Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: numerical

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A study of reduced numerical precision to make superparametrisation more competitive using a hardware emulator in the OpenIFS model  PD Düben, A Subramanian, A Dawson, TN Palmer
2017   Deep Learning Bank Distress from News and Numerical Financial Data  P Cerchiello, G Nicola, S Rönnqvist, P Sarlin
2017   The Deep Ritz method: A deep learning-based numerical algorithm for solving variational problems  B Yu
2017   Deep learning-based numerical methods for high-dimensional parabolic partial differential equations and backward stochastic differential equations  J Han, A Jentzen
2017   Contemporary RDBMS-based systems for visualization of high-volume numerical data have difficulty to cope with the hard latency requirements and high ingestion …  HV Jagadish, A Zhou, U Jugel, Z Jerzak
2017   Tartan: Accelerating Fully-Connected and Convolutional Layers in Deep Learning Networks by Exploiting Numerical Precision Variability  A Delmas, S Sharify, P Judd, A Moshovos
2017   Numerical research on virtual reality of vibration characteristics of the motor based on GA-BPNN model  X Chen, Z Chen, Y Zhao
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks With Limited Numerical Precision  J Ott, Z Lin, Y Zhang, SC Liu, Y Bengio
2015   Measuring and Understanding Sensory Representations within Deep Networks Using a Numerical Optimization Framework  CY Tsai, DD Cox
2015   Deep Learning with Limited Numerical Precision  S Gupta, A Agrawal, K Gopalakrishnan, P Narayanan
2015   Clustering Data of Mixed Categorical and Numerical Type with Unsupervised Feature Learning  D Lam, M Wei, D Wunsch
2014   Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Optimization  G Kutyniok, M Saunders, S Wright, O Yilmaz