Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: object detection

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Application of deep learning in object detection  X Zhou, W Gong, WL Fu, F Du
2017   Appearance and Motion based Deep Learning Architecture for Moving Object Detection in Moving Camera  B Heo, K Yun, JY Choi
2017   Broad Area Geospatial Object Detection Using Autogenerated Deep Learning Models  A Estrada, A Jenkins, B Brock, C Mangold 
2017   A Review On The Remote Sensing Images Based On Object Detection Using Deep Belief Networks  EA Kaur, EN Kaur
2017   Object Detection from a Vehicle Using Deep Learning Network and Future Integration with Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   Ensemble R-FCN for Object Detection  J Li, J Qian, Y Zheng 
2017   Deep Affordance Learning for Single-and Multiple-Instance Object Detection  J Wang, M Prabhu Shankar, T Eam Khwang
2017   G-CNN: Object Detection Via Grid Convolutional Neural Network  Q Lu, C Liu, Z Jiang, A Men, B Yang 
2017   A Fully Convolutional Network for Salient Object Detection  S Bianco, M Buzzelli, R Schettini 
2017   MFRPN: Towards High-Quality Region Proposal Generation in Object Detection  X Hu 
2017   Towards reliable object detection in noisy images  S Milyaev, I Laptev 
2017   Attentional Network for Visual Object Detection  K Hara, MY Liu, O Tuzel, A Farahmand
2017   Deformable ConvNet with Aspect Ratio Constrained NMS for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery  Z Xu, X Xu, L Wang, R Yang, F Pu 
2017   MaskLab: Instance Segmentation by Refining Object Detection with Semantic and Direction Features  LC Chen, A Hermans, G Papandreou, F Schroff 
2017   Deep Learning for Real-Time Capable Object Detection and Localization on Mobile Platforms  F Particke, R Kolbenschlag, M Hiller 
2017   Deep learning based multi-category object detection in aerial images  LW Sommer, T Schuchert, J Beyerer
2017   Object Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks in a Coarse-to-Fine Manner  X Li, S Wang
2017   Multi-modal Deep Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Detection  X Xu, Y Li, G Wu, J Luo
2017   Performance Evaluation Of Faster R-Cnn On Gpu For Object Detection  B Adam, FHK Zaman, IM Yassin, HZ Abidin, ZI Rizman
2017   Video Salient Object Detection via Fully Convolutional Networks  W Wang, J Shen, L Shao
2017   Deep hierarchical architectures for saliency prediction and salient object detection  Y Hu
2017   ME R-CNN: Multi-Expert Region-based CNN for Object Detection  H Lee, S Eum, H Kwon
2017   Integrated Deep and Shallow Networks for Salient Object Detection  J Zhang, B Li, Y Dai, F Porikli, M He
2017   Review on Images Based on Object Detection using Deep Belief Networks  EN Singh, EVK Attri
2017   A Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality Method Combining Deep Learning Object Detection and Spatial Relationships for Geovisualization  J Rao, Y Qiao, F Ren, J Wang, Q Du
2017   VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection  Y Zhou, O Tuzel 
2017   Real-Time Object Detection Using Efficient Convolutional Networks  X Zhou, YJ Feng, X Zhou 
2017   Rich Features and Precise Localization with Region Proposal Network for Object Detection  M Chu, S Wu, Y Gu, Y Xu 
2017   Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Based on Deep Learning  G Liu
2017   Object detection on panoramic images based on deep learning  F Deng, X Zhu, J Ren
2017   Video Object Detection for Tractability with Deep Learning Method  B Tian, L Li, Y Qu, L Yan
2017   Systems And Methods For End-To-End Object Detection  L Huang, Y Yang, Y Deng, Y Yu
2017   Deep CNNs for Object Detection using Passive Millimeter Sensors  S López
2017   Automatic and Fast PCM Generation for Occluded Object Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  S Qiu, G Wen, Z Deng, Y Fan, B Hui
2017   Object Detection from Video Sequences Using Deep Learning: An Overview  D Garg, K Kotecha 
2017   Label-Free Object Detection in Videos of Physical Interactions with GANs  A Barron, T Markov, Z Swafford, R Stewart, S Ermon
2017   Salient Object Detection with Chained Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network  Y Tang, X Wu 
2017   Using Deep Learning Real-Time Object Detection Convolution Neural Networks for Fast Fruit Recognition in the Tree  K Bresilla, L Manfrini, B Morandi, A Boini, G Perulli
2017   Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks for Small Object Detection  J Li, X Liang, Y Wei, T Xu, J Feng, S Yan
2017   Object detection using ensemble of linear classifiers with fuzzy adaptive boosting  K Kim, HI Choi, K Oh
2017   Class-Specific Object Proposals Re-ranking for Object Detection in Automatic Driving  Z Zhong, M Lei, D Cao, J Fan, S Li
2017   Fast Object Detection in Light Field Imaging by Integrating Deep Learning with Defocusing  M Ren, R Liu, H Hong, J Ren, G Xiao 
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks for Visual Object Detection  D Kislyuk
2017   Deformable Part-based Fully Convolutional Network for Object Detection  T Mordan, N Thome, M Cord, G Henaff
2017   S-CNN: Subcategory-aware convolutional networks for object detection  T Chen, S Lu, J Fan
2017   Using object detection to extract structured content from documents  NF Noy, J Dudek
2017   Moving object detection from a vehicle using sensor fusion and deep learning  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   S-OHEM: Stratified Online Hard Example Mining for Object Detection  M Li, Z Zhang, H Yu, X Chen, D Li
2017   Moving Object Detection in Heterogeneous Conditions in Embedded Systems  A Garbo, S Quer
2017   Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection  TY Lin, P Goyal, R Girshick, K He, P Dollár
2017   Image salient object detection with refined deep features via convolution neural network  D Zhu, L Dai, X Shao, Q Zhou, L Itti, Y Luo, J Lu 
2017   A closer look: Small object detection in faster R-CNN  C Eggert, S Brehm, A Winschel, D Zecha, R Lienhart
2016   Efficient Saliency-Based Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Belief Networks  W Diao, X Sun, X Zheng, F Dou, H Wang, K Fu
2016   Demo: GPU-based Image Recognition and Object Detection on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
2016   R-FCN: Object Detection via Region-based Fully Convolutional Networks  J Dai, Y Li, K He, J Sun
2016   Deep Feature Based Contextual Model for Object Detection  W Chu, D Cai
2016   Object detection from video tubelets with convolutional neural networks  K Kang, W Ouyang, H Li, X Wang
2016   Object Detection and Tracking  C Yang, H Ma, M Fu
2016   Re-ranking Object Proposals for Object Detection in Automatic Driving  Z Zhong, M Lei, S Li, J Fan
2016   Convolutional Neural Network Based Automatic Object Detection on Aerial Images  I Ševo, A Avramović
2016   Learned filters for object detection in multi-object visual tracking  V Stamatescu, S Wong, MD McDonnell, D Kearney
2016   Using 3D Graphics to Train Object Detection Systems  S Jensen, AL Selvik
2016   Efficient Object Detection With Patch-Level Window Processing  A Gaidon, D Larlus
2016   A Shape-Based Approach for Salient Object Detection Using Deep Learning  J Kim, V Pavlovic
2016   Edge Preserving and Multi-Scale Contextual Neural Network for Salient Object Detection  X Wang, H Ma, S You, X Chen
2016   Unsupervised learning models of invariant features in images: Recent developments in multistage architecture approach for object detection  S Mittal
2016   Surface Based Object Detection in RGBD Images  S Chandra, G Chrysos, I Kokkinos
2016   Deep Learning of Local RGB-D Patches for 3D Object Detection and 6D Pose Estimation  W Kehl, F Milletari, F Tombari, S Ilic, N Navab
2016   Factors in Finetuning Deep Model for object detection  W Ouyang, X Wang, C Zhang, X Yang
2016   Deep Contrast Learning for Salient Object Detection  G Li, Y Yu
2016   Object detection in pleiades images using deep features  M Dahmane, S Foucher, M Beaulieu, F Riendeau
2016   Object Detection via End-to-End Integration of Aspect Ratio and Context Aware Part-based Models and Fully Convolutional Networks  B Li, T Wu, S Shao, L Zhang, R Chu
2016   Generic Object Detection In Images  K He, J Sun, X Zhang
2016   UnitBox: An Advanced Object Detection Network  J Yu, Y Jiang, Z Wang, Z Cao, T Huang
2016   Efficient object detection using convolutional neural network-based hierarchical feature modeling  B Lee, E Erdenee, S Jin, PK Rhee
2016   Beyond Skip Connections: Top-Down Modulation for Object Detection  A Shrivastava, R Sukthankar, J Malik, A Gupta
2016   Vote3Deep: Fast Object Detection in 3D Point Clouds Using Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks  M Engelcke, D Rao, DZ Wang, CH Tong, I Posner
2016   Object Detection Based on Image Blur Using Spatial-Domain Filtering with Haar-Like Features  R Miyamoto, S Kobayashi
2016   Self Paced Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection  E Sangineto, M Nabi, D Culibrk, N Sebe
2016   Learning Graph Affinities for Spectral Graph-based Salient Object Detection  Ç Aytekin, A Iosifidis, S Kiranyaz, M Gabbouj
2016   Multi-View 3D Object Detection Network for Autonomous Driving  X Chen, H Ma, J Wan, B Li, T Xia
2015   A scalable architecture for multi-class visual object detection  S Advani, Y Tanabe, K Irick, J Sampson, V Narayanan
2015   segDeepM: Exploiting Segmentation and Context in Deep Neural Networks for Object Detection  Y Zhu, R Urtasun, R Salakhutdinov, S Fidler
2015   Learning Sampling Functions for Efficient Object Detection  Y Pang, J Cao, X Li
2015   Improving Object Detection with Deep Convolutional Networks via Bayesian Optimization and Structured Prediction  Y Zhang, K Sohn, R Villegas, G Pan, H Lee
2015   You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection  J Redmon, S Divvala, R Girshick, A Farhadi
2015   Method And System For Anatomical Object Detection Using Marginal Space Deep Neural Networks  B Georgescu, Y Zheng, H Nguyen, VK Singh
2015   6D Object Detection and Next-Best-View Prediction in the Crowd  A Doumanoglou, R Kouskouridas, S Malassiotis
2015   Object detection via a multi-region & semantic segmentation-aware CNN model  S Gidaris, N Komodakis
2015   Towards 3D Object Detection With Bimodal Deep Boltzmann Machines Over RGBD Imagery  W Liu, R Ji, S Li
2015   DeepSaliency: Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Model for Salient Object Detection  X Li, L Zhao, L Wei, MH Yang, F Wu, Y Zhuang, H Ling
2015   View-independent object detection using shared local features  BC Ko, JH Jung, JY Nam
2015   Region-based Convolutional Networks for Accurate Object Detection and Segmentation  R Girshick, J Donahue, T Darrell, J Malik
2015   DenseBox: Unifying Landmark Localization with End to End Object Detection  L Huang, Y Yang, Y Deng, Y Yu
2015   Deep Learning-Based Man-Made Object Detection from Hyperspectral Data  K Makantasis, K Karantzalos, A Doulamis, K Loupos
2015   A Novel Word Segmentation Method Based on Object Detection and Deep Learning  T Wilkinson, A Brun
2015   Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks  S Ren, K He, R Girshick, J Sun
2015   Exploring Person Context and Local Scene Context for Object Detection  S Gupta, B Hariharan, J Malik
2015   Mid-level Elements for Object Detection  A Bansal, A Shrivastava, C Doersch, A Gupta
2015   Cascaded Sparse Spatial Bins for Efficient and Effective Generic Object Detection  D Novotny, J Matas
2015   Cascade object detection with complementary features and algorithms  D Cheng, J Wang, X Wei, N Liu, S Zhang, Y Gong
2015   Deep CNN Ensemble with Data Augmentation for Object Detection  J Guo, S Gould
2015   AttentionNet: Aggregating Weak Directions for Accurate Object Detection  D Yoo, S Park, JY Lee, A Paek, IS Kweon
2015   Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation using Gaussian Mixture Model and CNN  S Jain, S Dehriya, YK Jain
2015   Deep Sliding Shapes for Amodal 3D Object Detection in RGB-D Images  S Song, J Xiao
2015   Object Detection Networks on Convolutional Feature Maps  S Ren, K He, R Girshick, X Zhang, J Sun
2015   SuperCNN: A Superpixelwise Convolutional Neural Network for Salient Object Detection  S He, RWH Lau, W Liu, Z Huang, Q Yang
2015   Deep Learning Driven Blockwise Moving Object Detection with Binary Scene Modeling  Y Zhang, X Li, Z Zhang, F Wu, L Zhao
2014   DeepID-Net: multi-stage and deformable deep convolutional neural networks for object detection  W Ouyang, P Luo, X Zeng, S Qiu, Y Tian, H Li, S Yang
2014   Scalable, High-Quality Object Detection  C Szegedy, S Reed, D Erhan, D Anguelov
2014   Do More Dropouts in Pool5 Feature Maps for Better Object Detection  Z Shen, X Xue
2014   Background Prior Based Salient Object Detection via Deep Reconstruction Residual  J Han, D Zhang, X Hu, L Guo, J Ren, F Wu
2014   Semantic parsing for priming object detection in indoors RGB-D scenes  C Cadena, J Košecká
2014   DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection  W Ouyang, X Wang, X Zeng, S Qiu, P Luo, Y Tian, H Li
2014   1-HKUST: Object Detection in ILSVRC 2014  C Lu, H Chen, Q Chen, H Law, Y Xiao, CK Tang