Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: neuromorphic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Neuromorphic Deep Learning Machines  E Neftci, C Augustine, S Paul, G Detorakis
2017   Quantum neuromorphic hardware for quantum artificial intelligence  E Prati
2017   Very Large-Scale Neuromorphic Systems for Biological Signal Processing  F Catthoor, S Mitra, A Das, S Schaafsma 
2017   Neuromorphic Hardware In The Loop: Training a Deep Spiking Network on the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale System  S Schmitt, J Klaehn, G Bellec, A Gruebl, M Guettler
2017   Efficient Neuromorphic Systems and Emerging Technologies: Prospects and Perspectives  A Sengupta, A Ankit, K Roy
2017   Neuromorphic computation in multi-delay coupled models  P Nieters, J Leugering, G Pipa
2017   A Neuromorphic Chip Optimized for Deep Learning and CMOS Technology With Time-Domain Analog and Digital Mixed-Signal Processing  D Miyashita, S Kousai, T Suzuki, J Deguchi
2016   Darwin: a neuromorphic hardware co-processor based on Spiking Neural Networks  J Shen, D Ma, Z Gu, M Zhang, X Zhu, X Xu, Q Xu
2016   TrueHappiness: Neuromorphic Emotion Recognition on TrueNorth  PU Diehl, BU Pedroni, A Cassidy, P Merolla, E Neftci
2016   All-memristive neuromorphic computing with level-tuned neurons  A Pantazi, S Woźniak, T Tuma, E Eleftheriou
2016   Stochastic neuromorphic learning machines for weakly labeled data  E Neftci
2016   Neuromorphic architectures with electronic synapses  SB Eryilmaz, S Joshi, E Neftci, W Wan
2016   Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing  SK Esser, PA Merolla, JV Arthur, AS Cassidy
2016   A Self-Driving Robot Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware  T Hwu, J Isbell, N Oros, J Krichmar
2016   Addressing Challenges in Neuromorphic Computing with Memristive Synapses  V Saxena, X Wu, M Mitkova
2016   Training Spiking Deep Networks for Neuromorphic Hardware  E Hunsberger, C Eliasmith
2016   Neuromorphic Architectures for Spiking Deep Neural Networks  G Indiveri, F Corradi, N Qiao
2016   A Nonparametric Framework for Quantifying Generative Inference on Neuromorphic Systems  O Neopane, S Das, E Arias
2016   Event-driven Random Back-Propagation: Enabling Neuromorphic Deep Learning Machines  E Neftci, C Augustine, S Paul, G Detorakis
2016   Exploration of dynamic communication networks for neuromorphic computing  PK Huynh
2016   Improving energy efficiency and classification accuracy of neuromorphic chips by learning binary synaptic crossbars  AJ Yepes, J Tang
2016   Simplifying deep neural networks for neuromorphic architectures  J Chung, T Shin
2016   Invited-Cross-layer approximations for neuromorphic computing: from devices to circuits and systems  P Panda, A Sengupta, SS Sarwar, G Srinivasan
2016   Deep Artificial Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Chips for Big Data Analysis: Pharmaceutical and Bioinformatics Applications  LA Pastur
2015   Real-Time Recognition of Dynamic Hand Postures on a Neuromorphic System  Q Liu, S Furber
2015   Converting Static Image Datasets to Spiking Neuromorphic Datasets Using Saccades  G Orchard, A Jayawant, G Cohen, N Thakor
2015   Memory and information processing in neuromorphic systems  G Indiveri, SC Liu
2015   Ex-situ training of dense memristor crossbar for neuromorphic applications  R Hasan, C Yakopcic, TM Taha
2015   Musical notes classification with Neuromorphic Auditory System using FPGA and a Convolutional Spiking Network  E Cerezuela
2015   Backpropagation for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing  SK Esser, R Appuswamy, P Merolla, JV Arthur
2015   Digital CMOS neuromorphic processor design featuring unsupervised online learning  J Seo, M Seok
2015   A New Image Denoising Scheme Using Spiking Neuromorphic Systems  J Oh, J Gwak, A Rafiqueꜟ, M Jeon
2015   A Re-configurable On-line Learning Spiking Neuromorphic Processor comprising 256 neurons and 128K synapses  N Qiao, H Mostafa, F Corradi, M Osswald, F Stefanini
2015   Event-Based Neuromorphic Systems  SC Liu, T Delbruck, G Indiveri, A Whatley, R Douglas
2014   Research topic: Neuromorphic Engineering Systems and Applications A snapshot of neuromorphic systems engineering  A Van Schaik, T Delbruck, J Hasler
2014   A Biological-Realtime Neuromorphic System in 28 nm CMOS using Low-Leakage Switched Capacitor Circuits  C Mayr, J Partzsch, M Noack, S Hänzsche, S Scholze
2014   A neuromorphic categorization system with Online Sequential Extreme Learning  R Ding, B Zhao, S Chen