Yang, MA Hasan
2014   Towards Interactive, Intelligent, and Integrated Multimedia Analytics  J Zahálka, M Worring
2014   Effects on learning of multimedia animation combined with multidimensional concept maps  CC Chiou, LC Tien, LT Lee
2014   Towards large-scale multimedia retrieval enriched by knowledge about human interpretation  K Shirahama, M Grzegorzek