Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: music

Year TitleAuthor
2017   An Intelligent Drum Machine for Electronic Dance Music Production and Performance  R Vogl, P Knees
2017   Contemporary Music in Action  M Doffman, JP Calvin 
2017   Advanced Music Audio Feature Learning with Deep Networks  M Daigneau
2017   Towards a Deep Improviser: a prototype deep learning post-tonal free music generator  RT Dean, J Forth 
2017   Algorithmic Music Composition using Recurrent Neural Networking  KC Huang, Q Jung, J Lu
2017   DLR: Toward a deep learned rhythmic representation for music content analysis  Y Jeong, K Choi, H Jeong 
2017   A musical information retrieval system for Classical Turkish Music makams  MA Kızrak, B Bolat
2017   MuseGAN: Symbolic-domain Music Generation and Accompaniment with Multi-track Sequential Generative Adversarial Networks  HW Dong, WY Hsiao, LC Yang, YH Yang
2017   Taking the models back to music practice: evaluating generative transcription models built using deep learning  BL Sturm, O Ben
2017   Towards a Hybrid Deep-Learning Method for Music Classification and Similarity Measurement  H Li, X Fei, KM Chao, M Yang, C He
2017   Music Generation by Deep Learning-Challenges and Directions  JP Briot, F Pachet 
2017   Representations of Sound in Deep Learning of Audio Features from Music  S Shuvaev, H Giaffar, AA Koulakov 
2017   SymCHM—An Unsupervised Approach for Pattern Discovery in Symbolic Music with a Compositional Hierarchical Model  M Pesek, A Leonardis, M Marolt 
2017   An evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks for music classification using spectrograms  YMG Costa, LS Oliveira, CN Silla
2017   Deep Learning Techniques for Music Generation-A Survey  JP Briot, G Hadjeres, F Pachet
2017   DeepSheet: A sheet music generator based on deep learning  YL Hsu, CP Lin, BC Lin, HC Kuo, WH Cheng, MC Hu
2017   Training Sequence Generative Adversarial Nets to Compose Music in the abc-notation  OF Jansen
2017   A Tutorial on Deep Learning for Music Information Retrieval  K Choi, G Fazekas, K Cho, M Sandler
2017   Drum Transcription From Polyphonic Music With Recurrent Neural Networks  R Vogl, M Dorfer, P Knees
2017   Deep Learning for Content-Based, Cross-Modal Retrieval of Videos and Music  S Hong, W Im, HS Yang
2017   Neural Networks for Analysing Music and Environmental Audio  S Sigtia
2017   Automatic Drum Transcription Using The Student-Teacher Learning Paradigm With Unlabeled Music Data  CW Wu, A Lerch
2017   Linking signal and semantic representations of musical content for music information retrieval  M Buccoli
2017   Automatic Music Genre Classification  NYH Kwon, I Tchakoua, M Pietrosanu, F Fu, Y Wang
2017   Developing a benchmark for emotional analysis of music  A Aljanaki, YH Yang, M Soleymani
2017   A SeqGAN for Polyphonic Music Generation  S Lee, U Hwang, S Min, S Yoon 
2017   Music emotion analysis using semantic embedding recurrent neural networks  J Jakubik, H Kwaśnicka
2016   Live Orchestral Piano, a system for real-time orchestral music generation  L Crestel, P Esling
2016   An End-to-End Neural Network for Polyphonic Piano Music Transcription  S Sigtia, E Benetos, S Dixon
2016   Unsupervised feature learning for Music Structural Analysis  M Buccoli, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro, D Andreoletti
2016   Imposing higher-level Structure in Polyphonic Music Generation using Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Constraints  S Lattner, M Grachten, G Widmer
2016   Novel Affective Features For Multiscale Prediction Of Emotion In Music  N Kumar, T Guha, CW Huang, C Vaz, SS Narayanan
2016   A Comparative Study on Music Genre Classification Algorithms  W Stokowiec
2016   Comparing Shallow versus Deep Neural Network Architectures for Automatic Music Genre Classification  A Schindler, T Lidy, A Rauber
2016   Music staff removal with supervised pixel classification  J Calvo
2016   Demv-Matchmaker: Emotional Temporal Course Representation And Deep Similarity Matching For Automatic Music Video …  JC Lin, WL Wei, HM Wang
2016   Audio-Based Music Classificationwith A Pretrained Convolutional Network  E Dieleman, B Schrauwen
2016   Deep Learning for Music  A Huang, R Wu
2016   Deep convolutional neural networks for predominant instrument recognition in polyphonic music  Y Han, J Kim, K Lee
2016   Rewind: A Music Transcription Method  CD Carthen
2016   Semantic Labeling of Music  P Knees, M Schedl
2016   Remixing music using source separation algorithms to improve the musical experience of cochlear implant users  J Pons, J Janer, T Rode, W Nogueira
2016   FMA: A Dataset For Music Analysis  K Benzi, M Defferrard, P Vandergheynst, X Bresson
2016   Music transcription modelling and composition using deep learning  BL Sturm, JF Santos, O Ben
2016   Classification of classic Turkish music makams by using deep belief networks  MAK Sağun, B Bolat
2016   Bi-Modal Music Emotion Recognition: Novel Lyrical Features and Dataset  R Malheiro, R Panda, P Gomes, R Paiva
2016   Keynote: Deep learning for audio-based music recommendation  S Dieleman
2015   An End-to-End Neural Network for Polyphonic Music Transcription  S Sigtia, E Benetos, S Dixon
2015   Speech Music Discrimination Using an Ensemble of Biased Classifiers  K Kim, A Baijal, BS Ko, S Lee, I Hwang, Y Kim
2015   Deep Learning and Music Adversaries  C Kereliuk, BL Sturm, J Larsen
2015   Peer-Assisted Learning and Interactions in Inclusive Music Classrooms Benefits, Research, and Applications  J Jellison, L Brown, E Draper
2015   A Deep Neural Network for Modeling Music  P Zhang, X Zheng, W Zhang, S Li, S Qian, W He
2015   Transforming Passive Receptivity of Knowledge into Deep Learning Experiences at the Undergraduate Level: An Example from Music Theory  A Ferenc
2015   A Survey of the Music Integration Practices of North Dakota Elementary Classroom Teachers  KJ O'Keefe, KN Dearden, R West
2015   Klasik Türk Müziği Makamlarının Derin Anlama Ağları ile Sınıflandırılması Classification of Classic Turkish Music Makams by Using Deep Belief Networks  MA Kızrak, B Bolat
2015   An exploration of deep learning in content-based music informatics  EJ Humphrey
2015   Greasing the Skids of the Musical Mind Connecting Music Learning to Mind Brain Education  JA Bugos
2015   A Deep Bag-of-Features Model for Music Auto-Tagging  J Nam, J Herrera, K Lee
2015   Systems, Methods And Apparatus For Generating Music Recommendations Based On Combining Song And User Influencers With …  R Lowe, C Ward
2015   Deep Learning, Audio Adversaries, and Music Content Analysis  C Kireliuk, BL Sturm, J Larsen
2014   Fusing Music and Video Modalities Using Multi-timescale Shared Representations  B Xu, X Wang, X Tang
2014   Dancing with inter-disciplinarity: strategies and practices in higher education Dance, Drama and Music  P Carr, R Dennis, R Hand
2014   Games Unplugged! Dolanan Anak, Traditional Javanese Children's Singing Games in the 21st-Century General Music Classroom  JC Wang
2014   Planning for Enjoyment in the General Music Classroom  LH Koops, H Keppen
2014   Music Education for All?  RN Bledsoe
2014   The New National Core Music Standards in Practice Your Classroom, Your Voice  SJ Bartolome
2014   A compositional hierarchical model for music information retrieval  M Pesek, A Leonardis, M Marolt
2014   Music Genre Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network  Q Kong, X Feng, Y Li