Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: neural network approach

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Improving Long-Term Learning of Model Reference Adaptive Controllers for Flight Applications: A Sparse Neural Network Approach  SA Nivison, P Khargonekar
2017   Unleash the Black Magic in Age: A Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Approach for Cross-Age Face Verification  X Wang, Y Zhou, D Kong, J Currey, D Li, J Zhou
2017   A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Half-Pel Interpolation in Video Coding  N Yan, D Liu, H Li, F Wu
2017   Convolutional neural network approach for enhanced capture of breast parenchymal complexity patterns associated with breast cancer risk  A Oustimov, A Gastounioti, MK Hsieh, L Pantalone
2017   Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Mapping Arctic Vegetation Using Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Fusion  ZL Langford, J Kumar, FM Hoffman 
2017   Aspect of Blame in Tweets: A Deep Recurrent Neural Network Approach  H Wandabwa, MA Naeem, F Mirza
2017   VeNICE: A very deep neural network approach to no-reference image assessment  PP Dash, A Wong, A Mishra
2016   An Empirical Convolutional Neural Network approach for Semantic Relation Classification  P Qin, W Xu, J Guo
2016   Compressed Learning: A Deep Neural Network Approach  A Adler, M Elad, M Zibulevsky
2016   A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Post-Processing in HEVC Intra Coding  Y Dai, D Liu, F Wu
2016   Towards Human-like Performance Face Detection: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach  J van Kleef
2016   Missing Data Estimation in High-Dimensional Datasets: A Swarm Intelligence-Deep Neural Network Approach  C Leke, T Marwala
2016   Deep Neural Network Approach for Single Channel Speech Enhancement Processing  D Li
2016   Statistical learning of parts and wholes: A neural network approach  DC Plaut, AKV Velde
2015   Extracting human attributes using a convolutional neural network approach  HA Perlin, HS Lopes
2015   Exploring Online Ad Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network Approach  M Fire, J Schler
2015   Language discrimination and clustering via a neural network approach  A Mariano, G Parisi, S Pascazio
2015   From multiple views to single view: a neural network approach  S Rongali, AP Sarath Chandar, B Ravindran
2015   A neural network approach to intention modeling for user-adapted conversational agents  D Griol, Z Callejas
2015   A Deep Neural Network Approach for Voice Activity Detection in Multi-Room Domestic Scenarios  G Ferroni, R Bonfigli, E Principi, S Squartini, F Piazza
2014   A Deep Neural Network Approach to Automatic Birdsong Recognition  HV Koops
2014   A convolutional neural network approach for face verification  M Khalil