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Year TitleAuthor
2017   A deep convolutional neural network with new training methods for bearing fault diagnosis under noisy environment and different working load  W Zhang, C Li, G Peng, Y Chen, Z Zhang
2017   Co-training an Improved Recurrent Neural Network with Probability Statistic Models for Named Entity Recognition  Y Sun, L Li, Z Xie, Q Xie, X Li, G Xu
2017   On semantic image segmentation using deep convolutional neural network with shortcuts and easy class extension  C Wang, L Mauch, Z Guo, B Yang
2017   Visual Tracking using Siamese Convolutional Neural Network with Region Proposal and Domain Specific Updating  H Zhang, W Ni, W Yan, J Wu, H Bian, D Xiang 
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Network with Multiple Time scale and Its Real World Applications  M Lee
2017   An Optimized Convolutional Neural Network with Bottleneck and Spatial Pyramid Pooling Layers for Classification of Foods  EJ Heravi, HH Aghdam, D Puig 
2017   Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on B-LSTM Neural Network with Additional Features  L Ouyang, Y Tian, H Tang, B Zhang 
2017   eXpose: A Character-Level Convolutional Neural Network with Embeddings For Detecting Malicious URLs, File Paths and Registry Keys  J Saxe, K Berlin
2017   The Deep Learning Random Neural Network with a Management Cluster  W Serrano, E Gelenbe
2017   Unsupervised body part regression using convolutional neural network with self-organization  K Yan, L Lu, RM Summers
2017   Face Alignment Using a Deep Neural Network with Local Feature Learning and Recurrent Regression  BH Park, SY Oh, IJ Kim
2017   A deep convolutional neural network with selection units for super-resolution  JS Choi, M Kim
2017   Deep quantum inspired neural network with application to aircraft fuel system fault diagnosis  Z Gao, C Ma, D Song, Y Liu
2017   How to Train Your Neural Network with Dictionary Learning  V Singhal, S Singh, A Majumdar
2017   Drug-drug Interaction Extraction via Recurrent Neural Network with Multiple Attention Layers  Z Yi, S Li, J Yu, Q Wu
2017   Biological modelling of a computational spiking neural network with neuronal avalanches  X Li, Q Chen, F Xue
2017   Source separation using dictionary learning and deep recurrent neural network with locality preserving constraint  T Pham, YS Lee, S Mathulaprangsan, JC Wang
2016   Improving Deep Neural Network with Multiple Parametric Exponential Linear Units  Y Li, C Fan, Y Li, Q Wu
2016   Efficient Convolutional Neural Network with Binary Quantization Layer  M Ravanbakhsh, H Mousavi, M Nabi, L Marcenaro
2016   Recurrent Neural Network with Word Embedding for Complaint Classification  P Assawinjaipetch, V Sornlertlamvanich, K Shirai
2016   Face Hallucination Using Convolutional Neural Network with Iterative Back Projection  D Huang, H Liu
2016   Comparison of bladder segmentation using deep-learning convolutional neural network with and without level sets  KH Cha, LM Hadjiiski, RK Samala, HP Chan
2016   Deep Adaptive Network: An Efficient Deep Neural Network with Sparse Binary Connections  X Zhou, S Li, K Qin, K Li, F Tang, S Hu, S Liu, Z Lin
2016   Determing Aspect Ratings and Aspect Weights from Textual Reviews by Using Neural Network with Paragraph Vector Model  DH Pham, AC Le
2016   A Novel Convolutional Neural Network with Glial Cells  M Korytkowski
2016   Mental Disease Feature Extraction with MRI by 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Multi-channel Input  L Cao, Z Liu, X He, Y Cao, K Li
2016   Design of convolution neural network with frequency selectivity for wearable camera embed glasses based image recognition systems via nonconvex functional …  J Su, Q Liu, M Wang, J Cao, WK Ling
2016   How to Train Your Deep Neural Network with Dictionary Learning  V Singhal, S Singh, A Majumdar
2016   Language recognition using deep neural network with very limited training data  S Ranjan, C Yu, C Zhang, F Kelly, JHL Hansen
2016   A Phoneme-Based Pre-Training Approach For Deep Neural Network With Application To Speech Enhancement  SE Chazan, S Gannot, J Goldberger
2016   3D Keypoint Detection Based on Deep Neural Network with Sparse Autoencoder  X Lin, C Zhu, Q Zhang, Y Liu
2016   A Tensor Neural Network with Layerwise Pretraining: Towards Effective Answer Retrieval  XQ Bao, YF Wu
2015   Deep neural network with weight sparsity control and pre-training extracts hierarchical features and enhances classification performance: Evidence from whole-brain …  J Kim, VD Calhoun, E Shim, JH Lee
2015   Spiking neural network with RRAM: can we use it for real-world application?  T Tang, L Xia, B Li, R Luo, Y Chen, Y Wang, H Yang
2015   Pedestrian detection based on deep convolutional neural network with ensemble inference network  H Fukui, T Yamashita, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Multi-layer neural network with deep belief network for gearbox fault diagnosis.  Z Chen, C Li, RV Sánchez
2015   Optimized multi-channel deep neural network with 2D graphical representation of acoustic speech features for emotion recognition  MN Stolar, M Lech, IS Burnett
2015   Unidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network With Recurrent Output Layer For Low-Latency Speech …  H Zen, H Sak
2015   Computational Aesthetics of Photos Quality Assessment and Classification Based on Artificial Neural Network with Deep Learning Methods  Y Zhou, G Li, Y Tan
2015   Head detection based on convolutional neural network with multi-stage weighted feature  T Rui, J Fei, P Cui, Y Zhou, H Fang
2015   Improving performance of recurrent neural network with relu nonlinearity  SS Talathi, A Vartak
2015   Convolutional Neural Network with Biologically Inspired ON/OFF ReLU  J Kim, S Kim, M Lee
2015   Incremental Training of Neural Network with Knowledge Distillation  D Heryanto, TS Chua