Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: natural language

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Deep Learning Based Natural Language Conversation System: Studies on Financial Datasets  TA Lin
2017   Computational Natural Language Inference: Robust and Interpretable Question Answering  RR Sharp
2017   CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning1  C Manning, R Socher, GG Fang, R Mundra
2017   Efficient Natural Language Response Suggestion for Smart Reply  M Henderson, R Al
2017   Character-level Intra Attention Network for Natural Language Inference  H Yang, MR Costa
2017   Medical subdomain classification of clinical notes using a machine learning-based natural language processing approach  WH Weng, KB Wagholikar, AT McCray, P Szolovits 
2017   A “small-data”-driven approach to dialogue systems for natural language human computer interaction  T Boros, SD Dumitrescu
2017   Natural Language Processing: An Overview  H Li
2017   From Characters to Understanding Natural Language (C2NLU): Robust End-to-End Deep Learning for NLP (Dagstuhl Seminar 17042)  P Blunsom, K Cho, C Dyer, H Schütze
2017   Capturing the Patient's Perspective: a Review of Advances in Natural Language Processing of Health-Related Text  G Gonzalez
2017   Compensating for Limitations in Speech-Based Natural Language Processing with Multimodal Interfaces in UAV Operation  EL Meszaros, M Chandarana, A Trujillo, BD Allen
2017   Adversarial Generation of Natural Language  S Rajeswar, S Subramanian, F Dutil, C Pal, A Courville
2017   Natural Language Processing for Large-Scale Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Learning  HC Shin, L Lu, RM Summers 
2017   Center-Shared Sliding Ensemble of Neural Networks for Syntax Analysis of Natural Language  K Kim, Y Jin, SH Na, YK Kim
2017   Recent Trends in Deep Learning Based Natural Language Processing  T Young, D Hazarika, S Poria, E Cambria
2017   A Comparative Study to Understanding about Poetics Based on Natural Language Processing  L Zhang, J Gao 
2017   Using Adversarial Examples in Natural Language Processing  P Bělohlávek
2016   An Empirical Investigation of Word Class-Based Features for Natural Language Understanding  A Celikyilmaz, R Sarikaya, M Jeong, A Deoras
2016   Leveraging Sentence-level Information with Encoder LSTM for Natural Language Understanding  G Kurata, B Xiang, B Zhou, M Yu
2016   Natural Language Comprehension with the EpiReader  A Trischler, Z Ye, X Yuan, K Suleman
2016   Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Natural Language Processing  A Conneau, H Schwenk, L Barrault, Y Lecun
2016   A Neural Architecture Mimicking Humans End-to-End for Natural Language Inference  B Paria, KM Annervaz, A Dukkipati, A Chatterjee
2016   Domain Adaptation of Recurrent Neural Networks for Natural Language Understanding  A Jaech, L Heck, M Ostendorf
2016   Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: Speech, Morphology and Syntax  MZ Kurdi
2016   Modeling Natural Language Semantics In Learned Representations  SR Bowman
2016   UTA DLNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 12: Deep Learning Based Natural Language Processing System for Clinical Information Identification from Clinical Notes and …  P Li, H Huang
2016   Learning Natural Language Inference using Bidirectional LSTM model and Inner-Attention  Y Liu, C Sun, L Lin, X Wang
2016   Are Deep Learning Approaches Suitable for Natural Language Processing?  S Alshahrani, E Kapetanios
2016   Segmentation from Natural Language Expressions  R Hu, M Rohrbach, T Darrell
2016   Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing-Research at Noah's Ark Lab  H Li
2016   Natural Language Acquisition: State Inferring and Thinking  D Wang, Y Duan
2016   TrimZero: A Torch Recurrent Module for Efficient Natural Language Processing  JH Kim, J Kim, JW Ha, BT Zhang13
2016   Generating Natural Language Descriptions for Semantic Representations of Human Brain Activity  E Matsuo, I Kobayashi, S Nishimoto, S Nishida, H Asoh
2016   Stylistic Transfer in Natural Language Generation Systems Using Recurrent Neural Networks  J Kabbara, JCK Cheung
2016   Natural Language Model Re-usability for Scaling to Different Domains  YB Kim, A Rochette, R Sarikaya
2016   An Empirical Investigation of Word Clustering Techniques for Natural Language Understanding  DA Shunmugam, P Archana
2016   Generating Natural Language Descriptions Of Images  S Bengio, O Vinyals, AT Toshev, D Erhan
2016   Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge  N Locascio, K Narasimhan, E DeLeon, N Kushman
2015   Intelligent Reasoning On Natural Language Data: A Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System Approach  O Kilic
2015   Semantically Conditioned LSTM-based Natural Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems  TH Wen, M Gasic, N Mrksic, PH Su, D Vandyke
2015   Deep Learning for Web Search and Natural Language Processing  J Gao, X He, L Deng
2015   Deep learning approaches to problems in speech recognition, computational chemistry, and natural language text processing  GE Dahl
2015   Natural Language Dialogue-Future Way of Accessing Information  H Li
2015   Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2015, …  C Biemann, S Handschuh, A Freitas, F Meziane
2015   Gap Analysis of Natural Language Processing Systems with respect to Linguistic Modality  V Shukla
2015   Learning to Process Natural Language in Big Data Environment  H Li
2015   Advances in natural language processing  J Hirschberg, CD Manning
2015   A Primer on Neural Network Models for Natural Language Processing  Y Goldberg
2015   Natural Language Processing and Information Systems  C Biemann, S Handschuh, A Freitas, F Meziane
2014   AutoTutor and Family: A Review of 17 Years of Natural Language Tutoring  BD Nye, AC Graesser, X Hu
2014   Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation  K Duh
2014   Translating Videos to Natural Language Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  S Venugopalan, H Xu, J Donahue, M Rohrbach
2014   Learning by communicating in natural language with conversational agents  AC Graesser, H Li, C Forsyth